382 : Gaye Lisby and Garry Ray – How to add Online Arbitrage to build out your lifestyle Amazon business


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Here is transcript- It is automated so it is not perfect but it does seem to get better over time.

Garry :                                  [00:00:00]               Are Not willing to be humble. You won’t learn from anybody. But if you’re willing to suffer and you’re willing to be humble and just in essence, shut up and listen. Okay, well, you know, listen to the people out here, likely Ron, her scoring and others. And Andy, if you’re not willing to listen to these people, you won’t learn. So you have to be willing to be humble and you have to be willing to be transparent. You have to be willing to learn, and you’ve got to be willing to do this.

Cool voice guy:                  [00:00:25]               Welcome to the ecommerce momentum podcast where we focus on the people, the products, and the process of ecommerce selling. Today, here’s your host, Steven Peterson.

Stephen:                             [00:00:39]               Okay? So you’re going to get a great chance and a great opportunity if you’ve been thinking about adding cashflow to your business who isn’t, um, you should consider joining Gaye and garry’s groups. And so, um, you’re gonna hear a bunch of stuff. We talk about it in here and yes, this is a pitch and I do benefits. So understand these puppies. Uh, uh, these groups sponsor my podcast, so I don’t want to hide that. I’ve never hide that. Um, however, if you joined through my link, amazing freedom.com, forward slash momentum, hyphen arbitrage, amazing freedom.com, forward slash momentum hyphen arbitrage, which is very cool. You’re going to get a copy of Gary racebook. Um, the 10 tips for arbitrage Amazon success. And when you join this group, you’re going to get 14 day trial. Okay? So 14 days to try it out. So you’re going to get the book, you get 14 days and you’re going to get an onboarding call about an hour from either gay Carrie or Andy Simon’s one hour.

Stephen:                             [00:01:44]               That’s the benefit that you would get if you join through my link. So I want you to consider it. Um, I’m in those groups, so you’re going to see me. Um, but what’s so cool is you’re also going to get their daily fines list. They restrict the number of people that get it. There’s definitely more opportunities there than what you could possibly buy. You’ll run way out of money before you can buy. Um, and what I think is one of the best groups. Um, and yes, I’m biased because they do pay me however, I just see it. I see all the questions and I see the answers. And to me, that’s what you’re missing in a lot of other groups is that it’s, hey, join and you get what you get. Now there’s a reason that this color makes sense in the other color does it?

Stephen:                             [00:02:25]               That’s the kind of stuff you feel comfortable asking, and you don’t get a snarky answer. You get a real answer, one that you can relate to when you can understand. And then more importantly, one, you can carry forward on your own. Okay? And I, I think that’s when you learn to fish, right? You can eat for a lifetime that phrases as, as, uh, make sense for a reason. So my suggestion again, is to join the group again. It’s amazing. freedom.com, forward slash momentum hyphened arbitrage, amazing freedom.com, forward slash momentum hyphen arbitrage. You’re going to get Gary’s free book. You’re going to get to join the group with 14 day trial and their list and you’re going to an onboarding call from either gay Gary or Andy for an hour. I mean, imagine that. Imagine what you can do. So check it out. Amazing. freedom.com forward slash momentum, hyphen or betrothed, amazing freedom.com forward slash momentum hyphen arbitrage.

Stephen:                             [00:03:34]               Welcome back to the ECOMMERCE momentum podcast. This is episode 382 Gaye Lisby and, Gary Ray and six Steve. Yes, you can hear it in my voice. I am still sick. I picked up something on a couple of trips I was on in Orlando and man, it just took hold of me. However, I’m not stopping the calls because you’re going to be inspired after this call. You want to stay to the end because they have an offer and yes, it’s an offer. So you understand that there is a pitch at the end, but this is not a pitch fest. The whole thing through. Um, there is an opportunity to get to spend time with some really important people. Um, and it’s at the end and I just think it’s worthwhile. But the reason I had these guys back on is there’s been a lot of changes going on out there and Amazon world.

Stephen:                             [00:04:22]               And I’ve seen people dropping out, literally dropping out saying, this isn’t for me, not cut out for it. And it breaks my heart. Because if you really have a heart and you’re looking for that lifestyle business, I honestly do not know of anything better than selling on Amazon or Ebay or Etsy or any of those things. Um, it could give you the freedom if you need to make some extra money to pay an electric bill this month, this is absolutely one of the best ways you can do it. And so I think that these guys offer something special for those who are struggling. Those who haven’t found a home, they haven’t found their way in this business yet. And I really honestly, sincerely in my heart, I holding my hand up saying this, believe that these guys have figured out a way to create a, she calls it a tribe.

Stephen:                             [00:05:10]               It really is a tribe. It’s a group of people who really want to succeed and they’re succeeding together and you can go in and witness it and yeah, you can get in for 14 days free and all the rest of that jazz. Um, so you can test it and you can see there we’re really are changes being made. So before you leap out, considered this as one last chance to maybe stay in and maybe, you know, find a way to find your place in this ecommerce world. Let’s get into the podcast. Alright, welcome back to the ecommerce moment of podcasts. We’re excited about today’s guest. And you know, it’s funny, as I sit here, I’m actually choked up because we have a precall in is always a precall. Everybody knows that. And so we’re going through a couple things and it’s such a positive experience. A talking with these people individually, but then you bring them together and it’s like, it’s so complimentary. It’s like, I don’t know, I mean, I don’t know how to describe it. It just fulfills a piece of your life that’s missing. At least it does for me. So I want to welcome back. These are both return guests, Gaye Lisby, and Gary Ray. Welcome back guys.

Gaye:                                    [00:06:16]               Thank you very much, Stephen. Appreciate it. We love being here.

Garry :                                  [00:06:20]               Yes, we sure do. Thank you Stephen. I enjoyed the podcast we did a few months ago and since then, by the way, still even in our private label has got up just yesterday. Matter of fact, our third container arrived in eight months and we got that unloaded yesterday evening and last night. So we are full fledged in the Peo world and the arbitrage world both. So, uh, thank you for all your help you’ve done to all of us out here and uh, and podcast world. You had the most calming, soothing voice. I think I jokingly told you last time that uh, I put you on speed dial. If I’m ever on top of a building and about the jump, you’re supposed to use your calm voice to it. At least tell me where to land or to tell me to not jump one of the two.

Stephen:                             [00:07:01]               Oh, that’s very kind. I actually thought about doing a meditation APP. Uh, cause I think my voice would be pretty calming for that. Good. You’re good. But, um, you know, I, I do want to start this conversation off. So, uh, if you want to listen to current episodes, uh, gazed last episode was three 33 and calories was three 11, so I’ll just put that out there now, but I want to start the conversation this way. Um, and we’ll get to the group and all the changes and stuff like that. But I want to start it off this way. You guys really honestly believe and I can see it. So I’m a I about, let’s say it this way. All three of us believe that you guys are changing lives now. I mean, I know, you know, we’re all believers in our own faith and so we can be called, right? Some people feel called, is this, could this be a calling? Could you see it that way? Gay?

Gaye:                                    [00:07:55]               You know, I absolutely do. Steven and I say this even in our group, I say this and I say this to other people. I meet, in fact, this weekend I was talking to, um, lady who was interested in becoming an Amazon seller and starting out and arbitrage. And I said, I said to her, you know, lives depend on what we do. And sometimes it’s, uh, it’s a, uh, a word fitly spoken is like apples of silver in pitchers of gold. And sometimes the right word at the right time sort of catches a life before it hits the ground. You know, Gary talking about jumping off a building, well, there are people who are actually in those circumstances and situations in their lives that if I come and speak the right word at the right time, could literally, um, catch them as they’re falling. And someone did that for me is everyone falls.

Gaye:                                    [00:08:51]               Exactly. They are so important. It was, and sometimes you fall and it’s not your fault so to speak. I mean, you’re not the one that jumped off the building. You know, your, your, someone in your marriage jumped off the buildings, so to speak. And, and in you have, you know, it’s so, so you, you’re impacted. But somebody spoke that fit word to me back in 2014 and that’s how I learned to become an Amazon seller. And it revolutionized my life. And that’s why I feel so passionate that this is in a sense what we do is a, is a ministry, a mission, because it financially transformed my life and it transformed me from that defeat and that

Stephen:                             [00:09:41]               doubt in loss. You’re never good enough gay, right?

Gaye:                                    [00:09:44]               Yeah, exactly. And it, and it did, it transformed. So I really, because it happened to me, I keep saying it can happen to you too.

Stephen:                             [00:09:55]               Well, uh, Gary, let me ask this question because I think that’s a fair statement. It can happen to everyone generally. I mean, maybe there are some extreme examples. What, what do you see that’s stopping people who it’s not happening for, right? Because I’m sure there’s some people listening right now, man, I just don’t know what to buy. I don’t know what to do. Nobody’s helping me. I asked for a question and gay never replied, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Right? I mean, that’s the stuff you see what, what’s stopping them.

Garry :                                  [00:10:23]               Yeah, that’s an excellent question. And that question probably could create more success in majority of the questions. Actually. What I really do think, I think it’s fear. I think the opposite of fear is faith. Whether it’s a religious concept of faith or not. And faith is an acronym can be broken, broken down is fear absent in the heart. Zig Ziglar says most people miss success by about 12 to 14 inches, which is the distance between the head and the heart. When you get something in the heart and it becomes a passion, it’s something you really want to do. Same as my wife and I did four years ago, we started an Amazon. When you move that from the head to the heart, when you could do that, then success happens. And many people, they want to venture in Mary Kay and they want to venture in home interiors.

Garry :                                  [00:11:08]               They want adventure and Amazon. They want adventure and Eve Ebay and they just dabble. And I really think, um, Mr. Peterson, until they get the desire in their heart to be willing to jump into the pool and be bad at it until they can get good at it. Cool. See a lot of that bet right there is what holds a lot of people up there, perfectionistic, fear oriented and they don’t want to jump into a pool and swallow some water in order to learn how to swim. They would much rather stay up on the concrete and figure out how to do it. And you just can’t. You’ve got to be willing to kind of be bad at something before you can get good at it. And I think their fears, what cripples Aaron Walker,

Stephen:                             [00:11:42]               it was just on my show and he talks about with guys especially, we wear these masks, right? We tried up, hey, how’s everything going? Okay. Oh, everything’s great. And yet in the meantime, you’re business is falling apart, your marriage is falling apart, your kids or you know, whatever. Um, gate, what do you do to bring out truth and to, to, I mean, you’re not successful at everything despite what we see. I’m sure you make mistakes, right? What do you do to demonstrate to others that you know this is a hit and miss game cause it is right. You just have to hit more than you miss.

Gaye:                                    [00:12:21]               Sure, sure. I knew it is a law of averages. You know, there’s, there’s not every, not every item you buy using retail arbitrage or online arbitrage or wholesale or private label is going to be a hit a bit, you know, but as, as the, the boys, I call them Andy, Solomon’s Nathan slammers and [inaudible] hearse, corn teach, you know, a bit one base hit after another base hit after another base yet begins to add up and you find out you have a whole store full of inventory and the law of averages kicks in and you’re selling a profitably more than you ever will lose more people as Gary says, you know, it’s that fear stops them but more people, um, hesitate from doing arbitrage or, or, or other methods because they’re like, what if that particular item doesn’t sell? You know, I had a seller account shuts me down. What if this, what if, what if, what if, what if you fell when you got out of the shower this morning? You know, that shouldn’t keep you from getting out of bed. The sure shouldn’t keep you from getting in the shower. I mean, time and chance happens to us all. But let’s just go on through

Gaye:                                    [00:13:40]               and then if you have some very basic key skills, which of course we teach in the group. Very basic piece. Scaling Gay, Gay, you found,

Stephen:                             [00:13:49]               hold on, eh, that cut out. Sorry. Sorry. No, no, that’s not your fault. I’m just going to make a note so I know an edit. Go ahead. You got it. Start that over again. Uh, what if you get out of bed?

Gaye:                                    [00:13:58]               Okay. Yup. So you know, so what if you fall when you get out of the shower? So there’s a lot of a fear of that can go on it, but if you fall, you know, just because you might fall when you get out of the shower doesn’t mean you don’t get out of bed is there are more hits than there are misses. A lot of people hesitate to build their Amazon business because they base it on is Gary said fear. Like what if it doesn’t sell? Here’s what I always say. What if it does sell? Oh, we need to understand press repeat and do it again. And again. Gary’s got an awesome a formula and share that formula. Gary, don’t be too hot. I’m going to read it, Stephen, if you don’t mind, I’m going to read it from Gary’s book. Um, so this is the kind of thing that happens, you know, to, to people that are paying attention.

Gaye:                                    [00:14:50]               So, so you get these gold nuggets and a person who’s paying attention and they’re not bound by fear, they’re gonna, they’re gonna read a fact, and they’re going to understand the power of it as a gold nugget. So listen to this nugget. I’m going to give you the formula for Amazon seller success right now. In just a few lines, Gary testifies after my first two years in the business, we had sold over one point $2 million. I ran the numbers any equated to a 2.24 multiplier. Meaning for every dollar I spent, it translated into $2 and 24 cents in sales. $10,000 Equals 22,400 and sales. So to sell $1 million a year, you need to buy $1,900 a day, five days a week as a close rough number. Boom. I just gave you the formula for becoming a million dollar seller on the Amazon Platform. Two or three lines from Gary’s book

Stephen:                             [00:15:57]               and, and let’s qualify those. Gary’s got a full time job doing something else, right? So if there’s an excuse and there’s a guy who has an excuse, you have earned the excuse, Gary, you’re not supposed to be selling $1 million. Right? And, and you know, let’s qualify this too because some people are listening to this saying, wait a second in Ra, that’s still possible in Oaa. That’s still possible. It, it frustrates me cause I always quote, you know, like a David Hawkins, he’ll sell four or 5 million but dollars this year doing drugstore runs. That’s all he does. He shops the drugs, or maybe a little bit more now, but it’s just so funny when you have the focus and maybe it’s a gift or maybe it’s that lack of fear that you’re talking about. You can hit success. Correct, Karen.

Garry :                                  [00:16:43]               Oh, absolutely. But you have to understand that just like Steven here, if we were to reverse to the roads and interview him, uh, many of you out there would, I dunno, maybe be surprised that he has the fear to the hundred percent. Yeah. The key is an I’m such just simple person. So sometimes the way I explain things, especially with my southern drawl, it may not sound very, I don’t know, romantic, whatever, but it is what’s made, helped me. I’ve made a six figure income for almost three decades. I’m 56 years old and yet I’ve never been inside of a college, so there’s nothing about me that’s very impressive. I’m very simple, but I’ve always been able to have success and been able to work and make money and I’m thankful to the Lord for that. There’s nothing that I want to brag on myself over, but the thing to understand is fear is an emotion. Just like a hate is an emotion, angers and emotion. Lust is an emotion. We all have these. The key is do you act on it or not? If I act on every emotion I have, I’m going to be in prison and I’m not saying it to be funny. I’m saying prisons are full of people that do not have emotional control. Well, the same thing in the Amazon business. When you learn in the Amazon space how to fall off formula,

Stephen:                             [00:17:50]               basic formula of a plus B equals c. When you learn that and you tried to get the emotion out of it, become more logical. Stephen, as you know, then success is much more duplicatable. Successes is duplicatable and source failure, but success is duplicatable, but you have to take the emotion out of it, which for many people honestly seems to. Right now I’m in a, I’m coaching some people right now in a paid coaching group and I’m amazed how many of them that honestly, that’s their number one struggle. It isn’t finance’s. It isn’t logic, it is an intellect. It’s their emotions drive the majority of their actions. And that’s a very dangerous way to live your life. Well, I think, uh, you know, we’re all shaped by our past and you know, the influence of those who were in our past, uh, have have made a lot of decisions for us unfortunately. You know, and um, it’s funny you say that. Um, I’m reading a testimony in a group, I mean this group it’s called the Amazon seller tribe. Okay. It’s a free group, correct? It’s is that group is free. My correct in that one.

Gaye:                                    [00:18:53]               Uh, they’re almost on solar tribe node. We are a pain.

Stephen:                             [00:18:55]               That’s the paper. Okay. So this group here, sorry. Uh, I’m reading it in here that I guess I should know what this would, this quote. I then took Gary’s class. It was the most amazing class I’ve ever taken. I’ve had some losses before I took care of these classes. And that’s where I want to stop because I’m thinking about this is that if somebody, and this is a question for gay cause it’s going to really speak about Gary, but if somebody is failed, right, they’d been doing things and it was easier. You know, I mean, we all sold frozen stuff, right? That was a good example, right? Everything, anything frozen way back in the day, I don’t care what it was. You sold it, you are a success. And everybody thought, wow, I’m the best in the world since this. Right? But then the world changed, right?

Stephen:                             [00:19:34]               And now it’s, it’s definitely different. It’s more challenging. It is harder a, because there’s a lot more sellers be because a lot more brands have taken control of their brand and, and excluded things. And, and then Amazon has changed their business model several times in the last couple of years. Um, if somebody has failed up until this point, does that mean they, they’re done. They can’t turn it around. Can they unlearn those bad habits, which, you know, they were good habits back in the day, but they’ve changed. Can they undo that? And I’m reading it and Gary Singing, of course the answer is going to be no, but can you speak about that for a second guy?

Gaye:                                    [00:20:11]               Well, yes. And it, you know, absolutely the measure of who you become is going to be uh, Oh, who you surround yourself with. So in our community we, we have a very positive and uplifting community, encouraging community, but also a very teaching minded community. So, um, we, we surround you with people who are doing this and doing this successfully and are generous about sharing that and how to do that. I just literally had a message, a Facebook message come in, uh, just a little bit ago and let me read this to you. So she said has, and I get these, uh, pms all the time from people who are in our space. And then, uh, also people who are in our group and she says, I’m utilizing the very low hanging fruit today that I have. Um, literally around my house. She’s, she says, I literally shop at a store that every time I walk in, 15 minutes later, I walk out with $100.

Gaye:                                    [00:21:16]               Sometimes more, sometimes less in profit at 75 to 150% Roi. And did I mention there are 80 of these stores within a seven mile radius of my home. I can do this daily at multiple stores if I set aside the time. It’s like picking money off of trees when I do this. This is, this is a poet. This is a personal message that came in just just minutes before we went on this podcast from the scouts. So can people do this? Yes. And I say this all the time is money. All our money is all around us. Amazon has has helped me understand that more than anything in, in my entire life that grabs money. Literally laying all around us and Ra an OAA is a great way to, to make that a cash cow, so to speak.

Stephen:                             [00:22:11]               You know, one of the things that I, I just, I hope somebody listening, just one person sits back and says, you know, what I’m doing is not working and what I did used to work and so I’m willing and his a guy, this is so hard to do to say, you know what, I need some help. I need some help. And so, uh, when I look at this group, okay and, and let me qualify this. Um, again, Gary are sponsors of my show and I do get paid if you buy their service through my link, I never hide that. I’m perfectly fine. If you want to circumvent my link and you want to spite me, please go right ahead. But join their group because here’s the next statement I’m going to read and this is stuff that I’m not cherry picking. Um, I don’t see in here.

Stephen:                             [00:22:55]               You’re not helping me, you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I’m reading nothing but positive. Gay has a ton of information in the file section. If you will just do what she says and decide one thing that you’re going to improve each week, then you’ll succeed. So I guess the question is where is, will we just keep the on the little train side? I think I can, I think I can. Or we you apply with Gary and gay are teaching us and become the big train. I know I can. I know I can. That’s a big responsibility that you guys take. Very, very serious. And it’s funny, like I’ve had so many people that have joined your group through my link and I’m so appreciative of them. They’re all still there. Nobody’s laughing because they were there through Q four. And you know, it’s always a big push because everybody wants to get Q4 stuff.

Stephen:                             [00:23:35]               There’s a reason. Um, and, and you know, even me who sits in there, and I’m not really a giant participant, I sit back and I’m like, oh my God, you guys, you this business so much better than me who’s been in it so long, who should know all this stuff? And I sit back and say, oh my God, there’s people or it, it’s, it’s amazing when you sit back and you humble yourself, maybe this is the lesson and you’re willing to accept the help. You get the help. Is that magic? I don’t think so. That’s real. I mean, and this is, you know, me not blowing smoke. I’m sitting here watching it and I’m watching people’s lives get changed for the positive. So again, I do benefit, but you can absolutely buy around my link. You will. I mean, I understand if that’s your thing, but still consider joining this group. The group has changed just as Amazon has changed. Correct? Because last time we talked gay, you were, you were by yourself. Yeah. Why did you decide to bring Gary in? Let’s, let’s talk about that. Let’s embarrass him a little bit. What did you think? Well, no, because it’s to be fair, it’s you and your sister, you guys were, you were helping people enormously dead. What was it? Well, maybe it, it’s not, it’s a plus. It’s not a, we were missing something. It’s just

Gaye:                                    [00:24:50]               we were, we were missing something. And I’ll, and I’ll say this, I mean, I, yeah, I really, I really, uh, appreciate that you’re allowing me to just to, to tell that part because we were missing something because here’s the thing. Um, you know, to be honest, and we, we’ve, we’ve done all of this, the women breaking the glass ceiling and the whole thing, you know, back in my day and generation and, and uh, I can speak to a lot of people seem to resonate with a lot of people, but there are people that, um, when I speak to are they, they don’t, they don’t get it from me. They don’t, it, it still, it doesn’t, it doesn’t resonate with them or they’re like, well, you know, she’s a menopausal grandma trying to build a business on, on Amazon. So she’s probably not my thing. Well, um, you know, Gary is, as he is, as he’s already spoken to where we know his history and, and he is well known in his industry, in, in his industry business circle.

Gaye:                                    [00:25:51]               He is massively known and in big leadership. Um, so then he brings that same kind of understanding of how to build success over to the Amazon platform. And he is literally trained hundreds of people to be six figure income earners. Brings that same thing in. That’s not my background and that’s not my experience. And that’s not my gifting. He brings that gifting to this and at the same time it just has been like, like you, you never sat a table without salt and pepper. You just don’t. Um, at least if you’re from my neck of the woods, you don’t, you don’t set a table without salt and pepper because those seasonings savor or brings and it’s saver to the food. And I think of Gary and I in the same way, you know, we’re salt and pepper. So you know, most people are our neck woods will be like, pass the salt, pepper Shaker roads Plas, pest salt and pepper shaker.

Gaye:                                    [00:26:55]               You can’t have one without the other because they’re really doing a service to the food. And so I really feel like that we bring that together. And that’s why, you know, the name of our group used to be galas, bees, million dollar arbitrage hedge and list. And the vision was helping people who may not be ready to go into pl for whatever reason. Maybe they don’t know the Amazon platform well enough. Maybe they don’t have the courage and confidence that they need. Maybe they don’t have the capital they need. So we formed the group to help people who want to use retail and online arbitrage to build themselves to that place, both personally, professionally, and financially to that place. So that, that was our impetus for forming the group. And the vision that Andy and Nathan and Lee, Ron and I talked about is we formed this group.

Gaye:                                    [00:27:50]               But when we saw the opportunity to, uh, link up with Gary Ray, we’re like, and I called him one day, I said, listen, we’ve got to change the name of the group because I’m on the marquee here and, and you are providing so much. We really have to, um, cause to speak that message to people. And he goes, you know what, gay, you know, he’s talking about the nature of the group and that it’s become this sort of tribe, if you will. And I resonate with that because my ancestry is Cherokee ancestry. And, uh, you know, my, my father’s, uh, Grandfather’s going from Tennessee over to Oklahoma before the sooners went into Oklahoma to divide up the land, but anyway, to enroll on the Dawes rolls of the Cherokee tribe. And, uh, so, so I resonate with tribe. That’s part of our, as my father would call it, our people quote unquote, that’s the term he uses.

Gaye:                                    [00:28:56]               Um, he’ll say, yeah, and you remember when our people did this month and here’s some new point of gang. You gave up half of your business. I mean, it looks, let’s just call it what it is. I mean, this is what he, and he only says when he gave Nathan half of his business, if it’s the best thing in his world. Absolutely. You know what, I’ll tell you this, it, and I can honestly say, I think I gave up nothing because I in the sense that I got Gary Ray, because Gary Ray is contributing huge value and benefit to the people in our tribe. And, and this, this tribe has grown in understanding of, I will say very especially online arbitrage because of some skills and techniques that he has and some methodologies that he’s employed to help people understand that. And so, so because we, we also provide the, the, the, um, daily friends list subscriptions.

Gaye:                                    [00:29:58]               So we have, you know, we used to have like two lists, uh, offerings. Now we have eight and we’re about ready to go to our ninth. And it’s because Gary has come in and helped us create that understanding. And so I was like, I got to get off the marquee. We have this great tribe of people here. What are we going to call it? So we changed it to Amazon Seller tribe Galas being Gary raised away and our Ra arbitrage domination. We really believe that we can teach people to dominate online arbitrage and retail arbitrage with the techniques and the information that we offer.

Garry :                                  [00:30:39]               And you know, it’s funny, Andy always says that, you know, is that this is the best way to make money as quickly as you can. And then you can use it to create a brand and create your own private label. 100% so when you started,

Gaye:                                    [00:30:49]               no, no, sorry Steven. I mean literally this just literally popped up on my screen. This is not fake marketing. Here’s a gal just popped up. I have no faith. No, I mean not. It’s not me fake marketing at all. I don’t want people to think that I’m, that that’s my bailiwick. That’s not so, so this gal, she just literally the Facebook message pops up in my pm. She says, good morning, our money just came in and I’m so ready and excited to take the next step. Is there a Facebook group or something that I should join? I definitely want quote unquote the list that I’ve heard you all talk about. I want to learn how to know what’s worth buying and how many items of a product to purchase. I am so excited about this opportunity.

Garry :                                  [00:31:36]               Just that’s what a lot of responsibility, you know, and I, I think about that. Does that weigh on you? Sometimes. So let’s be honest. Um, and Gary does it, I mean, you know, is, you know some, sometimes people follow people. Yeah, yeah. Blindly, you know, and they do, they do in it. And it keeps me awake at night at times. Uh, my wife was telling somebody recently, she rolled over in the middle of the night and I was laying there with my eyes open and, and she asked what I was doing and I said, I’m working on something in my head to try to help one of the students that I have. So yeah, it does keep me awake at night, but here’s why I do it. Because my wife is important as well. I don’t have to do this. I have a good stream of income from another source.

Garry :                                  [00:32:23]               My wife and I eat just fine. We traveled just fine. Uh, we’re not rich people, but we’re not poor. So we’re, we’re fine. But I do this because I have to, I’m 56. Death is getting closer. Don’t laugh at me for saying that. It is, each day I live is one less day. I live. Even if I lived to be a hundred, it’s getting closer and I have to climb mountains. I have to have mountains to climb. If I don’t, I get depressed. I had fought depression all my life. I don’t take medication for it. It’s just something. It’s been there all my life. And the only way I cope with my depression of hope, with my town times of getting down, you won’t talk about being real. I’ll be real. Uh, as a teenager, I loaded a gun and was thinking about suicide, was just seconds away from it.

Garry :                                  [00:33:05]               I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to be down and out. I know what it’s like to hurt. I know what it’s like to feel like you’re not good enough. Uh, yet I can stand on a stage and give a presentation in front of hundreds of people and everybody, thank God it’s the most secure guy there. I’ll tell you, it’s the biggest line of world or as none of us, that that is as together as we appear, every one of us or two steps from insanity. So when you’re trying to coach people and you’re trying to help people, helping them with their mentality is the biggest thing. You can train them with all these buttons you push or how deep to go or whatever. That’s trivial. What really matters is getting their psyche right. And I’m going to tell you something. Gay was very gracious and once you said a while ago, but what she left out was, uh, Steven.

Garry :                                  [00:33:46]               She was my very first coach, my wife and I, when we got into Amazon four years ago with no previous experience at all. She was our very first coach we had. And she was the one just in few words of wisdom and at different points that shaped me and helped me to be able to understand more and more how to do this. And I, I’m an ex a futures and stock trader as well. Um, and I lost a lot of money doing that, made money, lost a lot of money too. And I took a lot of those same principles from the futures market or the stock market and applied that to Amazon and the, and I’m my coaching group on teach people how that works. So I have found, again, it’s, there’s a good way to learn from a lot of people, but I’m going to tell you something, your questionnaire about a lot of pressure.

Garry :                                  [00:34:27]               I’ve really got to say this if you’ll allow me just second to say this. I really think the pressure to be honest with you is on the students. You know, Michael Jordan, Dean Smith was his, uh, college basketball coach. Why didn’t everybody that come out from under Dean Smith if Dean Smith was so great, why didn’t everybody perform to his level? It’s because Michael Jordan chose to be an extraordinary student. And I think the people that come in, whether it’s Stephen Peterson is deacon teaching or gay, lesbian or I or whoever, Anthony Robbins or zig Ziglar, whoever, really the major responsibility is on the person that buttons their own shirt. The greatest helping hand you’ll ever receive, you’ll find at the end of your own sleeve. And I think for most people coming in and the first thing they need to ask yourself, Steven, honestly, and you’ll agree with this cause I know a little bit about your grip background, you will agree with this. The number one question they need to ask yourself, are they willing to suffer? And art number two question is, are they willing to be humble? If you’re not willing to suffer and not willing to be humble, you won’t learn from anybody. But if you’re willing to suffer and you’re willing to be humble and just in essence, shut up and listen, okay. You know, listen to the people out here, Ron, her scorn

Stephen:                             [00:35:38]               and others and Andy, if you’re not willing to listen to these people, you won’t learn. So you have to be willing to be humble and you have to be willing to be transparent. You have to be willing to learn, and you’ve got to be willing to do this in order to excel. So you’re right, there is a lot of pressure. But anybody, I’m around very long. I shift that pressure real quick and put it on them. I’m an average guy from an average town, a flat top boy, ray, a flat top haircut boy ration, the poorest area of my county. I know what it’s like to grow broke and be made fun of because you don’t have money. Uh, and I chose at a young age to get away from that and I want it to work for a very wealthy man. When I was 18 and I started the lord and I followed him and God’s blessed me and I’m, I’m thankful for the that I don’t shy away from saying that.

Stephen:                             [00:36:22]               So I say all that to say yes to risk pressure, but really the main pressures on the individual. So what I want to do now is I want to change this transition is because people are listening to this right now and they’re saying, and I really hope somebody who’s struggling sits back and said, you know what, I’m willing to say, I don’t know what I don’t know anymore and I want to start over again. And so we’re going to give you a chance to join the group. And, and again, um, my opinion, it might be biased because they do pay me. I understand that. Again, you can buy outside my Lincoln, then there’s no bias. So if you like this type of conversation and it’s this conversation, it’s every day. You know, it’s funny, I sit there, I get to, I’m in so many groups and I sit back and I watch people, you know, get touched and you know, ask the stupid question.

Stephen:                             [00:37:10]               I mean, there are people asking a stupid question, but it’s not stupid to them. And that’s the problem is that, you know, we’re looking at her nose, well what tape do you use on a box? Now nobody’s asking that. But if it’s just, I didn’t know what to do in the beginning, right until Andy introduced me to three inch tape and it was like, but wait, so if I were to ask, you know what I’m saying? It’s like silly questions like that sounded like they’re stupid when you’re asking them. Yet somebody taught gay how to do this. Somebody taught Gary had to do to so, so again, this safe environment, I don’t want to, I don’t want to downplay that, but I do want to talk about your conference because they’re going to get to chance to hear the most scintillating discussion about accounting ever.

Stephen:                             [00:37:51]               It’s true that are maybe not, maybe not in a hill is the best. I mean, she is my star. We have Steven Peterson far and I will go as deep as anybody wants because I’m there for all those days and I will take it offline, online, inline, whatever you want. Um, and I’d love to meet you and I’m very excited about this conference. We do, you know, Indian, I travel a lot together and we do six to eight conferences a year. Both of us are probably the most excited about this conference because of the environment, because of the lack of pressure. It’s like a no pressure kind of conference. It’s one where people are going and saying, guess what? I don’t know everything. I’m not the expert. And because I am definitely not the smartest guy in the room, but I’m willing to hear your side of it. And Gary, you might convince me something different and I’m be like, I never thought about it that way. You’re right, you can get there. And so let’s talk about that. That’s this conference is coming up. Is June 6th to the eighth people can still join. It is not sold out yet, correct?

Gaye:                                    [00:38:50]               Yes. Okay. Sold a yet and they’ll let you know that that that’s a great point about the conference because we have had an opportunity and opportunity because of your experience and other conferences Andy’s experienced in other conferences to more or less handcraft a conference that is really dedicated and devoted to being seller centric. And what I mean by that is we all know that the Amazon platform is customer centric. The platform was built for the customer experience and the customer experience is the main focus of Amazon ever and always in this conference the main focus of the conference ever and always is the seller. It’s not a pitch fast, it’s not any event where we’re trying everybody who has a a course or an opportunity to, or a tool or a this or that. And we’ve already turned away people that said, you know, can I come and set up a booth and what, what we’re actually crafting this conference for people who are just like [inaudible] you were just talking about asking questions earlier.

Gaye:                                    [00:40:01]               I’m looking at page 11 of Gary’s book and it’s An and the co he uses frequently smart people have courage to ask dumb questions. I must be brilliant because I’ve asked a lot of smart people have courage to ask dumb questions and, and really this is the kind of conference that we’ve created where you’re going to have face to face access to a lot of um, million dollar sellers and multiple million dollar sellers who are some of the nicest people you will ever want to meet. And they are kind and generous spirited people who are alike. If I can do this, you can do this. And they’re very willing to share that. And so, um, they’re, they’re, they’re approachable. I think, you know why Andy so excited about it is I think the Hashtag for the conference could be Hashtag not a guru. We’re not, we’re not good ruing it, that’s not what’s happening here. These are real people selling real physical products on Amazon to real customers. And these real people are seeing their lives change. We take that very seriously. And that’s why we work so hard to present this conference.

Stephen:                             [00:41:20]               You know, you’re even allowing, and I, I don’t qualify this. I’m a part time seller because lifestyle is way more important. My grandkids are my opportunity right now for this stage of my life. And if anybody wants come and talk about lifestyle and they want a design that, then I’m definitely going to be one of those people you want to talk to there, um, at this conference. And the other thing I like about it is, you know, you’re in this town, you’re there, you’re approachable. Um, you’re, you’re, it’s a much, you know, we’re going to Vegas and for ASD and it is, it’s so difficult to get from one place to the other. I mean, it’s just so overwhelming. I like this serenity of, uh, the, the atmosphere that we’re going to be at where it’s kind of let’s pull up and have a coffee and let’s gather around in the morning.

Stephen:                             [00:42:06]               I mean, that to me, that’s where the work gets done, at least in my life. That’s where the work gets done. Um, that I’ve had the most growth. It’s been those kinds of conversations. I, so I’m very excited about this. Um, and again, so it’s amazing. freedom.com. Uh, well I have a link in it. I assume they can get to the conference in that link, correct? Yeah, the, the, yeah, and you can, you can attach it on your, okay. All right. I’ll put, I’ll put a link to it because I want to make sure people get it. It’s not sold out yet. Um, very inexpensive. The atmosphere is going to be phenomenal and I can, if you’ve heard nothing and it, my 380 plus shows on this podcast, every single person, every single outlier has said their network is where they’ve made the most growth.

Stephen:                             [00:42:52]               It’s the people that they met. It’s not the experts. It’s not when Steve gets up on stage and give something enlightening, I got nothing enlightening, right? I’m going gonna repeat the same thing you can hear on this podcast. I’m going to say basically the same things, but it’s when you have that conversation and you’re talking to Bob over here and you say, man, I’ve, I’ve run into trouble with this. And he’s like, Oh, here’s how I handled it and it’s boom. Or you partner with other people and then all of a sudden, you know, one plus one does not equal to look at Gary and gay is not one plus one equals two, it’s three or four and then all of a sudden you just, just, it’s what you described in here, uh, where you don’t lose your passion. You know what, I read your notes about that. How many people have lost their passion? I see it in their, in their comments out there on regular Facebook. Yeah. Life’s too short, Gary. We’re not going to get many more days. Right? They’re not giving you bonus days, are they? That’s exactly right. Okay.

Gaye:                                    [00:43:51]               So once the what, what, what are the things that we’ve really worked hard on the conferences, creating opportunities where you can scale past the limitations of your own brain. Have you ever done stuff and you’re working on maybe on the Amazon platform, maybe somewhere else, some other project. What, what, and you feel like your, your main limitation is your own brain. Oh my God. If I could just get passes limitation in my own brain, my own mind. You know, and that’s one of the things that we really, um, really delve down into is how do we produce, uh, uh, a moments and our o or schedule and opportunity for a seller to escape the limitations of their own mind and move into that, that flow and that place where you’re like, all of the sudden I’m not limiting myself anymore. And that’s not only the meat and potatoes, because we’re going to have meat and potatoes. We’re going to have the gold nuggets. There’s going to be one line that can transform your sales in, in, uh, maybe it’s one product or one, one brand. Who knows what. That can be one connection with another seller who knows what that can be, but at the same time, the opportunity to escape the limitations of your own brain. That’s the thing that I find myself most interested in doing. When I go to a conference,

Stephen:                             [00:45:22]               let me just say this about this conference too, and I noticed it and I thought to myself, oh, it’s so good because I just came from two conferences literally in Orlando right in a row. Why? I left for a day and I flew back the next day and it’s a miss. I spoke at one of them and I wanted to see somebody else, but they only were up one time since mine’s a workshop you put me on, I think it’s twice, two different times so somebody can come, you know what I mean? It’s like, you know, especially if there’s somebody, you know, much better speakers me that it’s so cool to me that’s thought out. That’s helpful. That’s not, you know, just get a name and so he can bring in some audience to, to come to my conference. It’s like, no, Steve, I want you to actually work and you’re going to have to produce because people come to me as a, as, as somebody who does a little bit of speaking, that’s what I want to do.

Stephen:                             [00:46:09]               You know what I mean? Yeah. It’s very rewarding and it was clearly well thought out because it’s like that helpful because somebody who wasn’t going to make it there because there’s, you know, they want to see Andy speak, which I always want to say, right, right. They could still make it to, and to me, that’s very encouraging. That’s the right heart. That’s a teacher that’s gay, lesbian, previous to go listen to her episode. That’s what I say. All right, let me do this because we aren’t gonna run at a time. I don’t want to miss this too. So conference, please sign up. You know? I mean, I know rocky mountains not going to happen. And that was an awesome, I love Travis and Paul and they put on an amazing conference every year and you learn and you networked. But this one still happening and, and so they will sell out, but it’s just, it hasn’t yet. And so please consider, um, and I’d love to meet you Andy, spring of his whole family for God’s sake. Yeah. Yeah. I know. All parents and everything. I mean, everybody’s coming. Yep. You know why?

Gaye:                                    [00:47:00]               Because, um, Branson is also a major tourist destination. 100%. It’s a major XC. Is there a major family tourist destination? And so that’s one of the reasons, not only the fact that I live here, but the fact that it’s a major family tourist destination. And we, we really all are all about creating a life you really want to live. It’s not enough to have success on Amazon if you’re now living a life that you really don’t want to live, but it’s what you want to live. Exactly. Not Gary’s life. Exactly. And you get to be the, in fact, one of the speakers is going to be talking about that navigating the mind field of growing a multiple seven figure business while still parenting and partnering in Life and love. How do you still do that? You know, it’s possible and we’re going to be speaking to those kinds of things at the conference, but Branson is a major tourist destination.

Gaye:                                    [00:47:55]               So several people are bringing their entire family, one to one of our other speaker or two of our other speakers, Perry and Kim Kaufland, they’re bring in the tribe. I mean, they’ve single handedly populated San Antonio and they’re bringing the tribe and it’s going to be super fun to see, uh, people coming to Branson and you know, the family can play while, uh, the sellers are down at the conference, enjoying name drop. A couple more speakers to, would you pose? Yes. I’ll just roll them off. Yes, I will. I will. So Deanna slamming, it’s going to be speaking about exactly what I said. Uh, partnering in life and love and Andy Slam is going to be putting the smack down on ran. And, uh, what a lot of people don’t know is Andy as a pl. Uh, uh, he’s, uh, he’s a pl pirate but he is also an Amazon Ninja.

Gaye:                                    [00:48:44]               And so he has just blown my mind with some of the things he does behind the scenes and in a retail arbitrage is so he’s got his finger on who those, you know what I’m talking about talking about. He is so brilliant. So Kim and period Kauflin are coming as well. Perry is a lean management specialists. Lots of people scale in the wrong way too fast in square footage and Impersonal and a well oiled machine can change your life and, and not get you in a cashflow strap that you don’t need to be in a period is going to be speaking to that. And Kim, she is um, she’s, it’d be cool. She, she, she’s out here on the brains. No, it as, so Kim Kim is, um, is a pro at be cool, which is a great repricer and she can be doing some breakout sessions on that.

Gaye:                                    [00:49:42]               Of course we have Stephen Peterson who is a, is a phenomenal gift giver. He’s a guy who just as a gift that keeps on giving and he’s going to be talking about keeping your books in a way that your books are not keeping you. And uh, of course we’ve got our coats, Gary Ray, he and his wife Kimberly and Gary’s going to be exploding the stage right in the beginning and I promise you it will be, um, explosive. Dan Wentworth. Oh my gosh, I love this man. Dan went. Worth is going to be speaking about, uh, his, his journey and he is um, actually, um, talking about growing time, time, operations, Cetera and managing your growth in such a way that it doesn’t strangle your life. Don’t before you go to the next one, let’s pause there for a second. Three location, Dan, three locations, seven plus million in sales.

Gaye:                                    [00:50:42]               He brings his whole team to Orlando, to Kelly, to Kelly’s conference to develop them. Who does that? This is, this is why. That’s right. That’s why he’s able to manage multiple locations, is able to build a team and again, he’s going to talk, Hey, by the way, do you notice all these people have been on my show? I mean are we going to get a common theme here? No, no, no, no, no. I just think it’s hilarious because you know you can listen to all these people now you get a chance to meet them face to face, have a handshake, have a cup of coffee and really ask your questions. That’s what a conference like this does. Sorry, I got exactly that. Exactly that we’ve got Brian Freifeld are coming from the east coast. We Love Brian. He’s, he’s just such a humble guy and in ana, brilliant seller and he’s going to be breaking down Kiba you know there’s been some changes in in the tool Kipa and he is a keep a master so by the time you finish the workshop with Bryan Fry filter, you’ll be a keep a master too.

Gaye:                                    [00:51:45]               He is brilliant. He really is. He just a low key guy but he is brilliant. Sprout the assassin. Absolutely. Ralph Cochran is going to be speaking on scaling 10 x in your business, but doing it responsibly. And, and Ralph was at the very first conference I ever spoke at several years ago and was challenged to 10 x his business, which he absolutely has done late Lamins, my boy Nathan, whom I love and adore, is going to be speaking on how to hire virtual assistants and manage virtual assistance training, managing virtual assistants, which just the fear of doing that and fear of not knowing how to do that is keeping people, several people from scaling their business. And this is going to get them over that hurdle. And then I’ll come on at from time to time and uh, just like give stuff away. Gary is going to be coming on from time to time and making people famous and those who finish his, uh, coaching group, uh, his coaching course at four month coaching course, they’re going to be graduating.

Gaye:                                    [00:52:52]               It’s not going to be a pomp and circumstance commencement, but it’s going to be super duper fun and they’re going to be recognized for their expertise. And, and, uh, that’s going to be an awesome event. And like I said, I’m going to come on from time to time and just give stuff away. We have, this is new sellers can still come to this, right? New Sellers, new sellers and multiple million dollar sellers. Yeah. I got a guy, he’s, he messaged me the other day and he goes, is this so cool for me to come? You know, I’m, I’m doing 4 million and you know, do you think I should connect still calm? I’m like, yes, you can still come. Are you kidding? You’ll be one of our gold lanyard. Solid for know who you’re going to sit next to her at breakfast. You never know exactly that. They will, they will absolutely, uh, be scattered throughout.

Gaye:                                    [00:53:40]               This is going to be funny and it’s a great location. We do have space limitations, so it’s not as pitch born or South point, but we have only 228 seats. We, we literally can only accommodate 228 human bodies. So once those seats are gone, they’re gone. Okay. So June 6th through the eighth. And again, I’ll have the link here. Yes, Steve does not benefit if you come to that conference. Um, and so don’t think that we don’t you this kind of project do come to the conference except knowing that you have had an opportunity to see your life change. That’s the benefit to Gary. And I, um, let’s close with this. Let’s talk about the [inaudible] list. You’re up to eight going to put out a ninth one because that’s one of the big concerns people have, you know, so if I join your list gay, you’re going to give them out to everybody else.

Gaye:                                    [00:54:30]               Gary. Uh, I’m so afraid that if I buy 30 of these, all other people, you know, the other hundred plus members of your group are going to buy 30 and now it’s a race to the bottom. And that’s not an unfair criticism because we’ve seen that. But to be fair, let’s talk about what real experiences, what, what do you guys experience? And I, I maybe each one will take their turn. Yeah. Let me jump down first before Gary goes with this because I want to read from page 36 of Gary’s book. He says, I cannot believe people who asked me for advice. Then I’ll recommend an OAA list six months later. Find out they’re not on any list anymore. I’m making money off the exact same list in the exact same places. They said money wasn’t there. They don’t have the same logic I have about less and here’s my logic. It’s very simple. If I pay 150 bucks a month for a list, I’m not expecting to make $49,000 off of it. If I pay 150 bucks, I just need to make 151 if I make 151 the list pays for itself, but some of the lists I have, I’m making as much as 10 to 15 times what I’m paying for the list. Isn’t that true, Gary?

Garry :                                  [00:55:47]               It sure is. Actually Gay. Before we come on a, you and I were talking about this, so I’ll just share this. If we were on video, I’d be happy to do a screen share and do something that probably most people never do. That’ll let you look right inside my inventory lab account. And for authenticity purposes, a gay can attest that I do this. She’s looked right into my own account. Um, I’m looking at the last six months from my Olay buys a, and I’ve got to preface this, I have seven lists. I have a lady that worked for us on a full time, part time basis. She works 30 to 32 hours a week ordering off of our list and our trained way that I trained her to order my wife and I trying to an order the last six months we’ve sold 5,552 pieces off of a [inaudible] only off of just lists.

Garry :                                  [00:56:38]               And the net profit from this is $37,254. That’s the last six months. This is all stuff that I physically, personally did not have to order because I have somebody trained to do it who works for $11 an hour to order. And then I physically personally did not prep this cause I have a lady that does our prep and in shipping and she does that, uh, for $12 an hour. So she preps in ships, somebody else orders. I don’t touch it and make $37,000 in the last six months, uh, and never touched it, never physically seen it and it’s all done from list. I voted off of lists for three years. I started March, 2016 ordering off lists one time, had as many as 11 list and we now have seven. I think, uh, most list out here are 25 to 30 people, something like that, whatever, some 50 people.

Garry :                                  [00:57:31]               And people may think that’s a lot. When you got stuff that’s being clearanced out at Marshall’s or Walmart or Kohl’s, if you think 30 people buying off of the list is bad. Have you ever counted up how many Walmarts there are in America that people retail arbitrage? I think targets, you can have mini absolutely right. You’re thinking about targeting when they sell stuff, they sell stuff on the east coast and they start working their way west and you’ll see the inventory. It’s a good example. Absolutely. You can have a thousand to 2000 Amazon sellers out there today. He’s buying the same things you’re buying at Walmart, Kohls and everywhere else. So I find lists of be a secret golden nugget where you can sit in your recliner if of the nighttime or again, I have a day job, I own an insurance agency and for two and a half years I sit in a recliner and no order to the nighttime while we were watching a movie or watching whatever American idol or whatever.

Garry :                                  [00:58:25]               I’m ordering all my list. So I just think the no gasoline, nothing to burn you just set, click a button, use jungle scout pro user. A couple of things to make sure it’s a good buy, boom done might drop. It works over and over again. And I’ve actually seen inside and actually use those as coaching students, our coaching students right inside his inventory lab. And, and the methodology. It’s a, it’s a beautiful process, but it’s so doable. That’s the thing. As much as a cost are cheap, we’re to what? TMC, we probably should be t we’ve probably said asked me if I raise the price, what is it? What is it right now? I’m gonna raise the price. Now if you become a member of our group and, uh, your first list, then it’s a total of one 49 a month. And then if you choose to buy a second or a third list, it’s just 70 a month

Stephen:                             [00:59:22]               for each list. If you went on as, as we have many members who do, and by the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eight list, just $59 a month each one. So here’s the deal. I wanted to put that out there because somebody who’s sitting there saying, oh, come on Steve, another list you want me to join? I look yours. I’m saying to you who struggling? Somebody who is thinking, Hey, I want to get in private label. I need cashflow. Somebody saying sales suck because it’s march and I want Q four pack. Well, it’s not key four, it’s now not, now’s the time to invest $149. That’s it. Um, and how long can they join for one month just to try it. Oh, well actually if they join on your link, they’re going to get a free trial. And what is, uh, what is the length of term?

Stephen:                             [01:00:08]               I forgot about that free trial. Yeah, the free trial on your Linkedin, your link is 14, a 14 day free trial bed prep. Steve, I apologize. Yeah, no, I mean we treat your people right because we value your listeners and you can come on and you can try it and you can go, oh no, I think they’re just, you’re there. Does bronze smoke ain’t nothing there. Well, I guarantee you what you can do, you’ll come on in, you’ll go, wait a minute, there’s been money land here. And I haven’t even optimize that. And I think that would be the coolest thing is somebody who’s skeptical would go on and try it and then say, Huh, it actually worked. Did I hit my hundred and $49 worth? That would be very cool. Or there were no red sneakers at Tj Maxx, but wait, these yellow ones right next to it or whatever, bad example, but, but whatever that is, you know, you learn how to fish

Garry :                                  [01:01:01]               good. That’s actually called a rabbit trail. And the rabbit trails and the reorders are about a third of our buys that we make. And what is enormous about lists. And I got to throw this out there even though neither one of the asks, I got to put it out there. Since we do a lot of it is the reorders to replenish bubbles. We actually have some socks, uh, that we order. Uh, and uh, well another thing I won’t Mitch except freight something, they’ll figure out where it is. But we have two different things that we are replanting huge. And our profit on these is almost a hundred percent, but Republicans don’t have to be food or groceries. It could be clothing, it can be things you buy from Dick’s sporting goods and they’re selling it at regular price. And I actually found it from gags lists and we track these reorders. So about a third of our boss, Katie buys $1,422 a day is what she’s buying off of seven lists. A third of that is reorders and rabbit trails. What you just mentioned.

Stephen:                             [01:01:54]               Hmm. So I want the skeptics to go out there and join it. It, yes, I do get paid. I’m not hiding that fact. Again, you can buy around my link if you feel that you want to stick it to me, fine. But try it and then sit back and tell me. I would, I wish somebody would send me a note just to let me know how it goes. I mean, I shouldn’t say that the group that are in there now, I do get lovely known sending. It’s introducing those they’ll say is, I heard about your group gay on Steve or Peterson’s podcasts. That’s why I joined your group. And then, you know, the honest to God truth is that when your people come into the group, they see the value and they stay. That is the testimony to you. That’s very, very cool. It’s very humbling and I don’t take it for granted.

Stephen:                             [01:02:38]               I honestly don’t. Um, so and again for my help out there, if anybody needs to send me a note, Steven Ed ecommerce, momentum.com okay, so the link to get to this, if you’re interested in the service, and again it’s 14 days, I completely forgot about that. It is a 14 day free trial. So it’s amazing. freedom.com forward slash get ready. Here it goes. Momentum, hyphen arbitrage. We made it really difficult. Momentum, hyphen arbitrage. And I’ll have the link on this episode and this is the kind of counseling. If I buy your list, do I get into your group? Yes. So I can get in and have these kinds of discussions. And this is no exaggeration, these kinds of discussions happen every single day in the group every single day. So if you’re looking for a safe place where you can have these conversations where you kind of paid the price of admittance, where you can ask the dumb question like Steve, Steven, I’ll tell you what, if you joined the group, anybody out there, the joints just today, I posted a very top secret and it really is because Steve and like you, I belong to a lot of Facebook, Amazon groups, but I posted today something gay taught me and several of us in a group and it’s very top secret, have not seen it anywhere else about how to combat a, with Amazon on intellectual infringement.

Stephen:                             [01:03:58]               We all get them from time to time. If we’re an arbitrage where they’ll say trademark infringement or counterfeit infringement of while they were, there is a way in a certain process to follow and if you join this group, you’ll actually learn that we add people to join the group and say it was worth the cost for an entire year just to learn this one technique just to learn what time of the day, to send the email to Amazon, what template to use. You can find that every bit of that in a group. So it’s not just how the buy, it’s also how to protect your account. If you have things coming against you. All right, we’re going to throw out two more things that you can get. So, but wait, there’s more. We’re going to give you the 10 tips for Amazon’s success. Gary’s book it and I, I don’t know if I ever sent you the thing, I think I sent a thank you note, but it was just so I get this package and then not get a million packages and I open it up and I’m like, what is this? Nobody told me it was coming and it was very thoughtful of you descend it and it was like, oh my goodness, I read it. I mean it was, it was a quick read. I literally didn’t put it down. I’m like, okay. Yeah, you’re right. Yes, yes, you’re right. Yes, Gary, you’re right. So I do appreciate the book and if somebody does consider joining the list, you actually get a copy of the book and wait, there’s more you guys, any Andy are willing to give up sometime.

Gaye:                                    [01:05:18]               So talk about that real quick. Gay what you’re willing to do. Yeah. So this is really, this is really very special. I mean, it means a lot to me. It is. And, and, and we’re, we’re only doing it for your people, Steven. And the reason that we’re doing it for your people is because your people, uh, the people that were listening to your podcasts and resonate where there your podcast are, are really fine people. We have met some of the finest people, uh, because of your podcasts that they’ve come through your podcast. And then we’ve made their acquaintance and it’s been a very beautiful for us. So what we have decided, what we want to do in addition to receiving that extended trial, uh, for our group and in addition to receiving a free copy of Gary Ray’s book, which the title of the book is 10 tips for Amazon arbitrage success.

Gaye:                                    [01:06:12]               So if there was ever an armor arbitrage pro, it’s Gary Ray and these are going nuts right now. Huh? Super, super timely. But in addition to that, then, then, um, we’re going to sit down with you. So if you come in on his link on Steven’s link, then we’re going to set up a time with you and do a 45 minute onboarding call where we say, uh, tell us about your business, tell us where you are and, and let’s see how we can give you the very, very best direction to hit the ground running. And this is a coaching call unlike anything anybody else, uh, gives our offers because we feel that, um, uh, connected to our people and we, if, if they’re on the rare occasions, people have to leave our group for some reason, time and chance happens to us all as you know, but they, I was just telling Gary earlier, it just amazes me that they will send me an email or send Gary an email and say, we have to, you know, uh, you know, my, my mother had a stroke.

Gaye:                                    [01:07:18]               You know we have the sus, the city life happened, happened and, and but they, but they want to say because there are so reluctant to leave and they’re like, we, we, we want to say this to you. And then they tell us how much they appreciate it. It’s because of the kind of people that are in the group. You know, Gary used the example of Michael Jordan and the, and the coaches, you know, it’s, it’s really more about the kind of quality of people that are in our group than it is about Gary and myself. But because of those people that, that you reach that are listening to your voice and are, are, are looking for the sound of truth, we’re saying, okay, you know what, we’re going to, we’re going to do an onboarding call. It’s either going to be with Andy, where it’s going to be with Gary or it’s going to be with myself and anyone of you.

Gaye:                                    [01:08:06]               Anyone if somebody can choose, we had happened but they have to come in on your link. So I’m going to tell you this, Steven. I, I don’t think it’s cool if people about us on your podcast and then they go around your link, they might accidentally do that. I mean, and that’s fine. They could reach out later and say, oh, I heard much one Steven. And really, you know, I should’ve come in on, on Stephen’s link because you know what? A Workman is worthy of his hire. I know, but some people feel funny if I want to make, if they feel that way really seriously, and I know gay shares just cinema, we wish they wouldn’t even join. We’re all about honor and character and taking care of each other and being with each other and friends. What? That open hand. Yeah, we’re, we’re not shysters and people coming in if they’re already had that kind of mentality, don’t join somewhere else.

Gaye:                                    [01:08:56]               Yeah, go somewhere else. But, but, but this is the cool thing. If you do come to us here, here’s, here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to do this onboarding call. We’re going to do this coaching call with you where we say, okay, where are you? Where do you want to go? And let’s figure out how we can get you plugged down the very best way in the group to get you there, get you the resources that you need. We have also, Stephen, a lot of people don’t understand this. Um, they’re, they’re all a lot of quote unquote free Facebook groups out there, seller groups out there and they’re free for the, for that reason. You, you, you exactly. You get what you pay for. And um, so those, those free, uh, arbitrage Facebook groups don’t have a robust file section and a robust video section, video training section like we have.

Gaye:                                    [01:09:45]               If you go down through our file section of our, of our group, you will find, you will find information after information that will help you become a better personality more four times already. You’ve already, yeah, you have to all, I keep looking down on these lists. Um, I’m in this group so I, you’re not preaching to me. I see it. There is something in here for just about every single question. And there are other experts. You guys aren’t the only experts. There were other sellers. Absolutely. And we love it. Well, for example, our tribal elder, Dan Wentworth. Yeah, he’s a, he’s a, he’s a beautiful cellar and a generous guy. And when he, when he speaks in the group, people listen. So, um, yeah, so we have a robust file, six, a robust video section. So when you get in, you’re not just wandering around hoping something good will happen to you that there’s a lot of resources to help you.

Gaye:                                    [01:10:39]               So anyways, enough about us, but, uh, Amazon seller tribe, gay, lesbian Gary rays are AOA domination is the new name of our tribe. And I got my face off front and center and now it’s me and Gary. We were having a great time over at the Keytar Center, uh, back in December. And this is where the conference is going to be held. That’s the facility that’s hosting the conference and it’s a gorgeous facility. Um, we’re going to treat your ride at the conference if you choose to come and you will be changed. But Gary and I and my sister Coleen and Gary’s wife, uh, Kimberly Jo, we were over there having a great time. We shot this picture and so you’ll see it front and center on our, on our Facebook group when you join Amazon seller tribe,

Stephen:                             [01:11:26]               two ways to get involved. So one the upcoming conference and again it is going to sell out. It’s just a matter of when. And so as she said, there’s only two 26 or two 28 yeah. Okay. So I have to say, and I won’t be sending down. And then the second one is considered joining the group again. You get 14 days free trial. A, you’re going to get Gary’s book, which is awesome. Uh, 10 tips. I missed the word arbitrage in there. 10 tips for arbitrage because you know, it’s funny, it’s not on the arbitrage. Now I’m not going to go off on another tangent. It’s not only arbitrage. These tips will help you with, they’ll help you in any facet of your bid. We’re more wholesale and it helps in my business or helped me in that my business. And then again, you’re going to get this 45 minutes to talk to, you know, people who I look up to as a proven experts.

Stephen:                             [01:12:14]               Maybe that’s the best way to say it. Proven experts in this and they have the heart of a teacher. If you haven’t heard it, you’ve heard it now. So amazing freedom.com, forward slash momentum dash arbitrage. And I’ll have the link out here. Um, and I, I, I just asked you to join and then, you know, reach out to me if you have any questions or send me a private note. I’m in that group. Um, I see it and I see it every single day. Go back and look at some of the discussion, go back and look at some of the interviews they’ve done. I was just looking at the video section. You’ve had some amazing people on and all those videos are there. And so it’s funny, I know so many of them, it’s so inspiring. So I think you guys, um, went a little longer than I told you would and I apologize for that. But you know, we’ve got a lot to say. I mean, there’s a lot of good things going on and you guys should be very, very proud. I know, I’m, the rest of us are. So I want to thank you guys so much.

Gaye:                                    [01:13:08]               Thank you. We appreciate your time. So good. So good to be with you.

Stephen:                             [01:13:12]               I wish you nothing but success. I mean it’s just so inspiring. Thank you. Very kind of, you know, uh, those are real people and it’s funny in our precall, you know, I was just had a big podcast, event, video, a youtube event and that kind of thing. And, and the thing that kept coming out and every one of the really outliers speakers was that you’ve got to be real. You can’t pretend to be somebody you’re not. You’ve got to be genuine. And that’s what you just heard. That’s them. Go check out their group again. You’ve got to join in Blah Blah Blah. But go check it out. This conversation happens every single day in that group. So again, and I mean this sincerely when I started this conversation, if you haven’t found a home yet and you’re thinking about giving up, this might be the place for you. And if it’s not, get out, move on and you figure something else out. Right? Cause you want to be self aware. But if you’re looking for another chance, you’re looking for a way to find some ground to get traction in what you’re doing. Please consider joining, and again, it’s amazing freedom.com forward slash momentum dash arbitrage and I’ll have the link there, but again, and send me a link to if you need some help or send me a note, private message me, ecommerce, momentum.com ecommerce, momentum.com take care.

Cool voice guy:                  [01:14:29]               Thanks for listening to the ECOMMERCE momentum podcast. All the links mentioned today can be found@incomersmomentum.com under this episode number, please remember to subscribe and the lake us on iTunes.



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