072 : Nathan Slamans – Jumpstart into a New Amazon Business in Private Label, Wholesale….Get started today!

Nathan Slamans

Nathan Slamans



One conversation with Nathan and you will know right away this kid (He’s younger than my son!) knows his stuff and he is going to be successful. He comes from a family of Executives, Craftsman and Entrepreneurs and clearly has learned well from them. He decided to give up a promising Financial Services Career to feed his hunger for Entrepreneurship (with the blessing of his new wife of course!). What I love is he decided EARLY in his career, before the what if’s start or the regrets start to appear and cause self-doubt. He has partnered with his Uncle Andy Slamans (Interview # 1) for a course on starting out on Amazon, Growing into other layers on Amazon, Adding Private Label, Wholesale and most importantly a Jumpstart to take your business to the next level.





Nathan mentioned:

SlamazonBros Facebook Group

Jumpstart into Amazon with the Slamazon Bros course (Hurry expires February 28th 2016)

Slamazon Bros You tube


“Hard work is still the number one thing you need to have to be successful”

“How to You Tube is how I continue to get sharper!”




Golden Nuggets:

Delegate some of the processes you currently have, buy time!



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