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Level Up not just Scale Up


We all know the saying, you need to “Scale up” your business. Heck I say it in my podcast all the time: ” Put the processes in place to scale up your business”.scale

 I am now thinking that a better phrase is to “Level Up” your business.

When I think of leveling up, I think of improving all aspects of your business and also your life, yes your I think that any “Lifestyle” business has to have a large emphasis on “Life” to be a fulfilling business.

So take stock of where you are in every segment/department/cycle of your business.

Evaluate what is working good, better and then best.

Best is “World class”, cutting edge, none-better, you are the shi! type of level.trophy

If a segment is already at the top keep doing it faster, yes faster, a level up.

The better stuff is next.

I am sure you think it is counter-intuitive. The natural inclination is to fix the bad or broken stuff first. We tend to think that offers the best return. Enhancing or leveling up your “better” to bring it to the “Best” level. You can then do that task/cycle faster too and reap the benefits of what that brings. Then of course work on leveling up your “good” level to “better” then to “Best” , etc..

Wash , rinse and repeat.wash'

You see this is a process and this process will form habits and habits create results and results create even bigger levels.

So level up starting today.level


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