136 : Greg Purdy – Leveling up Multiple Streams of Income with Amazon, Ebay and Information Services

Greg Purdy

Greg is a great example of leveling up and out a lifestyle business. He pursues what the market is missing, he wants to be what the market is looking for. Great lesson here in how to create a business in a busy market, listen to what people are asking. Simple! His Seller Essentials (he does have partners) has made it to the number one spot on Google for several Amazon FBA related searches. That’s not easy, that takes effort and focus. Greg fights the shiny object syndrome like the rest of us, but the difference is, he has proven you can fight through it.



Gregs background interview- Episode #002

Essential Daily Deals

My FBA Team – How to Hire/Train/Retain your team!

Seller Essentials

Essential Wholesale & Liquidation

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Questions- From Essential Wholesale & Liquidation

Q- I want to start buying wholesale pallets. Are there any requirements other than having money?

Q- I am looking for pallets or truckloads of MRE’s. Is there anyone selling any here?

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