116 : John Dugan – 300 hotel nights plus 42 states add in 49,000 miles and a lot of negotiation and you too will find success selling on Amazon

John Dugan

John Dugan, aka the Resale Rabbit has hit the road hard. He has experienced America and spent a lot of windshield time and takes you along with him on his Youtube channel: Resale Rabbit where he gives great advice given really cheap (free), so check him out.


Resale Rabbit Youtube account

John’s Facebook Account

Johns solid advice:

1- Give up control! Use FBA, use a repricer, get local help

2- Compete with yourself not others- Others success is their success, look inward rather than outward

Georgia fun

Georgia Fun

Having fun

You have to laugh at yourself!

Warehouse 1

Warehouse deliveries


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