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098 : Anna Hill – Starting a business starts with a separate checkbook and other sound building blocks!

Anna HillThanks goodness Anna found out about eCommerce selling! Her experience in it tied to her experience with Public Accounting makes a great combination that we all can benefit from. Our “Plain Speak” accounting discussion where she helps with foundational business principles will help anyone start or more importantly get back on track in their business.

Anna mentioned:

Anna Hill Boot Camp  – Teaching eCommerce business owners how to do their accounting effectively and correctly.

Accounting we will go Facebook Group


“I remember hearing others warn that things will get hard once this Frozen Fever is over, guess what they were right”

“This is me, I need to help others, I need to do this! That is how my free group got started”

Gold-NuggetGolden Nuggets:

Start with a separate business checking account!


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