090 : Orr Ben-Zvy – Lessons from an Entrepreneurial Culture brought into the eCommerce World (btw..He is incredibly successful!)

Orr Ben-Zvy

Orr Ben-Zvy



Orr comes from a historically entrepreneurial culture, he knew from an early age he would have his own business, he really knew nothing else. Imagine your biggest decision was what business you would start, not if! Love the focus and clearly the determination his upbringing has brought him, he will know nothing but success. Let me also add though that Orr is a very humble, non flashy seller that flies below the radar, he’s not in many Facebook groups, he just started coming to conferences but like others I have interviewed, he put his head down and did the work! Worth listening to the end discussion about discipline, strengths, relationships and processes!


Orr Mentioned:

obenzvy@gmail.com  This is Orr’s email if you are interested in a West Coast prep center.





“You’re always learning, that’s why I went to the conference”

“It takes a lot of cash to scale up a retail business”

“At scale, you need a competitive advantage”

“Almost impossible to scale a wholesale business without employees!”

“There is immense value in mastering one area before moving to another!”



Golden Nuggets:

Be SO disciplined in your buying rules and you will be successful!



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