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Are you thinking big picture or little commercials?

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Do you know where you see yourself in 5 years?house-number-172512_960_720

5 months?five-1426633_960_720

Or even 5 days?billiard-1430094_960_720

Do you have certainty where you are going, why you are going there and what you want from it?

If so, you have an advantage! A big advantage!


I think most people have a short term view of where they are, where they are going and what they want. They tend to think of their life as a commercial. A 30-60 second look into the future where your past pushes you towards something, where your future looks like a plate of spaghetti.spaghetti All intertwined, mixed up and yet somehow connected. You know there is a beginning and an end, you just don’t know where.

Maybe there is another way? Ponder this:

I think in this crazy fast paced changing every minute world we are part of, it makes more sense to have a shorter vision, but with a long term focus.



Think Sopranos made into a movie. Small stories tied together, moving in and out almost breathing. Almost lifelike helping you work towards the light! Your North Star, your special place. The sweet spot. Where you are at a high, a low, a middle and an end. Almost Zen.

balanced stones


Where the natural seems ordinary, where everything flows towards your future. You’re future you have chosen, or maybe it has been chosen for you? Either way it’s okay as long as you keep the picture in focus. So find your short stories, weave them together and produce the masterpiece you are meant to be.!painter-1137334_960_720



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