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097 : Max Abreu – Large scale business at a very young age! Not only possible but frankly it is only the start of their business!

Max Abreu

Max Abreu


Max and his business partner Garland Sullivan are two smart young guys! They have a competitive advantage, they aren’t afraid to take risks. As Max says, you know what you are doing, just put the plan into action and follow through. Sage advice from two young guys, but you know they are delivering so you have to give them the respect they deserve! By the way they were suspended on Amazon twice last year, yes twice. They are proof you can rise from the dead, as long as you are willing to swallow your pride and admit your mistakes, ask for forgiveness, then really follow through with what you said you were going to do! Fix it, move forward and then put your head down and go to work!





Max mentioned:

Max’s Facebook Link

Feedback Genius

Asia to Amazon– Andy Slamans and Maggie Cusons course on Private Label

FBA Wholesale Community -Dan Meadors and Eric Lambert’s Free Facebook Group where you can learn about their wholesale training program: The Wholesale Formula

Neat Receipts Scanner

Neat Receipts Desktop Scanner

Fujitsu Scanner



“We are on the right track, we are on to something!”

“There is always so much to do, just go in and do it!”

“Build systems that run themselves, create self sustaining departments”

“One sale is not worth the risk of losing your account!”



Golden Nuggets:

Start measuring every day- #Units, Potential Profit, Buy Cost. Try to grow that everyday!


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