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Gary Baird

Gary Baird


Gary has been a “part-time” entrepreneur for a long time, anyone remember “Carlton Sheets”? Gary’s ability to scale a major eCommerce business while working as a full time teacher shows his skills in motivating others. He has 7 part time employees with an interesting commission plan who are really driving his incredible growth. He focuses on training, patiently, and has a learn from your mistakes attitude. Teaching and more importantly summers off have given him trial runs for his launching this year to becoming a full-time seller. Gary also has been a coach (great transferable skillset) for Jim Cockrum for several years and also does private coaching for sellers.






Gary mentioned:

Seller essentials


Great information site for the beginner to the most seasoned Veteran Sellers.


Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course – Jim Cockrum He’s on a mission to help entrepreneurs THRIVE – and it’s working! Why Listen to what Jim has to say about business success? Over pac250,000 already do listen, and the testimonials are pouring in. Jim is ranked among the most trusted Internet Marketers in the world (among hundreds of ‘experts’ his name keeps showing up on top) according to the 40,000 voting members of one independent watch dog service he was voted number one “most trusted”.He actively sells on Amazon & eBay (since 1997) and he has a large network of his former students turned partners & coaches who all run successful businesses online themselves, while helping others do the same. He’s sold or helped his clients sell tens of millions of dollars of products and services online since 2000. His training helps everyone from stay home entrepreneurs seeking to start successful online businesses, to large corporate clients seeking to use the Internet as a creative marketing tool. He’s earned his full-time living from the Internet since 2002, and he works full-time studying effective Internet strategies while sharing with anyone who will listen about his proven, creative approach to success online and in life!

Essential Daily Deals  – Profitable items delivered to your inbox every week day, no work from you (Gain back time!)

Gary’s private coaching – Reach out to him if you are looking to grow you business.


“Empower your staff to ALSO develop relationships with store managers”


Gold-NuggetGolden Nuggets:

Have your sourcers work in your warehouse to see hassles (so they stop buying items that take more time than they are worth), second benefit is they see what others are sourcing so they pick up great other product ideas to source.



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