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About The Show

We interview the top Amazon, ebay and ecommerce sellers in the world. Learn how to sell on Amazon, learn how to sell on ebay and become a better FBA seller by listening to top lifestyle business sellers in the world.

Welcome, welcome, welcome….

Really want to say THANK YOU for stopping by eCommerce Momentum.  I am really hoping to add value to your Online Selling Business whether it be Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, 11Main, Jet, your own webstore, etc…. (There really are a lot of alternatives aren’t there?) Wanted to take a moment to explain why I started the eCommerce Momentum Podcast and Blog.

If you would rather listen to me explain all of this…Check Out eCommerce Momentum Episode #000 Here:


My name is Stephen Peterson and my wife and I are online sellers. We have accounts on Amazon, Ebay, our own site and soon Etsy and 11Main. (Maybe others??)

We decided to start selling online to help pay for college costs (can you relate) for our sons and it has really become quite the hobby/obsession. We sell new, used, wholesale, Private Label in all categories (well there are a few we will not sell!) and are always looking for more opportunities.

We both are still in the workforce (love our jobs), and we think we have found some work/work/life balance, maybe we can help you too!


I love listening to podcasts while I work, workout, cutting the lawn… can you tell I really enjoy learning? There are some very good ones right now (see the reference section (here)) to see the ones I am listening too right now. So back to my WHY: I recently spoke to a group in Baltimore at Greg Purdy’s Momentum Conference and kept hearing about people getting stuck, they have some level of success, want to move up a level but keep moving backwards and they are frustrated! There are so many people who have moved past “Stuck” and have achieved a desired higher level (all relative) and I want to bring them and more importantly their processes to help others get past their sticking points.


So we will focus on the THREE P’s: People, Products and Process. We have a place for you to go deeper and ask questions, we will offer notes, links and follow up where necessary.

So again, thank you for checking us out. Feel free to offer feedback and most importantly please offer a review in I-Tunes and Stitcher to help us achieve our goals. Stephen

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