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124 : Dan & Gina Wagner – A Successful couple working together to grow their mega business! A simple T-Shirt Business (Not)

Dan & Gina Wagner

Dan & Gina have an incredible relationship, they work together, live together and basically play together. When you listen to this couple pay attention to how they treat each other, they show respect! A real mutual respect and they credit that plus a separate work space as the secrets to their success. This couple was introduced to me as the T-Shirt couple, yes simple T-Shirts! Oh, they sell millions of dollars worth! We spend some time how they got started, grew, changed direction, grew, changed direction, and then figured it out together as a couple. My takeaway from this conversation is they are artists that create “works of art” listings. Listen hard and you will get the same vibe too. We speak a bit about them getting into merchant fulfillment due to the changes Amazon has been making namely increased fees, box content requirements, long term storage fees along with a few others. (Note I have heard this from others too!)




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Women’s Flat Track Derby Association




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Coach Dan and the team!



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