333 : Gaye Lisby – To be a good seller on Amazon you have to master buying the right stuff

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Sounds kind of simple. Buy right and you can sell well. Easy peasey? Well not so. See after time you can rationalize every great price, everything starts to look good when times are good, what happens when things get slow? What happens when others come on the listings and they are will to make less or worse yet they bought it better than you did. Well Gaye will help you understand what “Good buying” looks like. It pays to be disciplined, to be patient and willing to make the right deal for the right price for the right items.



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Transcript: (note- this is a new tool I am trying out so it is not perfect- it does seem to be getting better)

Gaye:                                    [00:00:00]               Year of amazon selling, I made what I, I profited, put into my pocket, profited more than I would have made in 10 years of teaching.

Cool voice guy:                  [00:00:15]               Welcome to the ECOMMERCE momentum podcast, focused on the people, the products, and the process of income are selling today. Here’s your host. Steven Peterson.

Stephen:                             [00:00:29]               Yeah, this is going to be a good episode. Hey, just wanted to jump in with a couple of things. There’s a couple notes about some things going on with Andy and myself at our warehouse. Some opportunities to work with us. I’m going to get them in a second. But first up, man up, I’ve kind of mentioned something. I hope you’ve saw this. Um, one of my sponsors, seller labs was recently honored as one of the top companies, the top fastest growing companies in the United States. And they looked at the top 5,000 and these guys didn’t make, you know, number 4,000 or 3000 or 2000 or 1000 or 800, 500. Now they made the 148, I think it was. I mean, just imagine that what’s it take to be number 148 out of 5,000 that were recognized and you know, it’s just an honor to be recognized, know to be 148.

Stephen:                             [00:01:19]               It’s a big deal and you know, I know, yes, they pay me and all that kind of jazz, but again, you hear me talk about consistency over time and when you see a company that’s doing these kinds of things, it takes really strong leadership. When you, when you hire services that we all pay for service, I’ve got a lot of them and when I recommend a these companies that I recommend, it’s because I use their services right over time. What I love is this is you go to an event and there’s jeff or tyler, one of them are always our ed are always at the event because you can go and give them feedback, right? Feedback. Genius gets better because you give them feedback and they help improve the product. They’re always at every event and they’re willing to talk with you. They’re there to talk to you.

Stephen:                             [00:02:01]               How many companies do that? You know, it’s easy to, I get these companies all the time, hey, you know, would you let me promote, I got one right now, would you let me promote and will want to sponsor it and assent, mom, no, I don’t know you, I’m sorry. And your new then maybe you do have the best company. But again, I’m looking at over time and again for seller labs to be recognized across the country and that just to make the list of 5,000, it’s a huge deal. But to be on number 148, that’s a really big deal. So, you know, Jeff Cohen, a Brendan check hurts, um, and um, uh, hank, sorry guys, it’s just so exciting for me. The leadership that you guys have put together for this company, um, it’s phenomenal. And it just said something about you. So I 100 percent salute you.

Stephen:                             [00:02:44]               So I just don’t want to miss that. That is such a big deal. Um, that’s why I think he should be with sellerlabs. Look at all the product scope, right? Ignite, take a look at a feedback genius. All those products that they have, right, they’re doing advertising, all that stuff is there to you, but again, they’re going to be there next year and I think that’s the thing. You want to remember how many companies have we seen come in and go out because they moved onto the next thing, cryptocurrency and all the rest of the, you know, and I don’t fault him, but that’s not the kind of company you want to be with. You want to be with a company that’s going to be here for the long haul that’s going to help build that brand that we’re all trying to build and then help you take it to the next level.

Stephen:                             [00:03:19]               So, so our labs, well done. I applaud you. Very, very cool. Um, another big one with one of my sponsors is Gaye Lisbey’s group. You’ve heard me talk about it’s q four is coming up, all that kind of stuff. But what’s very cool is she’s now given me a special two week free trial were the only ones who have it. You get a free trial if you’re interested in a sourcing group, daily product find. And I’m going to have an announcement in the next week or two with a special bonus thing that you get if you join, but try sign up for two weeks, try it, and then sit back and say, is my business petro off? Am I in a better position for q four? And my theory is this, have a strong q four to get the cashflow so you can build next year’s business. You should be building next year’s business.

Stephen:                             [00:04:03]               How are you going to do that? You need the money. Use this as an opportunity. I just think it’s phenomenal. So it’s you go to amazing freedom.com, forward slash momentum, hyphen arbitrage. Yes. It’s a mouthful. Amazing freedom.com, forward slash momentum, hyphen arbitrage. And you get that two weeks free. It’s phenomenal. And last but not least, I don’t want to Miss Karen Locker solution for ECOMMERCE. She’s doing listings for me this week for all these new private label products we have going up. And it’s unbelievable. You know, I just send them to her with some information and boom, they do it, they test it. Now here’s a better example. There was a listing, it’s a wholesale account that we have and um, I said, hey, could you get these four or five photos added on now? I didn’t deal with Karen. I deal with some of our team members, which I have my own, you know, assigned person for my team, which is phenomenal.

Stephen:                             [00:04:55]               And she was like, Hey Steve, I’m having trouble. I’m waiting for them to link or whatever. She followed through and then eventually she said, oh, state, go take a look. They’re up. That kind of service is what I’m looking for and that’s what I get from Karen’s lockers team. It’s solutions four ecommerce solutions, four ecommerce, a forward slash momentum and you’re going to save 50 bucks and which is great and it’s 50 bucks every month from there on out. Okay. And so consider that, and if you have any questions, whatever message me or message Karen, but solutions the number for ecommerce forward slash momentum. And Man, I just love, love, love the service. So back to andy and myself. So what we’re doing at the warehouse, we have a couple things going on. So we have, we have our fifth client coming to board now. We’re not a fulfillment company, we’re not in that world, we just have some storage space and some relatively lower cost.

Stephen:                             [00:05:45]               And the good news is we’re only an hour from avp so if you send a lot of material, the APP, it’s very convenient here because it’ll check in usually that day or the next day, but we have a loading dock so we can hinder pallets and we ship out by the pilot. That’s the way we prefer to do it. Um, but we have a couple openings if you’re interested in working with us. We’re not interested in doing any ra or away, but just be, can we just not, we don’t live at that warehouse, right? Um, but we can work especially for pallets, containers and stuff like that. And we have a couple of wholesale clients but mostly private label. If you’re interested in joining us, you want to message Andy, Andy Salmon’s a private, message him on facebook and start the conversation and that eventually we’ll get into it if you’re interested in that.

Stephen:                             [00:06:28]               Second thing we’re doing is we are actually going to hold the summit, we’re gonna hold a summit in September 22nd, I believe the date is, and he’s going to talk more about that, but if you’ve been interested in finding out what it takes to run a successful full time or part time, I mean, I’m part time so I’m, I’m pretty good example of part time. But uh, how about an Ra business doing over 3 million? I think it is. 10 Wentworth is joining us for this summit and Andy’s going to be bringing in his private label, his wholesale and is already. Remember Andy used to do Ra and we’re going to bring this whole thing into a conversation. Very, very limited group. I’m not very large, but it’s a workshop type of deal. It’s in our warehouse. We’re actually going to let you see behind the curtains. Um, who else is willing to do that? So if you’re interested in that message and about summit, you want to get on that list and find out some more information. He’s going to be talking about it over the next few weeks, but I just wanted to get that there. Now let’s really get into the podcast.

New Speaker:                   [00:07:29]               Welcome back to the ECOMMERCE momentum podcast. This is episode three, three, three, [3:33]. Love that sound Gaye Lisby. Yes. I brought gay back and in Hawaii because q four is coming and so I’m going to pitch you a. He probably heard some of the intro commercials coming in. I’m going to pitch you on joining gaze group and I’m very proud of the people that I brought to gage group that are still with Gaye, um, because they see the benefits. They’ve seen what a, going to a place where there’s a teacher who really is invested in your future, what they can bring for you. So, um, it is a pitch, but what’s very cool to me is they give me an exclusive thing where you can get two weeks free, two weeks free. Okay? Free trial, no strings attached. You can cancel after the two weeks.

New Speaker:                   [00:08:16]               And I think you ought to try because you’re going to sit back and say, Whoa, I can learn this. One of the cool things we get to in this discussion, and I think it’s very, very powerful for you to hear. It’s a part of the fear that you all have about getting your account shut down when you sell ra or away and it’s real. I get it. I understand that there are challenges to that I’m just seller to right. But there are things, you can do, insurances, you can kind of put in place, no guarantees, but you can mitigate your risk, right? That’s one of the things we used to do in risk management was mitigate the risks. You can’t prevent everything, but you can prevent some things. And so they have a great program and it’s all laid out for you. Again, that’s what you get when you go into a teaching environment is like, okay, let’s see you challenge, let’s break it down, let’s come up with a process, standard operating procedures.

New Speaker:                   [00:08:59]               Let’s come up with the process. Stay consistent in your process. So it is a pitch. Um, and uh, I appreciate you listening to it. I’m very proud of the connection I have with Andy and Lee, Ron and nate and gay and that whole group. I’m very, very proud of it because again, I looked for consistency overtime for three years. I look for consistency over time, so let’s get into the episode, but make sure you pay attention to that, uh, information about, uh, receipts and stuff like that. That’s powerful stuff that if you don’t have in your business, please put into your business immediately. Let’s get into the podcast. Alright, welcome back to the ECOMMERCE movement podcast. We’re excited about today’s guest are returning guests a year older because last time this podcast episode came out on her birthday. We’re not going to make that happen because you’re not getting any older. Are you gay, Gay, lesbian?

Gaye:                                    [00:09:49]               No, I’m not getting older. I’m just getting stronger.

New Speaker:                   [00:09:54]               Think about that. Now, think about that. We’re probably close in age. Yeah. I had somebody on and they said something, I guess it was a couple of weeks ago, and he said something that was very, very cool. I’m like, how did you take this risk? He said, you know, I realized that there were three opportunities to make money in your life. Right? When you’re young, before family, right. You can take chances. Then the second chances when you’re married or you have a partner, whatever, and you have two incomes, so it really gives you the ability to have a good place or then when the kids are gone and you have less responsibility, it gives you another chance. I thought about that. I would argue and see if you would agree with me because we’re a little older or at least I’m older than you, but I mean realistically I see nothing but like every year for the next 20 or 30 years because of the Internet and because of ecommerce opportunities. Would you agree with that?

Gaye:                                    [00:10:46]               Oh, absolutely. It absolutely. If I, if I had known even 10 years ago, 15 years ago when I was kind of finishing off my kids, getting a men in college and through college and whatever like that, if I had known then what I know now and especially about how powerful the Amazon platform is, I would have done a lot of things differently. I really would have.

New Speaker:                   [00:11:11]               It blows my mind. So when you meet somebody who says, I’m too old, you know, I’m 50, I’m 60, I’m like, to me, I sit back and say, man, the good news is you’ve got a lot of experience. Yeah, you got to catch up on the computer side. And that sucks. That’s hard, right? Compared to kids who have grown up with it, your kids and your grandkids know better than how to do things right. But it’s learnable. And men, once it opens your eyes, you’re like, holy smokes.

Gaye:                                    [00:11:38]               Well yes. And, and here’s one of the things said, and I always say, if a menopausal grandma like me can grow multiple million dollar Amazon business, anybody can do it. And that’s the honest to God truth. Anybody do this? And yes, there’s a learning curve when it comes to the technology or when it comes to programs or those sorts of things. But one of the things that folks in the middle age bracket, some of us are there, you know, in the middle age bracket we have that the younger people don’t have is in the I’m saying this generally is the ability to focus. And I have a, a great friend, personal friend as well as a, uh, he’s a multiple million dollar Amazon seller as well. Gary Ray. And he always says, he says, what you’ve got to do is you’ve got to learn the tools and master the art. And that’s one of the things that I think that those of us who were in the age range that we are right now, we, we, we are more likely to master the art, know, learn the tools.

Gaye:                                    [00:12:53]               Yes. But, and, and, and sometimes you have to really dig in and get some traction on that to be able to do that. But then we have that, that ability to master the art. Thinking of a lot of younger people right now and we have younger people in my group and young mothers in the, in the group, and they’re, they’re literally having to juggle constantly, uh, children, home, family relationships, um, events, business, et cetera. So they have this juggling act going and so you could only attend to something for just a few minutes and then run to the next thing. And I remember those times and days, you know, I had four kids, all the Europe each a year apart. So at one point I had four kids in high school for kids in a row, getting cars each year, turning 16, you know, for kids, inner row going off to college for kids in college.

Gaye:                                    [00:13:51]               And I survived, you know, even one of those children backtrack all the way back to when she was two weeks old and started screaming. She was calling for 10 solid months. Thought I would lose my ever loving mind. You know, I had a two and a half year old, a 14 month old and a two week old that scream from the time she turned two weeks old to the time she turned 10 months old. So you just learn to endure after a point, you just learn to endure. And that’s one of the things that I found that has helped me so much in the Amazon business and next to any, anything I set my hand to is that I have maybe more ability to endure. Then, uh, then the, the general person does, the average bear does, uh, because you know what, you just really don’t know what you can do until you have to do it.

Gaye:                                    [00:14:44]               And so, you know, it came a point in my life, I had to do it, you know, had to make a new life for myself. You know, when you’re middle aged and you find out your marriage is not what you thought it was, you know, and, and the comment is made to you. Well, if you leave my house to leave my provision and you know, I don’t even have a bed at dreaming, I don’t even have a car. And you say, okay, whatever I go from here, what do I do now? Then you reach back to those moments in your past that you endured hardness as a good soldier and you just marched on anyway. And uh, so when Amazon was laid in my lap, I was like, are you kidding me? I can do this. And we’ve been growing the business every since and then able to speak into other people’s lives in our group that have that same need or desire or vision or hope or whatever is inspiring them.

Gaye:                                    [00:15:49]               Sometimes, you know, uh, biggest inspiration that can come to you is absolute need know. We’d all like to be inspired by, you know, some sort of [inaudible] old, you know, Mr Coles Woo woo thing that falls on us and say, oh, that’s my inspiration. But sometimes our inspiration is just the fact that if you don’t do it, you’re going to die. You can’t just lay there and die. You gotta get up, make something happen and change your life. You know, I had to catch up for 30 years. Forty years of my earning, you know, in Amazon is massively given me the opportunity to do that.

New Speaker:                   [00:16:29]               Let’s pause there for a second. I think about that, that statement. You have to catch up for 30 years of that. How long have you been selling?

Gaye:                                    [00:16:36]               Yeah, I’ve been selling since 2014. Started in September.

New Speaker:                   [00:16:40]               Now think about that. That’s four years. Exactly, and you caught up now. Now think about that name. Anything. I mean, you know, there are the outliers that create that one in bed. You know, the guys that we see in the billionaire list, right? The ones who created all these crazy things, right? Google and all the rest of those roles, outside of that name. Anybody named anything. I don’t care what you do right now today, Amazon ecommerce. We’re just so fortunate. I mean just so fortunate to have the opportunity and if you see it as an opportunity and yes, it’s challenging, right? But go back to the 10 month old a car or. I always think about it, you know, it’s funny because we watch our grandkids this past weekend and there’s three girls and ages. They’re insane, right? But it’s so funny. Just the big deal when they’re potty trained, it’s like, okay, game changed.

New Speaker:                   [00:17:27]               That’s like another world because you just got, you know, 10 hours of your life back. Right? Those kinds of things. So every time Amazon or Ebay or whatever you’re selling your own shopify, whatever it is, whenever those barriers come up and their barriers, their changes because they’re making business decisions for their business, not with yours in mind. Generally. It’s not like they’re trying to stick or anything, but they’re there saying, hey, let’s we gotta make this change for the good of us for the future. Okay. If you have the ability to ebb and flow to roll with it, just like you did in life when those challenges came your way, which any mom who can juggle three kids because we just did it with two of us this past weekend and I couldn’t imagine having to get up and go to work and watching those kids and laundry like my daughter in law does it all the rest of it. But I mean, so that skillset allows you to jump right through all these things, right? I mean, to me, you’re in a, you have a big advantage when you can multitask like that and you can do it effectively. Like you said, you have moments now to make that happen. Boom. You’re efficient and I think that’s a skillset

Gaye:                                    [00:18:33]               and Amazon gives you the platform to bring those skillsets to that platform. And because it, it is such a, a, um, amazing selling platform you can make like, for example. So as I was a school teacher before, right? Okay. So in one year of Amazon selling, I made what I, I profited, put into my pocket, profited more than I would have made into 10 years of teaching. So when, when you’re talking about fast track in your life, if you get focused on this and you can’t just do, you know, have you ever seen those kids that, you know, you take them to a little league or you take them to little, what do you call it? Little flag football or little little soccer. Yeah. You get the, you know, the little kid’s legs, you know. And so there’s always this one kid, you know, that’s kind of standard around the edges and looking up to the sky or digging in the dirt, you know, kicking his foot, you know, and then you look somewhere else and there’s always this other kid you know, and he’s got his eye on the ball no matter where it is at any time.

Gaye:                                    [00:19:54]               It’s like, that is my ball and I’m going to get it number, prevent everybody else on this field from getting that ball is mine. Well, that kid has learned to focus and that kid’s focus is, is gonna is gonna, take him to lots of success at life. If you learn to look at Amazon, you learn to look at this. FBA is what we teach in our group is the fulfillment by Amazon method and we we also teach Ra, retail, arbitrage, online arbitrage and wholesale and get people hopefully ready to launch their own brand as pl in private label as they grow in the, in the, in their capital and their skillsets and their confidence in their knowledge, et Cetera, et cetera. But if they would get that focus and you know when you have to you, you just do it. I mean that’s for me when I have to. I have to, but the other thing that I can do that I try to impart to other people in our group as well is even when you don’t have to, you can focus. If you, if you will focus on this platform, you can change the trajectory of your entire life.

New Speaker:                   [00:21:14]               Well, not only your life, those around you or those you choose to invest in. To me, that’s the most powerful thing you can do, right? So you could change, right? Well, let’s go back to you were a teacher, right? You were changing kids lives. You were making. You were doing something that you felt called to do. I’m going to say it that way. Absolutely. Guess what? You’re not teaching in a classroom anymore and you’re not bound by the restrictions they impose upon you because guess what? Those people’s lives and those kids. I say, I have a friend who’s a teacher and she said one of their biggest challenges are the outside influences from the poor kid’s lives, not the poor kids. I mean, I don’t mean that they’re poor me and she just feels bad for them, but those things are impacting everything that they’re supposed to do in the classroom.

New Speaker:                   [00:21:58]               So they’re spending so much time trying to deal with that. Well in your boundaries now you don’t have those boundaries, so you can step up to Steve when Steve needs it and say, hey, you know, I, I notice you’re struggling with this, blah, blah, blah. Let me. Or I can ask you a question and you can invest that time and actually get to see the result. One of the cool things we, you and I just had a in the pre call, we were talking about one of your students and I’m calling her student because she’s in gaze class and she teacher gay. Yes. Today she was talking about hitting the second milestone. I mean she wasn’t a downtrodden, a gay. Everything’s bad. Amazon put up another thing I know. She was like, Whoa, check this out. And my bed is. She sat a little taller and a seat. She got a little head Bob going saying, hey, check me out. You know, and that’s not an ego thing. That’s a win win. It’s a win. I can do it again. I can do it again.

Gaye:                                    [00:22:58]               Yeah. And that, that Stephen, to be honest, that that is a drug to me. Just in the same way when I was in the classroom and I was teaching a concept, I was trying to bring forth a revelation or a concept and, and, and try to impart that to the students when I would see that light bulb go off over their head and they would get it. It would be just like a drug. I’ve never done drugs in my life, but I’ve heard people talk about it, but it would be just like, hi, I would just be floating. I would be just so thrilled and for me in the group, put really keeps me going. Um, and, and, and sharing my time and imparting as much as I can in the, in the facebook group, um, as well as to others. But it is that when you see that light bulb go off.

Gaye:                                    [00:23:48]               So when this member of my group, she was like, you know, I just hit this, this level. I just hit this selling level. And I knew that she was escaping the selling doldrums. She was escaping that sorta married clay of just, you know, piddling with it as a piddling business. This now was a real live business tour and an amazing opportunity to, to, uh, for her and her husband to be able to retire for her. Her husband would be able to retire earlier and for them to be in a much better position financially than they ever dreamed they would be in this because she got focused and she started employing the techniques that we teach. She was a sponge. She also was a teacher in the past. And I always say, uh, you know, a good teacher makes a great student in a day. We just know how to be good students. And um, she’s just been a great student and then a great cheerleader in the group for others who come in and she’s like, ah, yeah, because I did this, I know you can do it. And so that just gives credence to what I say. If I’m Menopausal, grandma can do this, anybody can do this. And I honestly mean that because I’m always amazed that I did this and I’m like, I did it. Other people can do this too.

New Speaker:                   [00:25:12]               No, they can’t because Res Dad,

Gaye:                                    [00:25:17]               they’re all dead now. No, no, no, no, no. Hey, Amazon’s going to shut you off. They’re going to turn. Now. We are turning off your account right now. Right now. Come on. People sing that song. The end. There’s some Amazon sellers who are really naysayers to retail arbitrage and online arbitrage and I always kind of giggled because while they’re walking past money, I’m scooping it up and putting it in my cart, shipping it into Amazon and making more money. I’m like, okay, come on. You just left money laying on the table. I’m okay. I’m going to scoop it up.

New Speaker:                   [00:25:53]               You know, I think it’s important to say this because I think I do want people to hear this. Selling on Amazon is not hard because I, I, I used that phrase and somebody’s like, no, it’s not hard to see. It’s, it’s complicated in some ways, right. There are, there are complications, but name anything. I don’t. I mean if you had a retail store downtown, right? I mean me and my warehouse where you got this big warehouse, we’re going to get anything. There’s always contractors here, so always doing something. Always got the snow plow was er, the snow wasn’t plowed or the power’s out or my Internet’s down, or there’s a sewer problem, or you know, the neighbors complaining about this or whatever. Those things are all complications that make it hard, right? They’re all reasons not to do this right or

Gaye:                                    [00:26:35]               no, they’re just details really. Here’s, here’s how I look at it. And a lot of people do look at it as complications or impediments, those sorts of things. But really I think in my mind I frame them as details. It’s just a detail. So like for example, I’m doing, I’m, I’m, I’m a recording the other day. I’m recording a webinar where I was letting the members of our group to slow really look over my shoulder while I was going through our, our daily fines list and I was just showing them how I analyze that find and whether I’ll buy that product or not. That’s on that list and why or why not cetera, et cetera. So it was the look over my shoulder. So I’m here in the office, right, and I’m all geared up and I’m all just. And I’m cranked up and I’m ready to go and my light fixture in the ceiling exploded and sparks came out nice and I’m like freaking out trying to figure out, you know, how to, how to shut the, shut the webinar off because unfortunately I hadn’t gone live and facebook right at that minute because I probably would’ve said my cuss word, which is, you know, my sister laughs at me because she’s like, that’s not a cuss word because I’m like, shoot, a monkey has.

Gaye:                                    [00:27:49]               She’s like, that’s not cousin her. Her fear in life is to. She’ll get, she’ll get the. I’m just teasing her fear in life has. She’ll get Alzheimer’s and turn into a customer. That’s it.

New Speaker:                   [00:28:00]               It’s all, it’s all built up now she’s going to let it rip, right?

Gaye:                                    [00:28:04]               She’s going to yell. I was like, Oh, you don’t even know it. But anyway, as like, shoot them, monkey this in the end, these sparks coming out of the ceiling and they’re like, ah, you know, I got to get the electrician over here. It’s just a detail. It’s a Dang detail. It’s not the end of the world. It’s not. Some force from the universe telling me I’m not going to be successful.

New Speaker:                   [00:28:28]               Okay. I mean, that just doesn’t look like your image is tarnished.

Gaye:                                    [00:28:32]               I know I did say shoot a monkey. I really did. So that’s as I’ve fallen off the pedals,

New Speaker:                   [00:28:37]               this is the kid, this is your whole day is planned and then one of the kids get sick, right? This is your whole, the laundry, the washing machine breaks at the time you need it. Or The kid comes home and says, oh, by the way, there’s a party tomorrow and you’re in charge of the cookies. Right. How did you manage that? How did you roll with the detail detail?

Gaye:                                    [00:28:56]               I think that’s a good perspective. It’s just a detail. And you know, the other, the other thing that I think if, if people will take out that personal element to their business, um, I think that they can grow their business on Amazon faster and more effectively. When you get an email from Amazon and they’re asking for information on this product or that product, or maybe it’s a brand that’s saying, no, I don’t want you to. So my product anymore on Amazon, you know, I’ve noticed the difference between the successful and the ones who probably are gonna fall off at some point, if I can’t try to help get a light bulb over their head, the difference is the person who looks at it and goes, that’s just a detail I got to take care of. That is just a detail. Boom, we’re back in business.

Gaye:                                    [00:29:46]               The other person on the other hand, it’s like, Whoa, the sky is falling. Woe is me. Why does all this bad stuff always happen to me? You know, I a victim, victim, victim. But Amazon is just a series of metrics and algorithms and listen is not a person. Amazon is not a person looking to slap your hand and put you in retail jail or try to make things hard for you. Let’s, let’s use a real example. Let’s go back to that example. You got a letter, you got an email saying, hey, whoa, you can’t sell my item or no, this thing is somebody saying it’s not real. It’s not authentic where to get it. So what’s the process, right? If you’re not prepared, you’re panic mode, right? You’re like, oh my God, they’re shutting me down on panicked. Right? Two, two reasons. A person would be in panic mode.

Gaye:                                    [00:30:42]               Number one, they’re not just as you hit, they’re not prepared. Or number two, there are black hat seller anyway around the edges. So stop there. Okay, so let’s assume that’s not number two, because that person should get. I know, right? Okay, so that’s a given, but a number one of good quality seller who’s knows this stuff is going to occur and it’s going to occur, right? Because this stuff happens. Okay? So you can guarantee it’s going to happen. What do you do? It’s like your house. If you have a home, you have homeowners insurance, right? There’s an insurance policy to prevent, to protect you. Excuse me, should something happen. So in that scenario, what’s your answer that Steve is going to get asked for a receipt? What? What would you suggest to me? Steve? You’re going to get asked for a receipt at some point.

Gaye:                                    [00:31:27]               So you should have a plan, right? Yeah. You should already be prepared. Your system should already be in place and you should already be preparing it. Somehow you got ahold of that product, right? You got a hold of that product and you’ve just logged how you got ahold of that products by keeping that receipt. And maybe I’m either taking a photo of that or scan of that receipt or using your scanner scan and that receipt, dropping it through dropbox into your files. Um, we have a system that we teach in our group how to do that. Make sure you’re ready prepared for any of those eventualities or many of those eventualities that come. And then also one of the things that we’re able to do in the group is to dispel the fear factor as quickly as possible. So I, I’ve had numerous group members reach out to me at times from time to time, oh, I got this email from Amazon and you can kind of hear in their text message or their pm or their email.

Gaye:                                    [00:32:31]               To me this, this heightened sense of fear. And the very first thing that I’m able to do is move from the fear factor into the fact factor. So you’ve got to get into the fact factor because Amazon does not care anything about you humanly because Amazon is just a series of metrics and algorithms. It doesn’t, it isn’t, it’s not dealing there, it, so don’t go on and return to Amazon, a email that says, you know, I’ve got two kids and, and, and one has diaper rash and, and you know, woe is me. They can’t deal with that. You’ve got to get over in fact factor, which is here’s the receipt from the item that I purchased on xx date and here’s a screenshot that shows you, that particular store, that particular, uh, distributors or et Cetera is authorized to be carrying that product that I can show you the chain of command. I can show you exactly where chain of owner or ship, where that product came from. And they’re like, oh, that’s all they want to know. Amazon just wants to know the facts.

New Speaker:                   [00:33:42]               And here’s the deal. How many times, oh, I guess as you’re saying, it’s a confidence issue. They see that 37 other people, the same thing has happened to them. Here’s what we did. Here’s the approach we took and it worked, and once in a blue moon it won’t because you got somebody else and then you resubmit again and eventually, sometimes four times and eventually it works because it’s like, oh, you know, they have their machine. So I think there are a half a half a billion employees almost. I think they’re almost at a half a billion. So guess what? There’s going to be good and bad. But that process right there. So we’re talking about an insurance policy right there. That process, those extra steps. How long does it take you for receipt management? You heavy are ayers. How long?

Gaye:                                    [00:34:21]               Oh, it was just literally seconds.

New Speaker:                   [00:34:24]               Wait, you went to her eight stores in a day. Gay, how quickly can you deal with those eight stores?

Gaye:                                    [00:34:30]               Okay. Well let’s say. Okay. Um, uh, I, I think I’ve been in terms of a dollar dollar figures, so if I do a thousand dollar bike it might take me, um, and maybe that’s for six stores. It might take me 10 minutes, maybe, maybe a little less than that. If coleen helps me do the folding or, or, or stalking or whatever it needs to take to sort the merchandise, but get it out on our tables, make sure that the receipts are showing and shoot the pictures, drop it in the dropbox for that date. And then our skew number connects that. So we will use what we call the perfect skew system. And the perfect excuse system has a series of um, uh, has information in that skew, is able to connect that product exactly what the receipt. So Amazon sends me an email and says, you know, xY, , Z, this order, you know, they sat down, authentic, but what I can look up the order and see what the product is, look at the skew.

Gaye:                                    [00:35:42]               Go right straight to my file. Pull that information out that Amazon needs. And within the next 15 minutes have the answer that Amazon needs. Basically what Amazon is looking for is, can you prove that you’re following the system that we’ve set out for you to follow? And if I keep doing what we’ve asked you to do, and if you can’t, you know you’re going to be kind of left with your pants down, but the, the, the fault really is on you because you didn’t get your system in place in the, in the beginning. And that’s one of the things we teach high. You get that system in place where here’s, here’s a series of checks and balances, here’s the information that you need to have on hand. It makes it so much easier and so much less likely that you will ever have to hit a panic button

New Speaker:                   [00:36:31]               that just having an insurance policy. Let’s, let’s go to a million dollar seller. How many hours a week does that take? Because this must be the. You have a receipt department, right? You’ve got teams that do all this work for you. Giant teams. Oh No. Big t big big divisions. No, seriously, I just, I just want people to get context. So is it an hour? Is it two hours a week? Just give me some context and real context. None of this. Oh, it’s five minutes. Four hour work week. Realistically, an a million dollars in sales, you know, what’s it take to do that a week

Gaye:                                    [00:37:06]               I think. I think for a person to do a million dollars in sales at what, what I would say at a good, um, net profit. So I’ll quantify that a little bit because you can, you know, you can push a lot of merchandise through your business and create a million dollars in sales but still not be making any money. Right? Um, I, I, here’s what I know is that my sister and I can do it just the two of us ourselves. We can do every aspect of it.

New Speaker:                   [00:37:43]               Well, how many, how much time do you spend on it? Because the reason I’m using a million is they can work their way backwards so they could say, hey, half a million.

Gaye:                                    [00:37:51]               Half that time I’m kind of a cheater, you know, I’ll give you an. And I’m not, I’m not trying to be coy by saying this, but the other day, I’ll give you an example. The other day, okay, so Tuesday afternoon colleen’s grandson was here, his when his mom’s at work, then he, he gets dropped off here and and so he comes up about about noon, he comes up with a fever, so the next day is the first day of school. So we’re like, oh my gosh, you know, Ethan’s got a fever and so colleen sees getting them all taken care of and she’s getting him on the couch and then he’s upset tummy and diarrhea and the whole thing. He’s 10, he thinks the sky has fallen and so he’s he moaning and groaning so she’s nursing him through the day and has fever, does go up very high and so it was kind of alarming and he’s hardly ever sick, which was alarming.

Gaye:                                    [00:38:45]               And she basically spent all day on the couch with him and then later I said calling, what is sweet Gig we have here? I mean think about this, you know, I get up, I wander off to town, I come back, I go to the computer for a couple of hours, I wander out to the warehouse, a ship for a couple of hours. I come back, I wonder back to town sometimes I go to town once or twice a day, sometimes three times a day. Don’t tell anybody I’d do that because sometimes I just want to get in another store and just scan and to see what’s out there. Especially now because we’re heading into q four because. So I’m scouting stuff so it’s very exciting. And, and I said, what a sweet gig. We make a full time income for both of us. And in Steven, you already know my story is that the, the second year we were Amazon sellers.

Gaye:                                    [00:39:40]               We paid off our house in one year, so $85,000 mortgage just wiped it out in one year. And so I. So what, what is, what a sweet Gig we’ve got here, you know, you can do this. But now that being said, I would not say that a person can get up tomorrow and launch a million dollar business between just two people and have the kind of life that I’m living right now where I wander back and forth and go the computer a couple of times a day. But we’ve got the systems in place, we’ve got those things in place that make that possible now. And you know, we worked at hard full time. Actually I’m colleen was part time, I was part time when we started in 2014 and I was a fulltime caregiver driving back and forth to springfield every day, which is an hour drive. I’m up there and hour drive back.

Gaye:                                    [00:40:37]               And so the second year of selling our second full year of selling, the year that we paid off her mortgage in one year, I was still a full time caregiver. So everything we did growing our Amazon business to that $508,000. Then that particular year we did with me still working full time job out of the house and I’m calling was retired as a teacher then. And so she was still, she was still here. She, she would work pretty much through the day. But then the second year or the third year, third full year, we went to a million seven and it’s me, her and girls in the warehouse. And after a while we were like, you know what? Uh, the, the, the second girl in the warehouse spent a whole whole lot of time on her texts, on her phone. And so the curl we’d hired to take over the, to be in charge of the warehouse.

Gaye:                                    [00:41:35]               She was like, okay. I said to myself, I brought her in, I can take her out. She says, you gotta you gotta go home, you can text all you want to at home. And she turned her loose and it was just the three of us again and still, you know, it’s possible. And that’s what’s so cool about it is because not one single time do I ever get up in the morning and go, oh my gosh, I gotta go down and open my store and see who didn’t show up for employment today. Can, you know, I’ve got a, I’ve got to go down there and stock the shelves, you know, I’ve got to go down there and, and, uh, uh, deal with the customers and, you know, worry about shoplifting and worry about a damage to my property. And I don’t ever get up a single day thinking of that. But I’m as much retail as they are.

New Speaker:                   [00:42:25]               I think when you sit back and just listening to you walk your way through that, right? I think that’s a perspective issue and I’m with you. I don’t want to mislead anybody and say selling a million dollars is easy. I don’t want to mislead somebody. Say selling, you know, a $300,000 a year is easy. Right? And I used to say that, oh, it’s easy. It’s not easy, right? There are definitely things about it that, you know, some people are just naturally gifted at, right there, outliers and everything. However, I like what you say, you learned the tools and master the art. Once you start putting in the time and doing the hard work, right, and putting in the effort and given that thousand hours if that’s the right number of work and really dedicating yourself, you will build on different things. And I think going backwards a second, I want to make sure that people hear that again, that insurance policy, I don’t know if I did a good job.

New Speaker:                   [00:43:14]               I think I cut. I cut you off a little bit. That insurance policy, you describe what that receipt little business there. That was kind of the timeline I was looking for is that, you know, maybe it’s an hour a week that you spend and now you don’t have that worry. Next thing you do is you worry with the next thing and so I think people are listening and they’re saying, Whoa, I can learn this stuff and it’s funny you’re. You guys have sponsored my show, Andy and nate and now with you in their group as part of their group. You guys have sponsored my show for years now and those boys. I’m so well me too and I’m so appreciative, but I’m so cautious about this stuff because I don’t want to over promise anybody anything. Right? And I’m always very hesitant to promote certain things because I’m so concerned that somebody uses my advice and makes that decision and we’re.

New Speaker:                   [00:44:03]               So we’re sitting here saying that, you know, this is not. It’s not hard. It’s details. I love what you said. It’s details. It’s challenges are gonna come up. They’re absolutely going to come up. You are going to get those questions about where did you get this? You are going to have fees go up, right? Storage fees, right? Didn’t they just happened this past week. Right now, storage fees come up. So what do you do? You have to become all of a sudden, you know, I could say to you, Hey, what’s your number? And we all know what that means, right? Your inventory number. Everybody knows what that means. We didn’t, none

Gaye:                                    [00:44:31]               of it. Man. I shouldn’t say that. The really good people did. I didn’t know my number. I’m being honest for a long time now. I do. I hate it. Every Monday I look at that stinking number. Now our inventory performance indexes, what he’s referring to. And um, yeah, no, I didn’t know my number either because at that time it didn’t matter. It didn’t make any difference to me. But here’s the deal. You’re better at it because the aren’t your family. They did what they intended. They exactly that. Exactly that. It makes me a better seller. It makes me a better buyer. One of the things that we teach in our group is how to be the very best buyer you can be. There’s a lot of money that can be thrown around at inventory that doesn’t profit you anything. It doesn’t return you anything. And at the end of the year, people who know their numbers are the people who are going to have more in their billfold, more in their pocket than someone else.

Gaye:                                    [00:45:29]               That’s just throwing money at the fan. And so we teach those kinds of things. But one of the things we say over and over again as a number one thing you have to do, um, to be a successful Amazon seller is be a good buyer. I was taught this concept before I knew anything about Amazon. I was taught this concept back in the nineties when Amazon was just a, a, a tadpole. Um, but I was taught this concept by an older gentleman who owned the five and dime store in town and in the community. We live in Branson, Missouri. It’s a, it’s a tourist community. So we, you know, it’s a town of 10,000 people any given night during the tourist season, there’s going to be a 100,000 people in town, so lots of tourists, lots of things to see and do. He created a five and dime store just because he, he learned from old Mr.

Gaye:                                    [00:46:28]               Woolworth himself, the business and the member, the world war will worth stores. And in our era of time, the old people older than us will know them even better than that. But, um, he created five and dime store here and he, he, I ran the downtown, a betterment association at that time. This was a revitalization program in Branson. We became the top revitalization program in the state of Missouri. And um, so he was on the board, um, and I spent a lot of time with him and he became my business mentor and he said, the number one thing I do is by the number one thing I do is buy. And the second thing he taught me is there. There must never be a single empty space in my store. So, I mean, if you go into Dick’s five and dime in Branson, Missouri, right now, you will find no empty space ever in the store.

Gaye:                                    [00:47:30]               It is crammed with merchandise there, there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands of skews and every single person who leaves that store’s carrying a bag because there’s something that clicked with them and um, so his, his understanding of retail was the number one thing you got to do is learn to be the best buyer you can be. That’s one of the things we teach in our group. And that’s why the daily fines list is so awesome because literally you can get handed to because people are like, hey, I would open an Amazon store if I knew what to sell. Well, we even show you that. How cool is that?

New Speaker:                   [00:48:14]               I think, I think the ability see somebody, it’s like, well, wait gay, but here’s the deal. You know, there’s, all these other people are getting the same list. They, they were all buying the same thing. First off, everybody has different pocket books. Everybody’s attracted to different things on the list. Nobody can buy it all. And you don’t want to buy deep anymore on certain things, especially when you’re doing ra or. Oh wait until it’s too time. Certain Times for holidays. Right. Then you want to go as deep as you can, but be realistically. I think the thing that I always get when I look at the list is the things that it teaches me alongside of it. I’m like, Huh, I see to buy. I’m just going to make it up and say, here’s a calculator on my desk. Oh, you buy this a spectra dual power calculator.

New Speaker:                   [00:48:58]               And I go and I pull it off the shelf and I’m looking next to it. There’s a blue one right next to it. I’m like, Huh, let me check that too. And then all of a sudden you psych. So it expands your boundaries. I think that’s one of the biggest things. And I think this is a good example, I think. Think about this, when you started in this business, when somebody told you, right? Um, Oh, who was it? Who told you? Oh, I remember. He’s such a great guy. I know it. Wait, what’s his name? Who Was it? Zack, Zack, Zack, Zack, Zack. All right. So when Zach, you were probably like, come on, nobody. Nobody does this stuff. Right. And we’re all can relate to that, right? We’re, we’re far from it so we tend to forget it, but it’s true. We all remember and then you go into target and you look at that end cap and you’re like, no way, and then all of a sudden you’re like, oh my God, I found one.

New Speaker:                   [00:49:42]               And and in the beginning you struggle finding your own stuff and then all of a sudden you start, you walk in and you have. Sometimes you don’t even need to scan. You just have that ability. Right. That’s learned over Tom. Yeah. Okay. And so to me that’s what I love about your group is you’re always holding class. When I look at the instruction that goes in, first off, anybody can ask a question. I don’t say any stupid questions. Nobody’s saying, oh my God, you asked a dumb question, but just going back to the questions, I just go back to that insurance thing. Just having the insurance on your account. If you do this extra step, Steve, you could protect your account from this, this thing that you see everybody else panicking about, you have insurance and guess what? There’s no guarantees, but when you’re putting yourself in best position versus the person next to you has nothing.

New Speaker:                   [00:50:31]               He’s in a better possession. And to me, that’s why I love your group. So let’s talk about your group. So your group is a paid group. So again, remember these are paid sponsors on my show. I don’t hide anything, right? You guys pay me, so I don’t want to mislead anybody. And I always say to people, if this is somebody you connect with, that’s who you should go with. If it doesn’t, it’s not a good fit. Move on. There are other places. But here’s the difference. Your group is a paid group. You put out a daily list as a member to be in there. All this instruction and stuff is included with my monthly fee, correct?

Gaye:                                    [00:51:03]               Absolutely. And we have a very, um, in number one, our daily fines list is a Monday through Friday list and we guarantee five to 10 valuable fines per day per list. There’s never any more than 50 people. And actually we have, we’ve divided it a little differently now. There’s even less than 50 people fear them, 50 people on each list. And in addition to that, a crazy thing has happened because our va’s, we just keep working on training them and training them and retraining them, helping them to find the very best fines. But for example, our, our fines for our total fines for both lists today was 37. So that’s 15, 16, that’s 16 now, what does that, what is it? Thirty seven, what’s half of 18? Eighteen and a half, 18. 18 fines per list. So we say we’re going to give you at minimum valuable five valuable fines to 10 valuable fines. But over the last probably year now, maybe a little more than a year with we, we have overdelivered. And that’s one of the things that I, that’s one of the reasons I was attracted to andy and Iran. And Nathan, because they continue to under promise and over deliver

New Speaker:                   [00:52:32]               100 percent and never, and never, and you know this because you and I see their notes. They never like our annexin unaccessible. I guess that’s the right word. And accessible. They’re never. There’s somebody, especially the, uh, the vampire is Nathan in Iran who never sleep. They’re always available. It’s crazy.

Gaye:                                    [00:52:51]               No, I agree with him as a newborn. So he’s got, now he’s awake. His life’s over for awhile. Well, no, exactly that. What are the things that we feel like is that if we under promise and over deliver, than we’re always going to be in a position where people are like, you know what, I really do feel like that they are looking to, um, to help me be successful in my Amazon business. The only reason for me to do this is to help you have the success that I’ve enjoyed that I’ve found. The other thing is, and this is, uh, this, uh, uh, just a very short chapter. Not a lot of people know, but the reason that, that I’m no longer in the classroom is about six years ago. Um, I started having these mysterious seizures. Um, I don’t know, we don’t know where they came from, we don’t know why they came.

Gaye:                                    [00:53:48]               Whatever, you know, the cat scan has some lesions on my brain, that sort of thing. My sister has muscular sclerosis, my baby sister does. And uh, so they kind of tracked that for awhile and thought that might be what was happening. It wasn’t. But I was having these seizures where you can’t stand up and teach a classroom of junior high kids and have a seizure. Okay. You just can’t. And I’m so I saw the end of the road there. I was like, okay, this is not something I could do in my nervous system was just shot, could not handle that. And so I’m out of the classroom and so, you know, I’m having these, these life altering things happening in my life and where do I go with that? You know, I didn’t know you. So I wandered around a while, like I said, and ended up, you know, with Zach and he taught me Amazon and ended up able to literally sit down in front of my computer and make a fulltime living, don’t have to be in front of a crowd of people or, or, or the kids or stand up in front of the kids or whatever and worry about having a seizure, um, and, and I’m able to earn this living.

Gaye:                                    [00:55:07]               So, so that’s what changed the trajectory of my life. But in my heart I’m still a teacher. And so in my heart is it the night I, I still need students. So, you know, once you’re, once a teacher, always a teacher really if you’re a real teacher and you. And so you look for students. So then I’m like, oh yeah. And then somebody would ask me a question about Amazon selling. I’d be like, Oh yeah, do this or do that and you know, try this. And then the, okay, well next thing you know, then a next person, next person. And then I’m like, literally, I’m at Nike Store One day and I’m scanning at the Nike store and I can see out the corner of my eye this young man and I can tell he’s, he must be an Amazon seller too because I think he’s doing kind of the same thing I’m doing. And so I just keep doing what I’m doing. I go around to the next aisle and here comes and he goes, hey, he goes, I think I’m doing the same thing you’re doing, but I think you must be a lot better at it than I am. And because I’d have these piles of shoes, you know, in the, in the row, in the. And the workers are coming to the hall and stuff up. So I’m buying like 50 pairs of shoes or 100 pair of shoes. And, and uh,

Gaye:                                    [00:56:24]               and so we, we chatted for a little bit. I said, I said he’s, he’s asked me how long had been selling. I told him and I asked him and he told me and it hadn’t been as long and, and he said, how are you finding so much good stuff? And I said, well, have you know what about the, have you thought about this? Have you thought about that? And he’s like, no. I said, well, you want to just hang with me for about an hour list to scan through the store? He goes, oh my gosh, what did you do that? So yeah, we do it and we had the best time. And what did that do for you? But I mean because I think that’s important right there. Cut Rock for me. And that’s what turned it for me because I had been out of teaching for awhile and just, you know, building our business cetera, et cetera.

Gaye:                                    [00:57:11]               But I didn’t realize that that void was there until I met Marty in the store that day. And that’s when I. Then later I have, I’m having a conversation with Andy and Andy’s like, you know what? This is just exactly what we need because there’s people in our group and they’re not ready to do private label yet because maybe they don’t have the capital or maybe they don’t have the selling experience or the confidence or whatever. And they really need to do retail arbitrage, online, arbitrage wholesale for a while and build themselves up to this. He goes, this is exactly what we needed. And I said, you know, I need students. I guess that’s my problem is I just need students because I like to teach.

New Speaker:                   [00:57:57]               I think it is a match made in heaven because it really does. You can take them all the way through and while you’re doing ra in Andy always says this. I mean the beauty is that you get cash flow, right? If you’re good at it, you put the effort in, you can all around us and you learn, right? You start to look at why is that listing better than another listing? Well guess what? You now are learning how to write it listing on Amazon because that’s an art. Again, we’re back to mastering that art. I still love that phrase. Learn the tools and master the artist. This is exactly what you can do when you go through this whole thing. It’s very exciting. So let’s do this. Okay? Because I want to make sure again, and I tell people this all the time, if you connect, if, if this conversation connects with you, especially with q four coming.

New Speaker:                   [00:58:37]               So this is the big deal, right? A key force coming. You want to get ready, right? We want to get ready then. It’s funny, in our precall we were talking about getting ready means that you can make a whole bunch of money this quarter and that gives you the funding to build out next year. You should be planning next year’s business, right? But you’re doing it because you built up the money this year. And so what’s very cool is that I’m very, very pleased about that and I’m very proud of this. It’s a respect issue that you guys have given me in and I meet. This means a lot to me, is that, um, we will give you two full weeks trial into group two full weeks free, 100 percent free. They can cancel and naked say, see you later. You can get it. And the only place you can get that is through this link, through my link, through my podcast.

New Speaker:                   [00:59:24]               And I, I’m very proud of that, that you guys have done that for me because it means a lot to me because I run people. Again, it would break my heart if somebody went into your group and said, Oh my God, this is terrible. This is, I didn’t connect, I couldn’t do anything. I tried to buy blah, blah blah, blah blah. I’ve never had that. And I think of all the hundreds of people that I brought into your group over the years and that has now, you know, for whatever reason, they moved on and they moved up, which is cool. But so many of them are still with you. And the comments I get are just phenomenal to me. And it, it warms my heart because I feel like I get a little bite by exposing you and your secret group. I get a little bit invested into them and it. And it really, it’s a very cool thing for me. So you get to full free, uh, two full weeks trial into gage group at no commitment, right? They don’t

Gaye:                                    [01:00:15]               see. Normally we only give seven days free trial to our group. So basically, um, we’re, we’re doubling that for you, for your people, Steven a, and the reason that we feel that that’s important is because if you will, if you will jump on this opportunity now, I really honestly feel like we can get you ready to make the most out of q four to make the most money possible in your, in your first cue for your second or third q for however many q four is you’ve been doing, and just get you in the very best position possible. So we’re saying, hey, to full rakes, free trial, and then of course an exciting bonus because steven, you’re cool thing.

New Speaker:                   [01:01:06]               I want people to hear this. If you’re out there doing ra right now and you’re having some success, but you’re worried about losing your account because you don’t have your receipts in order or you don’t have good bookkeeping, bookkeeping skills, excuse me, where you’re doing monthly financials so you don’t know your number, you don’t do. Those are the things you need to learn and it’s a man. It’s very hard to admit I don’t know everything. I mean, that’s the God’s honest truth is every guy out there saying, Yep, Yep, that’s me and we all know that, but okay, so swallow your pride. Go into a group that can help you for the fee that there’s a fee, but guess what? That’s tuition and you’re going to learn it. And so here’s the beauty of it, right? So you put out a red gold, black Friday by list and I want to talk about that for a second because lots of people sell those, but they are very, very expensive. If you join this group, okay? So if you join this group by September 15th, you and anybody else who’s locked in that group by that period of time get this list for free. It’s not an additional charge and lots of people charge many hundreds up to thousands for that list. Tell us about where you get the list and what you do to really make it valuable for the members of the group.

Gaye:                                    [01:02:18]               Well, if anybody has

Speaker 5:                           [01:02:20]               seen the black Friday ads and said to themselves, wow, you mean I can buy that toaster for $3 in seller on Amazon for $25? I just made that, that example up. But um, yeah, it. Yeah, but you’ve got to be one of the first people to get that deal. You’ve got to be one of the first people to know about that deal and so when it comes to black Friday by list, time is of the essence made the first man when I’m so we have that advantage because we have people as soon as the lists are made available and sometimes they’re not publicly made available there secretly made available and we’re able to wiggle those black Friday lists out and scrape those black Friday lists, get the very best deals that are out there compared to what’s selling on Amazon at that particular moment or within that 30 to 60 day timeframe.

Speaker 5:                           [01:03:22]               What it’s selling for and what you’re put tential net profit or Roi can be on those products. Then you basically just have this shopping list. You can just go down through there and check, check, check, check, you can hand off, you know, here’s the best buy list to give that point of your shoppers, you know, give it to enter here, your cousin in and have them go shopping those things for you. We make it a family affair. So my, my daughter, you know, I give her this list and she’s off she goes and she, she, she goes to Walmart and then Coleen’s over here at the mall and you know, I’m over here at these stores and sometimes we all end up the same place at the end because we, we’ve got to have jake come and bring the truck, you know, to put everything in because we’ve bought so much. But basically

Gaye:                                    [01:04:10]               that, and it’s your shopping list. You can, you can take that and just start chucking things in your cart in, like I said, over over and over again. There’s money all around us and especially during black Friday and cyber Monday, we will have cyber Monday bonus values on that list as well, but we call us a radical black Friday lists.

New Speaker:                   [01:04:32]               That’s all new. That additional, I mean even like you said, well you can use your va’s to order online, you can really maximize the utility and you have a very short window and again you can pull it together yourself. Good luck trying to get all that done, but this work is done for you upfront and there’s no additional charge and I think that that’s very powerful. Yes, it does help people stay with you for that period of time because it’s to your benefit that they come in and they stay. I get that, but I think it’s a very fair thing to say, hey, thanks for sticking with us. Here’s a great reward that you can take and really build out your next year business. And I still believe that this is the way you know, we, we, you and I both know people. This is only time the year they sell.

New Speaker:                   [01:05:11]               You know they are minor seller, especially books, right? They do minor, minor, minor, but then they get into toys and only in q four and they make their whole years living because they’re such an expert at it and they put in the effort. And so this opportunity is here, so again, if you’re interested in this, you can take advantage with my link only. You get two full weeks free trial and I’ll say the link, it’s amazing. Freedom Dot com. Sandy’s group forward slash momentum. And then there’s a hyphen arbitrage. Um, we know that I do a whole bunch of other stuff with them, but this one is momentum, hyphen arbitrage, and I’ll have the link on this episode, but that’s how your link you get in. You automatically get in for the two full weeks. And then again, as long as you’re in by September 15th, you’re going to get that a black, red, black list, red, gold, red,

Gaye:                                    [01:06:00]               old black list. A lot of colors. Red and gold are important Christmas colors, but everybody knows black Friday.

New Speaker:                   [01:06:11]               But, and again, no, but don’t see this as only an opportunity for q four, which you absolutely want to take advantage. This is you getting your next year, right? This is the time when you’re looking down that list and it says by this black calculator, and then you go to that store and you see the blue one next to it. You look at yourself and you’re like, oh my goodness, I get it now. I just expanded my boundaries and guess what? I’m that much smarter, or you suck it up as a man and you go in and say, guess what? I don’t have my stuff together. And uh, I need some help with my receipt systems so I can prevent my account getting shut down at q four

Gaye:                                    [01:06:47]               tick. And you can instruct me on that. Yeah, exactly. And I think we do a good job of instructing in the group because wait, there’s a lot of facebook groups out there. Um, and there’s some that, that are specifically for Amazon sellers. There’s some free groups that are out there that are specifically for Amazon sellers. And one of the things that happens, unfortunately in a lot of those groups is there’s a lot of misinformation because it’s like, and, and it’s not, I don’t think it’s necessarily deliberate on the part of the person answering a question, but you don’t know what you don’t know. And so if you’re a $500 a month Amazon seller and you’re following another $500 a month, Amazon sell, you’re probably not going to learn very much. You need to be following a $500,000 Amazon seller if you’re a $500 a month Amazon seller.

Gaye:                                    [01:07:44]               Does that make sense? That makes perfect sense. In other words, you know, a lot of people in the, in the free groups in it, people are like, oh, let’s mastermind together. Well, you know, I don’t really want to mastermind with somebody that is making, you know, $200 a month on Amazon. I’m not interested in masterminding with you. Um, I’m looking to mastermind with someone who’s making 2 million or $200,000 a month. So 2 million in a year, 4 million or $5 million in a year, cetera, et cetera. So you’ve got to look where there’s because you don’t know what you don’t know. And in our file section of our facebook group, it’s chock full of documents that I’ve prepared in there. How to step by step, do this to set up your demo printer, you know, do this here. Here’s how you understand the buy box. You know, here’s an exemption sheet.

Gaye:                                    [01:08:36]               If you run into Hazmat, here’s what you do, here’s how you use merchant words. Here’s what you do. If you think your customer is scanning, scamming you, you know how to file for a reimbursement on customer returns. You know, here’s how to create a listing with variations. You know, here’s a, somebody sends you an Ip, you know, uh, intellectual property rights, infringement, a email. Here’s how you appeal that, you know, here’s what you do. If you’re selling shoes, here’s what you do. If you’re, you’re, you’re responding to this email for a customer that’s got a question, you know the documents, uh, the file section is full. And then our video section where we have tons of teaching videos where literally you can just look over my shoulder and I’m just teaching on this, this, this, this, and we have, you know, other people that we bring in, bigger sellers that we bring in and just literally to teach to a particular subject.

New Speaker:                   [01:09:35]               I’m counting through and I’m trying to count them. And I last counted 60 and then I’m like, oh my God, I can’t count them anymore.

Gaye:                                    [01:09:42]               It just keeps. Yeah, I’ve got to figure out in the video section, Steven, I got to figure out a way to keep my face from showing up the front of every one of those videos. People are like, oh my gosh, I got to see gay again. I’m constantly teaching and constantly teaching and hopefully motivating people to take another step. And that’s what, that’s what we’re about. I, you know, I, I appreciate you so much steven, because I think you have a teacher’s heart too. You know, I can kind of hear that in your voice as you’re, as you’re.

New Speaker:                   [01:10:09]               What do they need? God’s honest truth. If somebody has success and and lots of. I bring on a lot of people that don’t sponsor me, don’t pay me a nickel and but they win because they connected. Somebody took advantage of it. Man. How does that not make you feel good seeing your fellow man do well. I’m not envious. I’m like, awesome. That’s another person on the earth that is doing well, man. If we can just do that every single day and all of us help 10 people. Can you imagine how much better the world is? And I don’t have to make money at it. So it’s very kind of you to say I’m very. Again, and I say this a lot too, and I mean this. I look for people over time. I look for consistency and I think it’s so important that when you look for consistency over time, people come in and they’re like, oh, I’ve got the best.

New Speaker:                   [01:10:52]               I get the PR companies. Oh Steve, this guy has the best software. It’s going to change the world. And then they’re gone three months later because now they’re selling, you know, I don’t want to pick on crypto. They’re doing that now and they’re doing whatever. Right? And I get it. I don’t. I look for people over time and when I look at Andy and your group together, over time, consistently, always. They’re always there. They’re always answering questions, always available, always making things right. Even when things go wrong. That’s what you want. And so if this is something that you connect with, yes, I benefit. So please understand that and it is a pitch. However, um, you can also buy from gay without me. That’s fine. You won’t get

Gaye:                                    [01:11:35]               because I won’t think you’re cool if you, if you hear about it on Steven’s program and you buy outside of Steven’s Steven to make money. Here’s the thing is you know what it is, is if you’re, if you’re looking for me to help you change your life by making another $10,000 a month or 20 or 30,000 or $40,000 a month, whatever your goals are, whatever you think you’re going to set as your initial goal. If you’re looking to meet to do that, then I think it’s all right for you to contribute to my success. On the way as well, and the same with you steven, if somebody’s receiving this information, they’ve turned into your podcast, your life, they’re like, well, I’ve been thinking about this Amazon selling thing. I just don’t know how to get started, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, but Steven’s telling me this, this, this, there’s not anything wrong with them contributing to your success along the way because honestly we’re looking to make this thing work for everyone and that’s why Amazon is such an amazing platform. Amazon takes its fair share, their fair share. Could you imagine still, I make my money. You

New Speaker:                   [01:12:50]               can’t imagine what the world was like Pre-amazon. I mean there’s so many of us that have been selling for so long that really forget what it was like a Chris Green. I love when Chris Green always talks about when, you know, the home depot truck loads that he used to send it. He put a wrenches in a polybag, you know, he didn’t even know way back in the day. You know, it’s so far fetched for most of us. Right? But realistically, this opportunity is here, and look, you got to put your head down, do the work. I love what you’re Gary Ray quote, learn the tools and master the art, yet you got to put in the time, you got to work hard, you’re going to have success. You’re gonna have failure. It’s not easy. It’s not hard. It takes effort. You got to pay attention to the details. There are no guarantees.

New Speaker:                   [01:13:34]               Nothing here is guaranteed. But why are some people successful and others not want because they’re doing the work, right? And so you got to be willing to do the work, put in the effort and learn along the way. And what, again, gay as a teacher, if heard me, my commercial, everybody knows her gay is gay, was a teacher, gate is a teacher. And I mean that. I mean that sincerely. Um, and it’s very, very cool to me and I’m very, very fortunate to be connected with you guys. I really appreciate it. So again, two full weeks trial. All right, so it’s an amazing freedom.com, forward slash momentum, hyphen arbitrage. It’s the only way you’re going to get two week free trial. Please take advantage of it. Please, please, please do it now. Try it. Make sure you like it. Stick with it for the q four list. Remember, you got to be in there by September 15th. You got to stick your way through until the list comes out. Um, the uh, how many colors? Three colors. Red Gold, black Friday, red, gold, black,

Gaye:                                    [01:14:30]               right? Some deals are just for red deer. So just some deals are just Christmas read. I mean that’s pretty. Or Christmas.

New Speaker:                   [01:14:40]               And then there’s going to be some green in there too. You’ve got to get green in there too. I mean you might as well. You might as well get the whole, the whole thing. But it’s very cool. So again, you’re going to get that and then you’re also going to get that list. And to me that’s very powerful because that’s going to set you up when you go to the store and you have that list in your hand. I bought lists in a year. Man. I know what it’s like to go with that list. It’s such a cool thing when you walk in and say, I want that, that, that boom onto the next one because you’ve already planned out. You didn’t have to wait in line and go walk around the aisles and scan. I didn’t scan anything. It’s like, I want this, I want this, I want this. How many can I get? Great. Let’s go to the next one. Boom. And then you have six. And we’ve all seen those people with car loads and truck loads. I’ve been that guy once or twice. So again, gay. I thank you so much. Um, I think it’s very, very cool. Again, consistently over time you’ve over delivered and I mean it sincerely and I’m very, very fortunate to be connected with you guys and I really deeply appreciate it. I wish you nothing but success.

Gaye:                                    [01:15:37]               Well, I appreciate it. Steven. You’re awesome. As usual and say hi to the boys up there in the north. I will take care.

New Speaker:                   [01:15:47]               Great episode to a great lady. I mean, she’s smart as a whip, smart as a whip and it’s just her and her sister. And what’s so cool to me is that, um, she’s 29 and holding, she’s probably my age or thereabouts. And guess what? You didn’t hear any fear in her voice. You didn’t hear any woe is me here. It’s, I can do this, I can do this really well. I’m going to put in the time to do the work. No, I’m not going to make excuses. I’m going to put in the time and do the work. And life happens. Life will happen to her as it happens to you. Attacks happened, right? So guess what? You still have to get up and do the work. And I think as a perfect example for someone who saying, hmm, I’ve had some challenges, can I get past it?

New Speaker:                   [01:16:28]               Yes. Perfect example. Yes you can. And you heard her story. Go back and listen to episode two, 38 and you can hear the whole story and you’re gonna sit back and say, Whoa, is she that much of an outlier? In some way she is especially because she has that teaching skill, that teaching gift. But she’ll tell you, she says, I’m menopausal grandmother. Right? It makes me pause for a second. If I can do it, then anyone can do it and she believes that and she will help you get there. So think about that again. It’s amazing. Freedom.com, forward slash momentum, hyphen arbitrage. Get the two weeks for a. If you get in by September 15th, I get the red gold list, that black Friday list, take it with you. I remember going to the store carrying one of those lists and it’s like boom, these three items, okay, next door, these three items next door, and that’s how you end up with a truckload of those items and that’s the people that are really outliers and really doing well with it. ECOMMERCE, momentum.com, ecommerce momentum.com. Take care.

Cool voice guy:                  [01:17:26]               Thanks for listening to the ECOMMERCE momentum fudge. As all the links mentioned today can be found@incomersmomentum.com. Under this episode number, please remember to subscribe and the lake us on itunes.



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