266 : Nathan Bailey – Positive approach to growing out a successful eCommerce business

Nathan Bailey

Nathan has a real enthusiasm about him. You can’t help but get excited when you talk with him. I love how in this episode he talks about using his built up (not mature) business to offer services in his local community and how it offsets his costs. Again its not how much you sell that really matters, its how much you keep. Great example of walking the walk and then talking the talk.



Nathan’s first interview #78


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Book recommendation: Power of Now- Eckhart Tolle



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Cool voice guy:                  [00:04:35]               to the e-commerce blog where we focus on the people the products and the process of combers selling your host Steve Peters that.

Stephen:                             [00:04:47]               Welcome back to the e-commerce momentum podcast. This is episode 266. Nathan Bailey 266 last time Nathan was on was number 78. Incredible incredible that it’s been that long ago. Go back and listen his story because it’s really a compelling story and you’ll understand why he’s so enthusiastic. It’s just he invests a lot of time in personal development and I think it’s so powerful. It’s proof. And you’ll hear his success and we get into some of his success this year. I wanted to have him on. To help us kick off 2008 team because I think he’s one of the better examples of somebody who’s willing to invest and what was very cool to find out and I didn’t know it is what he’s done different for his business and what a change it’s made for his business. I think it’s powerful stuff and I think it’s a great example.

Stephen:                             [00:05:39]               When you look at what’s going on and you see the change is coming this is what allows someone to persevere and we spent some time talking about perseverance. Very exciting. And I want to qualify this. I I’m letting them pitch their stuff. He sells he’s a coach’s coach. He sells coaching services. That’s what he does. I let him pitch. I do not benefit but I believe in buying time I bought time from a lot of different places. And I just think it’s the shortcut if you surround yourself with the right people so if you connect with them I’m letting him pitch. And those guys are really great at what they do. I’ve had so many of my listeners or my interviews people that I’ve interviewed say that this course this proven Amazon corps has been critical to their success and they give Jim and Nathan and his team credit.

Stephen:                             [00:06:26]               So I agree with that. But again I don’t personally benefit but I think you can benefit. So you know take it for what it’s worth if you connect awesome reach out to them. If not learned something that’s going into the podcast.

Stephen:                             [00:06:41]               Welcome back to the e-commerce momentum podcast very excited about today’s guest because he’s a return guest. But man it’s been a long time and I’m very very excited to have him back on because I think he’s the perfect person to help us get set up for success in 2018. If you don’t have a plan. I guess the good news is you don’t have to worry about that you’re going to fail in it because he didn’t have one right so you’re not going to succeed at it boy if you do have a plan. You’re going to hit these milestones and it’s just so important and I think Nathan Bailey is the perfect person to go through that. Welcome back Nathan.

Nathan:                                [00:07:12]               Thanks for having me Steven.

Stephen:                             [00:07:13]               It’s an honor it’s an honor for me to have you on. You are a coach as coach. You know I love that term because you really do help bring out the best in others who are helping to bring out the best in others. That’s kind of a cool place to be isn’t it. I mean think about that.

Nathan:                                [00:07:32]               It’s yeah it blows my mind every day. Me and Jim Cockrum sit back and just go man can you believe this. You know I mean we become part of this movement. This is the life is changed as we know it sells online or just sells in general has changed more over the last ten years than it has over the last 100 years. That’s

Stephen:                             [00:07:56]               incredible. Now let’s talk about that for a second because you know you used to be hey it’s all relationship it’s grip and grin and it’s me you know getting out pounding. What would they use to say. The shoe leather. Right. Wearing out the shoe leather right knocking on doors. You know mailing letters when I used to sell insurance. It was you know it sent out a thousand letters. Get 100 appointments. No send it a thousand letters. Make 100 calls. Get 10 appointments. Make a sale. That was the math and you had to shoe leather every night out there knocking on doors. Is it different today.

Nathan:                                [00:08:29]               You know it’s different because the world is changing culture is changing people the way they buy things and what they buy in and how they live their life is changing where we are. And that’s the only true constant in life is change.

Stephen:                             [00:08:48]               And the key to being successful in this business is to be able to recognize those changes happening and make that right pivot as opposed to getting left behind. That’s

Stephen:                             [00:08:57]               a powerful statement. So you know this week Amazon came out with new fees. Right. Just increased fees I mean their costs are going up. You can’t build all this stuff and have all those people working for you and it State of the art without cost going up. However there is a point where it’s starting to get cost prohibitive for certain merchandise right. So having the ability to pivot as external forces right things outside of your control change I think is so critical. I think it’s I mean how do you how do you do that anything. I mean do you sit there and say OK what if. OK here’s my touch point. And what if something impacts that. I mean is that is that the place to start or do you think big picture what where do people get started.

Nathan:                                [00:09:43]               You know that’s that’s a good question because you know one of the questions was asked to me at the conference I’m up on the stage with Brett Bartlett and Jim Cockrum two guys I look up to very much.

Stephen:                             [00:09:55]               And the question was thrown out that if you could go back to the very beginning of starting your business knowing what you know now what would you have done differently.

Nathan:                                [00:10:07]               And that question just really hit home with me and the obvious answer was I would have started building my own brand instead of of building so many others brands over the years only to have them brand gave me or or raise their prices or do you know become a competitor. You know that’s the change that I’m talking about right now in e-commerce in general. Right. We’re seeing the death of the middleman. Now back when I used to go to the Astiz trade show 11 years ago 12 years ago you know the people who you sell anyway now. We don’t want to work with you and only we don’t deal with you. And then over the years always on Amazon. Now we we don’t want to deal with you. Now they’re clamoring to do business with me.

Stephen:                             [00:10:50]               All we want to do business you now so that you know we’re seeing you know sometimes it’s not so much something that you have to do more so than paying attention to what is going on in the world around you and in the environment that you surround yourself with everything from the people you surround yourself with. You are some of the top five people you surround yourself with. And in a changing world that’s that’s crucial. You

Stephen:                             [00:11:16]               know I just had a internet marketer and she was describing about a catalog. And it struck me because when I went I had Heather haven what was her name. So I don’t want to be an episode or two before this. And so you really want to listen to it because she described something that I think is very powerful tied in exactly what you just said. She’s like look just if you put out a catalog was her premises to send your customers a catalog with the merchandise you sell. However also the merchandise that is compatible that is complimentary from your acquaintances that network that you build. So for example I’m selling water bottles and my water bottle. You’re selling sneakers. Well there’s definitely a relationship or yoga mats or whatever. So when I send out my catalog because you and I have this relationship I can say Hey Nathan would you be interested if I put your products in.

Stephen:                             [00:12:06]               I’d like a percentage but I would like to bring you a customer from my customer base if that’s okay. And that relates to that five people that are tight with because you develop these relationships offers you an opportunity. It was like when she said it I’m like oh I had thought about it that way but it’s very clever. And so those relationships what you’re describing that’s where the pivoting can happen because you have something that I could use that I could help grow my business. I can then help grow your business right. And as this continues to evolve we can just keep helping each other propping each other up right further and further rising tide lifts all boats or something like that right.

Nathan:                                [00:12:48]               Jim Cockrum and I we call this gatekeeper marketing. This is one of the spokes in the marketing and that’s kind of what we’re building out right now is training that goes beyond Amazon right. It goes to I mean we are proven ideas formula course coming out with with using Facebook to pull people into your fold.

Stephen:                             [00:13:07]               Right. But you know going out and trying to market everything by yourself right and you’re relying on ads and PPC and this you can’t do that alone. You have to use this gatekeeper marketing strategy. It could be a YouTube person that has a million subscribers that has an audience right where you can create what I call the win win win right.

Stephen:                             [00:13:29]               Their audience wins. You create value add and create an offer where the audience wins where the gatekeeper wins and you win.

Nathan:                                [00:13:37]               You know that’s that’s kind of all I do now is I spend my time filtering out ideas and then putting together those win wins and then finding a way to wrap those those those streams of income around my core business which is selling online.

Stephen:                             [00:13:53]               It makes perfect sense because in the old days. Right. Building your own website was great. But how do you get traffic there. Hence the reason the Amazon the way she described as a catalog where the eBay’s of the world they had the audience so therefore they had the success. But now what you’re describing there too is you can take advantage of Instagram success or YouTube person and market to the right type of product you have the ability to move traffic and it’s pretty inexpensive right. I mean to use to get it I guess it depends on who the celebrity is and celebrities relative. It’s not that expensive to get some influence or marketing done is it.

Stephen:                             [00:14:35]               It’s you know what it costs nothing to do to influence marketing but the barrier of entry in running ads for stuff just for your product or service or information or whatever online is never been easier. It’s it’s it’s actually less costly to fail nowadays than it would be in the past because that’s kind of what you’re doing when you’re running ads and paying for marketing is you’re failing forward you’re you’re trying to dial it in your button smashing until it works and tell you we’re getting the right a. So we’re getting the right marketing metrics to where we’re now profiting but me and Jim Cochran we’ve always been believers that paying for like paper click like with Google Ad Words I mean it could be done it could be done successfully. But I just feel like it’s throwing good money after bad money.

Nathan:                                [00:15:26]               You know it in a lot of situations. So yeah you know you’re going back to what you’re saying is this is you know is it maybe the question is is it cost prohibitive or Yeah. Is it getting is it getting harder. No it’s getting easier because we’re getting more creative you know finding creative solutions in business. That’s what a real business owner CEO does is they find a creative solution. They find the broken system in their business and they find the creative solution to fix it. And you’re constantly doing that and if you’re not fixing broken systems in your business or having adversity you’d better check and make sure that you’re actually in business and your profit the way you’re describing it’s perfect.

Stephen:                             [00:16:09]               So that’s why make sure I’m clear in this so it’s more of an affiliate relationship with that insight influencer right. So therefore there is no cost. Okay.

Stephen:                             [00:16:15]               So I get that I search although a huge advocate of affiliate marketing. I mean there’s so much fraud a lot of people come to our coaching program and say Okay I want to learn affiliate marketing.

Speaker 13:                        [00:16:25]               And my question back to them is well do you want to do affiliate marketing or do you want to make money because it’s hard to just start out doing affiliate marketing. I

Nathan:                                [00:16:34]               mean you don’t without a list without capital to put into. So you know spending money on ads and throwing good money after bad money you know probably not the best place to start. But I mean it has to be a component in your business. Eventually it’s us it’s a spoke that you add onto your marketing role. Maybe you start off on Amazon and then you open up on eBay and eBay becomes another spoke in your market. Well then there’s a Web site and then maybe you’re putting an offer on Groupon is another spoke and you’re working well. Now you’ve got a YouTube channel and you know you’re using social media more efficiently or you’re using the former review sites to pump your product and get reviews and or you know build say sells Ranken page rank.

Speaker 14:                        [00:17:15]               So when you sit there and describe this it’s marketing will that’s better than a plan. Right. A better than a budget. When people hear oh you going to build out a budget or a plan for next year what do you want to do the way you’re describing it is to say hey your plan is a wagon wheel or smoke whenever you want to describe it. And it’s OK. This section is here because you don’t want to have to write or three you want to have as many as you can because. And then then you work a plan for each one of them is how you approach it.

Nathan:                                [00:17:45]               Absolutely. And

Nathan:                                [00:17:46]               what you do is you prioritize this marketing will I have some of them training them put together on this where I call it the the marketing will and the leverage pyramid and this kind of touches on what you’re talking about where we build out spokes and are marking where you want to. You talked about this earlier you don’t build a website and try to drive traffic it’s like herding cattle. People don’t want to be herded into cats. Yeah exactly what you want to go where the traffic’s already going. You want to find out who where’s the audience. Where do they hang out and go to them. And then the key is getting the right audience and then focusing in on the keywords you want to be found. That’s that’s really the key to this and building out the marketing well you’re going to build out one spoke as you go slow and steady focus on one thing at a time and then get your Amazon setup and dialed in.

Nathan:                                [00:18:36]               OK now I could set up eBay and get that going and dialed in. Now I’ve got the Web site now get Facebook going in my like page and start running about like many chat. Check

Stephen:                             [00:18:45]               out just a quick tip for your viewers. Check out many Chatt dot com M.A NYCHA T dot com. You can build a double opt in list on Facebook. Running it through Facebook Messenger as opposed to e-mail e-mail rates trying to do an e-mail list.

Stephen:                             [00:19:02]               You know open rates on e-mail are like 30 to 40 percent where your Facebook Messenger is 90 percent so hot tip for that if you’re listening to this baby if you’re using Facebook to try to build an audience or to do a giveaway or your product or to try to pump rank for your product by saying hey I’m going to put together a coupon if you’re interested and get in a coupon for 50 percent off this product for this week only type I mean in the in the comments below on Facebook and it automatically puts them into this double opt in bot where you can message those people after just like you would like an auto responder like Consta contactor a webre so.

Nathan:                                [00:19:40]               So yeah Facebook is a huge part of what we’re doing now in that regard. Like you said advertising costs.

Stephen:                             [00:19:46]               My partner Brett he’ll do like 13 14 million dollars on his dynasty toys laser gun this year. And I believe he started on Facebook and he’s got to set up to where he’s getting about one cent per click. I know he generated a list when he first started the first 90 days like 90000 people in 90 days at one cent a click. And then from there you can say hey go back to my Web site to get another coupon or here’s go to Amazon if you where do you like hang out. Here’s where we are. We like to hang out there.

Stephen:                             [00:20:18]               Let’s hang out right to be able to do that today. It is sophisticated yet. It’s all learnable right. There’s somebody who is teaching it right. This is hence the reason for a coach right that will help you get this figured out.

Stephen:                             [00:20:33]               Yes even it’s getting easier and easier to do this but the learning curve sometimes is can be steep and you just don’t know. You don’t know. But I can tell you the coaches that I’ve been lucky enough to bring in to our organization and in my silent team and the moderators and just the people I mean it’s amazing what I’m seeing these people do a lot of times you know a coach will be someone who was a coaching client with us so they’ve gone through that process. But then they come back to teach us a thing or two. But the acceleration of learning in the end the level I mean the levels of success that we’re seeing with these clients that we’re working with right now it’s just getting better and better and better because there are a couple things happening. It’s getting easier to do this business because technology is shifting and changing right.

Stephen:                             [00:21:22]               But also you know when you first heard about Amazon right there it was like a lot of doubt and speculation or you’d heard eBay well everybody’s doing it now and it’s saturated and you know you can’t think like that and be successful in this business because there’s so much abundance. It’s it’s unbelievable in this in this business but really the key is is that if you can’t take action and feel comfortable with taking action you’re just not going to.

Nathan:                                [00:21:49]               And that’s kind of what a coach does for people really is it it is it’s going to compress time and let you learn things quicker easier. I mean working with someone one on one versus trying to figure it out of a book or watch videos or that sort of thing. It’s just it’s going to compress time. Second you’re going to make sure you’re doing it right there. I mean I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked with a client and they were like Oh I did this this and this I’m like oh no don’t do that that’s bad. No no don’t I’ve already learned that Bruce. Don’t go to Facebook groups asking for reviews just for someone to review your products or you know don’t do you know don’t do certain things that diverted them from disaster. Because right now you know I mean it’s suspensions have gone down you know on Amazon and whatnot but you know it’s easy to lose your account just one small mistake one little thing and you’re done.

Stephen:                             [00:22:41]               And if you have employees and if you have a family and other people worried about where if you borrowed money to buy this inventory you’ve got big problems. I mean these are material problems that are some of them are you can’t recover from. I mean the business will just collapse on itself if you haven’t structured it right. So when you think about let’s talk about some of these changes right there is as you said I agree with you. I think I’ve seen fewer people get suspended. I do see some more quality getting reinstated because there’s they’re doing it right and they just made a mistake like you said and then they show that they were doing it right and are you know they made a culpa and they get reinstated. Now there’s some people who are just absolutely you know in that not even the black area you know they’re just not gray.

Stephen:                             [00:23:31]               I mean it’s in that that bad area and there’s no right maybe it’s red. There’s no way they’re going to get reinstated right. And so I see fewer and fewer and fewer that stuff. But when you with these changes these evolving changes how do you coach people through that. Because what used to be ok is not OK today in some samples right. It’s apples. How do you coach people through that.

Stephen:                             [00:23:58]               You know frustrating. You know I I don’t allow it to frustrate me. What I do is I look at it as it is. The challenge is that I love staying on top of what’s going on in this business. In fact that’s my job is to analyze every strategy and actually do it. Don’t just you know be a guy that learns from somebody else and teach it. No I actually do it and I want to know when it changes and for my own business because you know you have to stay current with everything and to me I look at it as a challenge. Like you know if you’re not interested in SEO you shouldn’t do as I mean I feel like ASIOs dead you know from just a marketing perspective.

Stephen:                             [00:24:37]               But like you know the people that do that are good at it. I mean it’s something that that you still kind of need to have. But to me I feel like it’s just a dying thing because they change the rules on it so often Google. I mean the algorithm changes every two three weeks now so you have to relearn everything at stake. To me that’s just boring. So

Nathan:                                [00:24:58]               I don’t engage. But the people that are really good at that sort of thing that’s all they do and they live for and they watch those changes and that’s what I’ve learned to do with Amazon and eBay and with the search engine algorithm algorithms and what Facebook’s doing and you know like here’s a cool change that you know I’m learning about. To me this is exciting is that frustrating it’s exciting because it is like Facebook came out with this thing called Canvas. Right. And what it is is it’s a mobile app that if someone wants to buy your product instead of leaving Facebook and going to your side or going to wherever it is you’re selling it. They stay on Facebook canvas and it’s like a mobile app but they can purchase your product right there inside of Facebook and they never have to leave Facebook and it’s a truck.

Nathan:                                [00:25:40]               It’s like you know instead of going out and getting something like clicked funnels to create an offer page right. They call it a funnel I call it the marketing will but instead of diverting someone off of Facebook you keep a ride on them. They can make their purchase and they go right back to doing what they were doing on Facebook. So these changes that we’re seeing happen I mean I see Facebook taking up a huge piece of the market share of e-commerce. I see. Wal-Mart is a good change coming in and it’s difficult to get your product on Wal-Mart you have to have your own brand and you know you have to show that it’s had some success to get on there. But you know I mean I also one of the big things that I’m doing now is I’ve teamed up with a guy who is an attorney for Nike and he’s created a marketplace using social media we chat and social media marketers to sell your product into China instead of just ordering all our product and private label stuff from China.

Nathan:                                [00:26:32]               Bring it over to the U.S. to sell it here in the U.K. and even into Australia Australia. Amazon just opened up by the way.

Nathan:                                [00:26:39]               But you know I’m actually setting up a system where we’re going to be teaching people how to do this how to sell into China. There are more millionaires in China than any country in the world. They have the second largest economy in the world and they are clamoring for U.S. products.

Stephen:                             [00:26:57]               So this change. Right. These are. This is I guess that’s the way it’s a perspective issue. Maybe that’s the right way to say it is yes. These are challenges and changes. However they also create opportunities. Right.

Stephen:                             [00:27:11]               Oh absolutely. And the shift that we’re seeing is shifting more towards people like you and me that are not a billion dollar you know retail outlet to go out there and play and compete against Milland billion dollar retail outlets. So the playing field is being levelled and it just depends on how you choose to think feel and act about that is what is going to determine your outcome. But you said in the very beginning of this you know you’ve got to have a plan. Those who fail to plan plan to fail.

Stephen:                             [00:27:46]               I love it. I mean I think that that’s so smart. And it’s 2013 just about where it is when this comes out. This is still not too late even though in the beginning of January you can still put together a plan. Right. I mean you have to you really have to say hey what do I want to earn this year. What do I want to do this year where I won’t go while those things are so important.

Stephen:                             [00:28:05]               So think about it Steven from this perspective instead of this is what I want to do this year. What am I going to do this week. I never plan. I don’t think I ever plan out stuff. Me and Jim Cockrum working together we don’t ever plan anything out maybe farther than two weeks out. I mean it’s just it’s the world is changing so fast that this is a minute to minute business day to day.

Nathan:                                [00:28:28]               I mean I wake up every morning I pull out my business journal. I write three things. These are the top three things I want to get done today in my business and then I either check those things off or say oh I missed this one I’m going back to that one today and I write it down again. Did right fail because you missed it. You

Stephen:                             [00:28:43]               know what the leading cause of success is failure. I mean Brett Bartlett has this this phrase used is called Failing Forward. You know button smashing and just failing forward. And you know you know people people. Another good question that people ask us. You know we do this open walk up to the mike and ask us anything session at our CCS Conference and you know one of the popular questions that’s been asked multiple times was what are your failures. Tell us about your failures where have you failed. And you know Jim Cockrum I love his response was like how much time you got me in.

Stephen:                             [00:29:20]               You know I mean don’t be afraid of failure. I mean because it’s going to happen. It’s part of the process. You know in this end you have to remember that building a business like this and building a business it’s going to be ultimately successful is is a process.

Nathan:                                [00:29:34]               It’s not an event it’s a process and you should take a slow and steady wins the race process approach to that.

Stephen:                             [00:29:42]               And on the note of failure you only fail at anything when you quit right.

Speaker 14:                        [00:29:48]               And so having a plan falling through with that plan and your advice has to do a much much shorter plan right now because if you’re starting with nothing so positions what are you doing today. What

Nathan:                                [00:30:00]               needs done today. What’s the plan today. What’s the plan of action now. Really good book I would recommend to people. It’s a personal development book but it’s the power of now by Eckhart Tolle. That book changed my life. You know it really will really help you bury your ego so that you can move forward in ways you do. You had no idea that you could you could excel. Your

Stephen:                             [00:30:22]               brain is a very powerful thing. It’s a lot more powerful than we think we all realize. But planning you know when you talk about going into January and people are like well when do you start ramping up for fourth quarter and January February is when I started to not because you have to realize the way I buy things.

Nathan:                                [00:30:40]               Sometimes I’ll buy things out of season to be able to be prepared for it while it’s in season like I do a lot of clothing apparel shoes right. And sometimes I’m buying inventory in the summer at deep discounts right for winter and buying all my winter apparel and clothing because who’s buying winter stuff in the summer. Nobody so they put it on Clarence closer. I mean you can do a lot of really good retail arbitrage stuff by just going into you know the right stores that are selling off their summer or their winter stuff in the summer and vice versa. So I’m planning way ahead. I

Nathan:                                [00:31:16]               mean yeah I’m only playing day by day by day but when it comes to planning for fourth quarter you know I’m literally buying for fourth quarter in early February.

Stephen:                             [00:31:25]               Well to think about that those retailers have to pay those bills right. They’re coming to they’re usually 90 day term six day terms 90 days and I heard some even getting a year now because of the way the crazy market is. But generally 90 day terms are very reasonable. So they’ve got to pay those bills into January early February so that makes perfect sense. They need the cash to pay for that other stuff that didn’t sell. Right. I mean they don’t pay for it.

Nathan:                                [00:31:49]               Well one of the things that I’m seeing happening more and more now like in the toy sector we do a lot in selling toys as well.

Stephen:                             [00:31:57]               And like for instance the A.D trade show they do this trade show in March. Right. And they also do it in August. Right. The toy suppliers that I talked with in March I usually I usually try to buy everything I’m going to buy from them then because they’re usually sold out of everything by August.

Stephen:                             [00:32:17]               And you got a clue right. When you see that it’s sold out. That’s a clue that this is probably going to be a good item.

Nathan:                                [00:32:22]               Well yeah I mean there are some suppliers that Dell sell out at SD in March and for the rest of the year. You know and and you know they’ll that’ll gauge how much more they need to put into production. You know but they usually I mean they’ll have overstocks and stuff but usually you know they sell out completely if you have the right relationships and they’re buying the stuff and you’re able to get your hands on the stuff that’s really sought after. I mean that’s why you have the fingerling phenomenon right or the you know where where nobody can find them. They’re all sold out but you can get them on Amazon for three times more expensive than what they sell for right. But that’s because people are smart they’re getting the suppliers and they’re buying them all out.

Stephen:                             [00:33:03]               So that is that’s the deep thinking right there. So it is turtle versus hair stuff I make on that show notes to you I mean it really is so. However your plan you can have a long term look right turtle you know hey I’m going to grow the business whatever. But the planning has to happen faster and faster just because the the world is evolving so quickly. I like them.

Stephen:                             [00:33:24]               Yes. I wouldn’t say move faster than what you’re comfortable with.

Nathan:                                [00:33:27]               But you know when it comes to like you know taking your time if you feel like you’re being rushed into a decision on something like that in certain situations I mean you know sometimes you have to strike while the iron is hot for sure but if you’re feeling pushed like for me a business has to do to have three criteria. Right. First of all it has to be a long term business for me to be involved with it. If I can’t see myself doing it for the next 20 to 30 years I’m out.

Nathan:                                [00:33:59]               I don’t want to deal with it. It’s going to be a trend like oh hey this bitcoin thing is going to be great for next three years. Hey no offense against people doing bitcoin. If you’re making money that’s awesome but for me I just don’t see it being something. BLOCK chain yeah long term but I don’t see the powers that be allowing new currencies. I mean the people that are Grig Theocharides you know I but like I don’t see it as long term for me. You know I don’t see myself doing that for 30 years right. Selling online. I do. So that’s one criteria. The next criteria has to be scalable and it has to be scalable at my pace.

Stephen:                             [00:34:32]               What does scalable mean. I mean something different to you than me. Right

Nathan:                                [00:34:35]               . So what that means is it has to be a business that I can continue to grow and build like like.

Nathan:                                [00:34:42]               Here’s an example. I see people run into this trap. Hey I got this private label product and I got it and I’m selling it and I’m like well what’s your back end product. What’s your follow up product. What’s the next product that you’re going to be able to put into that brand.

Stephen:                             [00:34:54]               You know I always teach people that if you’re going to set up a brand or build a business around it make sure that you have like a front end product and then back in to that back ends back end and then the back end of that and you know be able to you know expand that way but scalable in a way where it can continue to grow it doesn’t hit the glass ceiling. And you’re you’re done right that’s it. That’s as far as you can go with it. I want it to be able to be scalable at my pace too. Sometimes you get partners or people the relationships in that business model that like hurry hurry hurry push push push. Go go go. And no no no no and I take my time I’m going to analyze the data I’m going to analyze the keywords I’m going to take. I’m going to analyze every competitor that’s out there in every market place that they’re on and what keywords they are going to take my time. But something that’s going to be scalable.

Stephen:                             [00:35:43]               The last thing besides scalable is it has to be a business that I’m making passive meaning that I can bring other people into completely run the business and I don’t have to be there for day to day operations every day like that because if I if I got you know a horrible accident having forbidden you know was in the hospital. Other people would be running that business and that business would go on without me. Pass it.

Stephen:                             [00:36:06]               Greg Murphy you use the term bus proof you get hit by a bus. The business can still continue. It makes perfect sense. Ritter also loves those. Yeah he said America.

Stephen:                             [00:36:15]               So those three things really are the kind of a checklist for you and if it doesn’t meet one of them and say hey that’s cool it’s interesting but I’m going to pass. How hard is it. Well let me say it this way. Is it easier as you get older and more experience because you are still young relative to me but more experienced in this business. You’re old to me in this business because you’ve been doing a lot of money but is it easier to say no today because of that experience.

Nathan:                                [00:36:46]               You know it’s a two way street really. Because sometimes this is something you need to watch out for. Some of those people listening is there a little bit more experienced. Right. It’s easy to get complacent.

Stephen:                             [00:36:57]               I think it’s easy to get on top of the mountain. I think it’s harder to stay there. And and you know sometimes you can feel like ohai I have everything and you start to get complacent. That’s where the challenge really lies and what gets harder and harder as you go on and you get more experience is to keep that young sense of you know entrepreneurship and you know that just to keep a renewed vigor and enthusiasm about what you do. And I can tell you the key to that is you have to help people. You have to add value to people’s lives. You have to be service oriented in everything that you do in your business even if you’re not giving up service even if you aren’t selling services.

Stephen:                             [00:37:41]               This is critical.

Nathan:                                [00:37:42]               Even more so. I mean coaching to me is just a blessing. I’m so lucky I get to be involved. So every day I wake up with gratitude going wow I can’t believe I get to do this and help other people and change people’s lives. But you think about your product if you have a product that helps people and that’s the way you think gosh what should I sell if you’re new to this business. So we’ll think about what helps people and maybe take something that maybe you know a thing or two about doesn’t even really have to be something you’re passionate about but something that you know something about or someone that you know knows a lot about right because you want to have a background on the business a little bit and what’s going on and who the players are and what the game is. But I’ll tell you that finding something that helps me you help people get what they want.

Stephen:                             [00:38:23]               You’re always going to get what you want and it keeps the fire going. I mean I agree with you. I think there has to be. I do so many news interviews. And one thing that is so common is that this business is so different than every other industry I’ve worked in. I just had Ashlynn from insurance she’s like the insurance world is cutthroat nasty. Nobody cares when I come into this world and everybody’s helping each other. Everybody’s encouraging. We’re celebrating Nathan’s success. You sell your multimillion we celebrate your success rather than tear you down that that’s what makes this different and that keeps those that stuff just going and it makes it so much more fun really does.

Stephen:                             [00:39:04]               Yeah this community. When I first got into online selling I started selling while I built my first web site in 1995.

Speaker 15:                        [00:39:11]               But I started selling on eBay in 98. Right.

Stephen:                             [00:39:19]               And you know I started you know figuring out who’s in this community and you know I partnered up with a company and they took me to eBay live and just tell you the characters that you meet.

Stephen:                             [00:39:32]               They’re like this this culture this eBay culture or this online selling culture these people were a fickle bunch sometimes I think we’re the square peg in a round hole you know that we’re not the people that could you know were happy with you know pinning our star and life on our boss’s chest and making them rich. You know we felt like we could do something for ourselves in the world. And we didn’t fit into that employee regimen where you know we were you know I feel like some of us are difficult people and we just didn’t get along and play well with others.

Nathan:                                [00:40:05]               So we had to end up going off to do our own thing so that we could you know sustain you know and running our own business. And I don’t know if that’s such a good thing or a bad thing but I can tell you that this community I’ve seen this community change and evolve and you know my silane team community that Facebook group I would say is probably the most positive I’ve been in some other Facebook groups where I was like yeah I can hang out here. You know I I just you know it’s not a good fit and that’s okay.

Speaker 16:                        [00:40:32]               It’s just it’s just not your group I get it. Well you know the negativity I can tell you. Like

Stephen:                             [00:40:37]               I said earlier in the conversation you are the sum of the top five people you surround yourself with. Whether it be on Facebook whether it be in your office or your business or your your day to day. Right. So choose wisely. And I can tell you that that this community though.

Stephen:                             [00:40:57]               It’s amazing. I mean you know a lot of people say oh man you and Jim Cockrum are at the top of all this. You know we don’t feel that way. What we feel like we’re not above anybody. We feel like we’re below everyone trying to lift them up. And that brings us the most happiness. You know it’s like you would think that people be like oh man you know my business did this and I’m totally rich now and I can go do whatever I want with my time and I’ve got people work for me doing all the work and I can go buy whatever I want do whatever I want. And that’s what’s going to make me happy. But

Stephen:                             [00:41:28]               people in that situation that I know some of those people and some of those miserable people I know the people that I know that are the happiest in life are the ones that are focused on serving others.

Stephen:                             [00:41:39]               And they and they and they they they get a lot out of that when you think about year after year you know I mentioned that I was looking for perseverance you know challenges happen to everyone right. Challenges happen in your life. This past year happens in all our lives. How do you persevere. Is it. Is it because of those five people you surround yourself and you have a plan and you have a system that keeps it the real kind of like like a flywheel. I

Stephen:                             [00:42:11]               know that when you’re liable yeah momentum.

Stephen:                             [00:42:15]               Yeah yeah. Good name for a podcast is it is that kind of what keeps that perseverance going for you.

Stephen:                             [00:42:21]               You know I’m glad that you asked that because you know your goals change. You’re you know I talked about you sometimes you can get complacent when you get up on that mountain get complacent and you can’t you can never get complacent ever with this business. So based on that you know this is what I have to say. Works for me because it’s like a diet. What would work for me may not work for someone else. Right. Everybody’s body is different. I’ve never met an entrepreneur.

Nathan:                                [00:42:49]               That’s the same or a business owner or coaching client where they’re the same as this person and they need to go into this cookie cutter model so different people need different things. But I’ll tell you one thing that was difficult for me was I was running I’ve been running everything out of my house for years I’ve got a 6000 square foot house.

Stephen:                             [00:43:06]               We this last year at the end of 2016 in fourth quarter we got to a place where every area of my whole home was full boxes all the way to the ceiling there were little alleyways through boxes.

Speaker 16:                        [00:43:22]               And you know I thought man if one of these boxes fall over on one of my kids I mean I’ve got a 6 year old and a 9 year old. You know this can be devastating. I’ll bet if DCF came in here right now they would feel like it’s bad but I mean that’s how it was that’s how we always did it because we always stay home mom and dad. That’s where that’s all. That’s my full time job as a dad. Right. And we’re doing this all out of our house. I’ve got a big house a big garage. But once you’re getting containers of stuff in and just your neighbors are like hey what’s going on here. You know. But he moved into a warehouse and I had to kind of force my wife my wife’s the real brains behind our online selling business here.

Speaker 16:                        [00:44:01]               I’m not bashful about that. But you know it was like pulling teeth to get her to realize no we need pallete racking. We need a forklift. We need a warehouse. We need warehouse workers. That’s what needed to change in our business so I got a warehouse and my wife reluctantly runs it now. She runs the whole show. She’s better at that stuff than I am. But getting that warehouse. There were some changes that need to be done and this will be a good segment for people that are looking to expand into that they’ve gotten to a place where business has taken over their home. I wanted my house back. I got it back right. You should see that adds pressure to you right. Oh yeah. Stress feel that. Oh man it yeah. So so separating your home and business that there is a balance there that that can be difficult.

Speaker 16:                        [00:44:46]               Right. But moving into a position of having a warehouse. Now the way that I positioned it was Kate I’m going to go and become a three EPL company. Third party logistic right. Meaning that I’m going to go out and find accounts. No I don’t really do Amazon prepping. I do it for some of my coaching clients that kind of need help and the people get good friends that I meet through doing coaching with them or whatnot where we partner and. But I went out and found like for instance pinnata grams Dakang met Nathan the owner of this we partnered up. Now I do all of his fulfillments I ship these pinatas to have a custom message on it. We do it for zip recruiter we have zip recruiter we have Apple we have fluent we have a bunch of corporations and businesses that say OK instead of we want better than a letter instead of sending a letter to this business saying hey come back to us we want your business.

Speaker 16:                        [00:45:38]               We send a pinata and we found that it was one of the only things you can send through the post office without having it be in a box. It’s open it’s just a pinnata has a shipping label on you know one side of me and then a custom message you can go to pinnata Grammy.com and send Opinión to somebody with your custom message on the pinnata. Right and so it’s a it’s just a business. I partnered with but you know I do you know a couple thousand at a buck fifty per unit of those a month right.

Speaker 16:                        [00:46:09]               For his business and that pays for the cost of the warehouse. I wouldn’t say how it’s a revenue stream there’s no expense and instead of just having a warehouse where I’ve got to cover all the cost of everything off of my own business I leverage other people. I’ve also got many partners that we do fulfillment for. I just put together a deal with magnesium and electrolyte product college and product and all that I got people clamoring for me to help them not only sell their stuff for them on Amazon and build out their marketing will for 25 percent of the take but I also charge unfulfillment so this year also Well this has been a couple of years since I set this up but I really kind of a beta had been beta testing it but I started a business called Integris ship Integra ship dot com.

Speaker 16:                        [00:46:56]               It’s a shipping company that I own. It’s like ship station except for I provide it for free. There is no monthly charge to it. It’s FREE. Right. But what it does is it gives you a discount shipping rate Quaye on on shipments and it integrates with eBay and Amazon and Etsy and your Web site and all the WordPress shopping cards in Wal-Mart and you know pay pal and it also tracks everything in quick books you can hook it up to everything and have this multiday channel shipping platform. It’s FREE. Get a better discount shipping right. So what I do is my three clients right the people that I do shipping for them I don’t do much Amazon prepping because there’s so many guys out there that are just so much better at it than I am.

Speaker 16:                        [00:47:39]               JOHN BULLARD And Gary Baird. And you know Stephen Shifman worldwide fulfillment and you know all these guys that do prepping that are doing it for a long time you know. But I like three people because the instead of sending me a box of 15 or 20 different items that I have to Tetris into another box and label and ship it to Amazon for you. I’d rather just have you send me pallets of one of the one key thing that you sell. Put that up on my palm racks and when we sell it just you know pull down cases and send it directly to the customer for you for more money than you would pay me for doing prepping right. So these strips. So I learned how to adapt where by going out have a warehouse I’m going to have other people pay for it.

Speaker 16:                        [00:48:19]               So now the work the workers that work there right. In the space and the power of the Internet and everything is paid by other businesses that I partner with. So now all of my inventory is stored packed and shipped and dealt with at no cost.

Stephen:                             [00:48:35]               So think about competitively you’re selling the same water bottle. I am who has the advantage right. You have that cost covered where I don’t so competitively. That’s a huge huge tool.

Stephen:                             [00:48:47]               And let’s say you do sell or fulfilled prime now and you can do that with cost. You know what it’s struggling against that are you.

Nathan:                                [00:48:54]               I don’t do so. Setterfield prime actually because it’s for what I do it’s dangerous.

Speaker 13:                        [00:48:59]               Here’s a prime example right with that. If you’re if you’re doing what I ship out right now during the fourth quarter our average has been about 70 100 units a day.

Stephen:                             [00:49:10]               Fulfilled that we ship out ourselves. Right.

Stephen:                             [00:49:14]               And basically you know those shipments we have to stay on top of that but if you do sell or fulfill prime if you do merchant fulfill prime right if you don’t get that product the shipping label printed out and logged in on Amazon by 5:00 p.m. or the next day that hurts your metrics that seller prime. I mean you want to have that prime logo next to your deal. But sometimes it’s not worth it at the cost of your metrics and POS and potentially lose out really having a structure in place to add processes to it don’t don’t bite off more. Well well here’s here’s a prime example. Yesterday there was a sub driver for USPS United States Postal Service. They every day they come by with a big truck and I have to wheat. We shipped pallets with them every day. Right.

Stephen:                             [00:50:04]               And yesterday they didn’t show up. It got around [4:00] o’clock and because they didn’t show up in those items didn’t get scanned in. That can hurt your metrics on Amazon. So I literally had to call the postmaster and say hey what’s going on because we’re at the mercy of them and there was a sub driver that just didn’t realize they needed to come by our warehouse and pick it up. That’s

Speaker 13:                        [00:50:25]               another beautiful thing now. You know you want to choose your battles. But now that I have a warehouse it’s opened up a you know a massive door of opportunity for instance.

Nathan:                                [00:50:37]               All these partners that I go out and find these businesses I literally have a guy out there hunting businesses that have that are clueless about selling online and on Amazon and he’s bringing them to me and I’m paying him a piece of the 25 percent that I make for managing all their stuff online. But to be able to bring those people into my warehouse got an office in my warehouse. We sat down talked they could see everything going on because the my my warehouses hold to the brim right now so it’s legitimizes what you’re doing to them.

Stephen:                             [00:51:04]               There’s that. And you know there’s a lot of things that it can do for you but not only that you know having this warehouse expense having to buy a forklift and pallet racking and pallets and hire people that you’re going to hire on and pay them every week and you know the overhead of that. I think it’s good to push yourself into that position when you’re ready so that it’s like Man I need to go. It’s like that’s how you keep from getting complacent and you persevere you keep pushing yourself into positions where it’s a little bit scary and outside of your comfort zone.

Speaker 17:                        [00:51:35]               Don’t go too far with it. Don’t put yourself over the edge where you could lose everything. You know like don’t take. Don’t go mortgage your house and go buy Bitcoin. Right.

Speaker 13:                        [00:51:44]               But you know it’s like it’s like go slow and steady but push yourself keep pushing yourself a little bit more and more outside of that comfort zone and and start realizing that leveraging other people’s time leveraging other people’s knowledge and leveraging other people’s resources or money is the key to growing your business and you’re going to have to be an entrepreneur. At one point you know the you know what the word entrepreneur means it’s a French word risk taker. Right so that’s one thing how you persevered because about this. You think I could do I could have handled another year of boxes stacked up in my house my kids you know you know with identity though.

Stephen:                             [00:52:28]               You’re still excited 19 years later Nathan right you describe starting in 1998 on eBay. 19 years later you’re still excited. Oh. That’s the coolest thing as I listened to you.

Stephen:                             [00:52:41]               I know you’ve had incredible growth and it didn’t just happen. And you surrounded yourself with 44000 members and suddenly team by the way there were 44000 Facebook members in my life silent team.

Stephen:                             [00:52:54]               Incredible by surrounding 600000 our list 600000 asked.

Stephen:                             [00:53:00]               It’s just incredible to me to hear somebody 19 years later. You’re like a kid growing up you listen to it from my side. I’m listening. I’m like oh my god he’s so excited. That’s perseverance. Right. I mean that’s what pushes me through.

Stephen:                             [00:53:13]               When junk happens well you gratitude there are two words I live by gratitude and expectancy of gratitude for everything that happens. I wake up every morning and the first word that I say that comes out of my mouth every day is a habit. It’s just gratitude. Right gratitude and then expectancy I expect that great things are going to happen. And when you have this type of mentality and you have this type of mindset it’s really hard. It’s just it’s like the law of the universe.

Stephen:                             [00:53:45]               Great things come your way. You know you get back what you put out you know and for me it’s easy to be excited about this business because it meets those three criteria. It never gets boring to me. But I will be honest we I mean you know I mean you know I get people that you know communicate with me over Facebook or I go to the conference people and everyone is just sit around and talk Amazon Amazon Amazon and yeah you talk about it all day everyday is boring but I mean really once you’re getting the results and you can actually share that with somebody else hey look what I did you know that to me that to me is cool and then you know brain goes Oh you did that. Well

Stephen:                             [00:54:22]               let me try that. Oh here let me combine it with what I did then Jim comes back was Well why don’t you guys do this.

Speaker 13:                        [00:54:27]               I mean what really excites me the most is and I get to work around a genius like Jim Cockrum everyday and Brett Barlin these guys that are just they. I’ll be honest with you they have something that I don’t have. And that is very uncommon to find in other people it’s like it’s like it’s like being a singer you’re either born with it you’ve got it or you don’t. You know it’s like you can’t just develop you know into a wannabe.

Stephen:                             [00:54:51]               Yeah you always that when you look at an American Idol and you’re like somebody should have been honest with you and you said you were very good at it.

Nathan:                                [00:54:58]               You either have it or you don’t. You know what I’m saying. With with with the genius side of Jim Cockrum it’s amazing to like say hey I got this idea. You know that’s kind of my thing is I’m the idea machine you know I’ll get things going but my idea is just an average idea or a good idea. Sometimes it’s a great idea but it doesn’t become the right idea until Jim looks at it and analyzes it and says yeah you should position it like this. And that idea this is where you will this is how you really want to approach it. I can tell you he’s diverted me away from so many bad ideas and not well thought out things.

Speaker 13:                        [00:55:30]               And that’s that’s really for me one of the benefits behind coaching or having a mentor doing masterminding or having partners or having relationships in the business is you get to learn and you get to grow and I think that’s how human nature works Stephen. If if if you’re continually growing you have to grow. That’s why most people are so dissatisfied at their day job is they’re not growing. They’re

Stephen:                             [00:55:51]               stuck. They’re

Stephen:                             [00:55:53]               in that position but that’s the design of those businesses. That’s what they’re designed for. They’re not. That’s not the creative. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t encourage creativity. You know I sit here and listen to you. It’s like iron sharpens iron. He always says that to me is like iron sharpens iron. And it’s so it’s I’m listening to you talking about the Andy Slamdance and he says you know ironist irons or iron you know and so I see that with you and Jim and you know again I should make sure people understand. I don’t benefit in any way. I’m not an affiliate or anything like that. I just believe in the power of team and the power of getting into networks and 44000 members and a Facebook group says something that just doesn’t happen overnight. Six hundred thousand members and the other group that just doesn’t magically happen that’s been intentional.

Stephen:                             [00:56:44]               And so the success that you guys have the number of people that I’ve had on my show that have come through proven Amazon courses enormous. I mean it’s just a lot of them credit it credit that with getting them started and keeping them. I think that was that description you keeping them on track. So let’s close with this. I want to say this. You know Steve there’s a benefit in any way other than I get to see somebody have success. And to me that’s my win. If I see somebody like Aha get it. That’s a win for me. What’s the best way they can join my silent team. The Facebook group for free. Oh absolutely. That’s right. They just make sure that you’re real. If somebody is interested in coaching it again Stephen doesn’t benefit. If somebody is interested in coaching if this stuff is connected with you you said hey I like what he’s talking about. I’m looking for that. What’s the best way for somebody to find out more information.

Stephen:                             [00:57:35]               You know the best thing to do is is to have a you know take like 10000 foot view of where you’re at versus where you want to be and then contrast that to what we’ve been able to do for other people in it in a similar situation. Nobody sees them but they need to go to Jim Cockrum coaching dot com and they need to schedule for just a free strategy session and my consultants they’re awesome people they’re courteous.

Stephen:                             [00:58:05]               You know it’s it’s for them if they don’t feel like like they can really help you they’re going to push you in the direction of what’s going to help you first. I mean some people aren’t ready for the step of getting a coach. I mean you have to be in the right time and place in your life to really benefit from it. I mean we’re very careful about who we will allow to do it.

Stephen:                             [00:58:25]               But you know what they’ll do is they’ll they’ll they’ll talk to you about what the options are so you know you may not realize that you can do this or that or they’ll take a look at your business and they’ll be like OK this is what you’re doing. Did you know about this do you know about this case. These are the things that we would be able to teach you. This is you know and then if you feel that coaching will be a benefit for you they can literally custom and tailor and structure something specific for you that fits around your budget that fits around how much time you’re putting into the business you know where you’re at and if you’re a brand new beginner great will help you.

Stephen:                             [00:58:59]               If you’re intermediate we’ll that’s that’s where we think we’ve got the most impact. And even people that are million dollar salaries we coach them. I mean you know one of our one of my favorite case studies that I like to put out there for people to look at is Mike Brown Deathwish coffee. I mean it’s massive now. You know he’s the number one best selling coffee in the world on Amazon bigger than Folgers and Maxwell House and these other brands. You know I like to show people Brett Bartlett I love to show people like Barrington Macintosh and you know Robin Johnson all people that have come through our coaching that have gone on to to really do huge things.

Speaker 18:                        [00:59:34]               And you know what they did it. I

Stephen:                             [00:59:37]               mean we get to collect the success story and we have lists and lists and lists of them. I mean so many success stories I can’t even keep up with it. But really it’s the glory is all to them and the man upstairs you know they did the work they took the action and you know what we were just we were just blessed to be a part of that process. That’s why I think I’m so excited about what I do Steven is man. I’ve been part of that process for so many people. I know what I’m capable of. I’ve I’ve helped change people’s lives. And those people come back to change my life. And man it’s there’s something going on including more sickness. It’s a lot of what you describe.

Stephen:                             [01:00:14]               It made perfect sense to me. Take a look at your business and look at the delta between and what you’re describing that will show you the opportunities right. And if you have to pay for somebody to help you fill in those gaps so be it because you want it as fast as you can. The good news is you figured out those gaps and you could get that adjustable just love it. OK so Jim Cockrum coaching doc if you’re interested in that and again I don’t benefit other than seeing you succeed. WILSON Well that’s powerful.

Stephen:                             [01:00:45]               Well maybe we should do like maybe a fundraiser for something cool I love military veterans. I’m involved with the Green Beret foundation and if there’s any military veterans or you know. Yes we do. We raised thirty five hundred dollars that we gave to the Salvation Army for hurricane relief through people standing over there. You know why don’t we say that anybody that he listens to this if they mention Steven Peterson if they call in to Jim Cockrum coaching will donate 10 percent of the proceeds of all of that to a charity of our choosing.

Stephen:                             [01:01:28]               That’s very very kind. Let’s get something done.

Nathan:                                [01:01:30]               Let’s change the world in profound.

Stephen:                             [01:01:32]               Yeah that’s awesome. OK. So if somebody has a follow up question for you specifically then what’s the best way to get you.

Stephen:                             [01:01:40]               You know I would say add me as a friend on facebook update your Facebook contact.

Stephen:                             [01:01:45]               Yeah. Nathan Bailey add me as a friend on Facebook and PM me. You know I mean it’s crazy sometimes I’m up told one o’clock two o’clock in the morning just going into my other folders and are excited and see that just add me as a friend first because I might not see the message. But yeah. PM me on Facebook and you know that’s the beautiful thing about me and Jim in our organization is like we’re not too big to answer people personally like you know you don’t go through layer of layer layer to get to us and talk to us and ask a question. I mean we’re right on. We love it. We like it’s real.

Stephen:                             [01:02:18]               Yeah that matters that matters. It’s all right well man I appreciate it. I knew you’re the right person to start it off. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much I wish you nothing but success.

Stephen:                             [01:02:29]               This it’s such an honor. Thank you for having me on today.

Stephen:                             [01:02:33]               Man is he enthusiastic. I’m so jazzed. I’m so pumped right now. After talking with him and he’s like that in person too it’s real. It’s in your face. It is. You’re going to do it and you’re going to be successful period because you have it anyway. And I think he’s so right on. Love it. Love it. Love it. E-commerce woman AMCOM 8. Don’t forget my sponsors solutions for e-commerce. Karen Locher another member of that group. She’s been unbelievable. She’s had a great year and she’s really done great things. I’m excited. I’m excited. She’s not going to be so excited when I tell her all the products that we’re bringing in this year. But man they just buckle down and take care of it for us. So lucky to have her. So it’s solutions the number four e-commerce dot com forward slash momentum.

Stephen:                             [01:03:19]               You’re going to save 50 bucks. And she’s going to do an inventory health report if you haven’t done one. It’s 2018 you just got done with 4 x storage fees. You got to get them long term storage fees are coming. Winter is coming. Got to get it off. So have her do that report for us. Very powerful. And it will help you be smarter about your business solutions for e-commerce dot com forward slash momentum. Take care.

Cool voice guy:                  [01:03:46]               Thanks for listening to the e-commerce momentum podcast all the links mentioned today can be found at e-commerce momentum dot com under base episode number. Please remember to subscribe and like us on iTunes.



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