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Are you lying to yourself? (Too?)


Are you lying to yourself?lying-1562272_960_720

Be honest. I mean really honest.

Admit you are not there all the time. You aren’t always engaged when you say you are. You drift off into your special place to get away.

We all do it, we all lie to ourselves. We say man that was a great workout, I left it all on the floor. When in reality you finished each set a few seconds early. stretching-498256_960_720You started shutting down before they said to, you let go early. It’s natural. It’s perfectly reasonable given that you feel the entrepreneurial emotional ups and downs. But those little lies, those innocent stretches of the truth are the reason you are falling short of your target. You missed your goals and deep down you know why. but you blame something else. You pass it off due too the weather, the economy, you’re tired, you’re getting old after all!

We have all read that Colonel Sanders opened his first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise when he was 62 years old. kfc-1574389_960_720Heck, Ronald Reagan didn’t run for public office until he was 55 years old and he later became President. Age is just a number as they say.

Don’t let that define your abilities!

You can do more, you can be the change in the future that you want.

Let me say that again: You can be the change in the future that you want!

What does that future look like?

Stop excusing your time and start using it to bring you closer to your why.

You will be better for it.






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