322 : Alex Moss – Speed and accuracy are the keys to working with large amounts of Amazon data


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The rest of us see an incredible sales channel with Amazon while Alex Moss sees data. Ok he sees tons and tons and tons of data. Data that he wants you to use, to slice and dice and find profitable items to sell on Amazon. His passion for this has not waned. Honestly I think he is more excited in this episode three years later than when we talked in 2016. Crazy! His excitement is contagious. Get ready to do simultaneous accurate multiple searches even faster!



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Transcript: (note- this is a new tool I am trying out so it is not perfect- it does seem to be getting better)

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Stephen:                             [00:00:46]               Doesn’t cost anything to get on a waiting list and if you like her service, which I find that most people do that, that’s why there’s not so many openings. Um, you’ll be with her for a long time. And so it’s amazing freedom.com. She’s part of Andy Slam. It’s group amazing freedom.com. Forward slash momentum. And you’re going to get in the waiting list. That’s all I can get you on right now. You can use my name and see if that gets you anywhere. But what I like about in the uh, what I like about what they teach in that group or the things that are going on, you know, the current things. I’ve seen a lot of stuff going on about stores going out of business. Well here’s where an opportunity is, here’s why you want to do this. Hey, be cautious about this, you know, with toys r US coming out, you’ve got to think about this and that’s the learning that you need to do.

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Stephen:                             [00:02:09]               I did put any listings up. They got a. They got a set off to the side by Amazon and they reactivate them for me. You know what I mean? That’s the stuff that just happens when you have a strong team and I can’t recommend Karen enough if you use my code. Momentum. Karen pays me. I don’t want to hide that. Of course we all know that, but you’re going to say $50 and it’s a great opportunity to really, really build out your team with somebody you can trust. That’s why I recommend them. So solutions four ecommerce solutions, the number four e-commerce dot com, forward slash momentum. It’s going to save you $50. Oh, and by the way, she’s going to do an inventory health report. Why is that important? Well, guess what fees are going up. Is your inventory health number declining like ours is?

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Stephen:                             [00:04:28]               That’s what you want to. You want to take advantage of that, right? I mean it’s, it’s fair to see and so therefore you can take and apply it to your listing and immediately get that same benefit. That’s what scope does for me. Sellerlabs.com, forward slash momentum. It’s going to save you $50 on the service. Oh, by the way, it’s free to try. So sign up, try it and say, oh, this is how it’s done. Boom. And then you’re going to. The light’s going to go on and you’re going to be like, man, I can get my products out there. I just can’t wait. Can’t wait. So are labs.com forward slash momentum? The other day I bought another domain. Yes, I bought it the other domain. It’s almost like A. I’m admitting guilt, but it’s because I had an idea and it was something that was a pretty good idea I think is going to go pretty far.

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Cool voice guy:                  [00:07:13]               Welcome to the ecommerce moment, didn’t podcasts. We focus on the people, the products, and the process of ecommerce selling today. Here’s your host, Steven Peterson.

Stephen:                             [00:07:27]               Welcome back to the ECOMMERCE momentum podcast. This is episode 322, Alex Moss, man. Oh Man. It’s been a long time since I’ve had alex on the show. It blows my mind to think what his product, tactical arbitrage, the difference from what it was then, which was cutting edge to what it is now. And he uses some pretty cool metaphors to describe it and it, it’s, it’s really neat to see. And it, what’s also neat to me is to listen to him, you know, this many years into it, still be so excited about it. Still gets so giddy about it. It’s not very expensive. And yet he can still get so excited about somebody who’s done something with it and it gives them a thrill. You just don’t hear that. Um, and I make a point of this at the end of the call because he does make an offer. I’m a, it’s an amazing offer.

Stephen:                             [00:08:16]               It’s a number one author. He’s never offered this. It is absolutely the longest offer out there, but he makes a point, um, you know, I make a point about consistency over time and I don’t want you to think you don’t want you to lose that. It is just so important to think about consistency over time. When I look for people, you know, not somebody who just has a startup and that’s cool, but you want to see, are they going to be there six months from now? You know, you put a lot of effort and energy to learn that and they’re not around where they don’t keep up with it. Here’s somebody’s been here for years now and it’s been getting better and better and better. Those are the people you want to align yourself with. And you know, I make the point. Q four is coming.

Stephen:                             [00:08:55]               Got to learn it. If you’re, if you’re planning to compete this year because it’s gonna, be a little more challenging. Well guess what? You need better data. And the way you do it is learning this stuff and now’s the time to put your head down to learn this stuff. Not when September comes along and you’re like, I gotta buy stuff now. I’ve got to buy stuff now and if you’re trying to learn this too, you know, I hate to say it’ll be a, it’s not too late, but it, it just going to make it more challenging for yourself. So if you’re interested in listening to his offer again, um, I look for consistency over time and so should you. It’s a very cool story and he’s got such a great guy. Let’s get into the podcast. Alright, welcome back to the ecommerce women, a podcasts. Very excited about today’s guest because, believe it or not, he’s actually, we’re recording this and he’s a day ahead of me. So it’s tomorrow and his land and yet it’s today in Milan and I’m trying to figure it all out and he’s a repeat. But man, we totally yours. How long it’s been since we’ve been together. Alex Moss, welcome Alex. how you doing? Welcome back. I should say, do we have not talked on on air now we’ve seen each other of course, but since September of 2016. Is that incredible?

Alex:                                      [00:10:02]               Has it been that long? Really? Wow.

Stephen:                             [00:10:04]               It’s amazing. It just blows my mind because I don’t know when I last saw you, I didn’t make it to rocky mountain, but I did see you maybe in Vegas or somewhere and you know, we caught up for a moment or two. Um, life has happened for everybody, right? You know, things going on. And you were, you were the most popular guy at the place. Everybody wants to spend time with Alex Moss. Talking about tactical arbitrage. You get that when you go to these meetups, um, you feel. Does that feel in closing on you or do you love it?

Alex:                                      [00:10:36]               I do, but I, I do love it, but I traditionally steer the conversation away from tactical arbitrage for a few minutes just so that I can, I get to know the person and just have, you know, maybe we grab a beer or we have a chat and inevitably the conversation rolls around the tea. Everybody’s looking for that one little hidden gem of information that I can give them that will give them the edge of course. But um, yeah, it’s also my love as well. It’s my passion and I enjoy talking about my business and I enjoy learning about other people and what they’re doing.

Stephen:                             [00:11:05]               Yeah, and I think that’s one of the best comments I’ve always heard about you and tea is you’re accessible. You guys are accessible. I mean, I know you have a whole bunch of people helping in. You’ve got a bunch of good friends that help you to have that really helps steer the ship, but, but you are approachable and accessible and I think that that’s powerful because they’ve been saying that now for several years. That’s, that’s real value, my friend, that that means that you’re bringing value to people. And I, I, I hope you never changed that. You never lose that approachability and accessibility because it’s so important.

Alex:                                      [00:11:40]               I can’t change your Amoco.

Stephen:                             [00:11:43]               Yeah. You know, it’s funny. In our pre call we were talking a little bit about it. Alex has a love of film and I don’t want to miss this because I just think it’s so cool to me. I mean, he’s got a tattoo of film around his arm when you it and uh, it’s just, it’s just neat. I always notice it and I’m always like, Oh man, that’s right. He was into it. You were, you were really into it at one time. Does that love, I mean, did, did tea or your kids, you’ve had new kids to replace the love for film or is that still in your gut that you know, someday you can get back to?

Alex:                                      [00:12:14]               No, I absolutely do love for all my of people know my story that I came from a television production company that I had, was operating myself. Uh, the, the name of the company was visual magic productions and if anyone ever looks at the little url at the top of the page when it’s scanning and technical arbitrage, you’ll see that it actually says technical arbitrage.com/visual magic slash. And then it’s basically, uh, the, the rest of the product search type url from there. And that’s my little homage to my film business that I started in the year 2000. And uh, that, that grew and grew. And I eventually was working for the TV show survivor. And it’s, it was such a, such a fun life was such amazing, colorful people and I still maintain those connections. Uh, it’s nice to catch up with those guys because most of them haven’t got a clue what I do with tactical arbitrage or what that even is.

Alex:                                      [00:13:13]               And so we just chat about film and TV and, and uh, that kind of thing. Um, and uh, since starting tea I haven’t had as much time to pursue my film and TV aspirations. So, um, I do some things with the family. Like the other day we went on a ski trip to Queenstown and I got one of those new little Gopros and I attached that to my chest and then again to my helmet and we were skiing down the slopes and creating some good little clips that we could cut together at home with my, with my stepson. And, uh, I just thought that’d be fun. It still gives, it still keeps me connected to sort of why I love doing,

Stephen:                             [00:13:53]               which it did it. Did it bring it back for you? I mean, did it like. I mean, like, yeah, there’s the shot. There’s the, I mean I know you guys have your own language and your own lingo, but I mean it was it there for you in those moments.

Alex:                                      [00:14:04]               Yeah, yeah, we, we, then you go. Pros are really cool because you can actually have a look back at the footage right on the back of the screen. I had the old Gopro and you have to really take it, take it back to your computer at home and plug it in and have a look at the footage and see whether or not you’re pointing in the right direction, but with the new one you can, you can check out the shot as soon as you’ve done it and say, Oh man, that helmets tilted up too high or tilted down too low and you can adjust it so that you can get those great shots. And um, yeah, I have a lot of fun with that. I started getting really nerdy about it and having a great time. So I think

Stephen:                             [00:14:36]               very cool. And that also mentioned that you’ve been gone for a little over a week on a family vacation. That’s not, that doesn’t just happen. It’s a pretty complicated in your world because you’ve got so many moving pieces to your business. That’s a design life. I mean, do you feel looking where you’re at now, do you feel like you see where you’re going and you, you’re, you’re like filling in these blocks and kind of getting to where you want to go?

Alex:                                      [00:15:02]               It’s a difficult question because the, the, um, the goalposts are always moving. So I have a vision for the next stage and I try not to think too many stages head. I mean there is a bigger picture, but the bench, the goal posts are always shifting for me. So in my mind, tactical arbitrage. When we first spoke a couple of years ago, it was just a total. I was running around, it was banging his head on things. It wasn’t, you know, it wasn’t quite formed properly, but it was the only real is really the only thing in the space that you could do that you could use as a tool to search these Amazon products. And, uh, I’ve been evolving and evolving and over the last year I’ve seen it mature and grow and it’s getting to where I feel like it’s, it’s, it’s the maturity that I want it to be, but I still feel it’s not there and I always, you know, lot of fire under myself and try and make sure that I never rest on my laurels and keep continuing towards this imaginary future goal. But the thing is, as I keep adding more things and keep growing tactical arbitrage, I keep seeing areas that I can improve upon. And again, and again, and, and, um, and so yeah, I dunno whether or not the answer is that I’m headed towards an ultimate goal or not, but I’m certainly, um, certainly heading in a trajectory which is, which is not, it’s not a plateau at any point. It’s always sort of moving forwards and upwards.

Stephen:                             [00:16:26]               The fact that you could step away for that period of time tells me that you, you, you, it’s working. I mean, I, you know, I’m sure, like you said, it’s not there yet. And I’m sure there’s a million things you could do tonight, right, that you would love to get to, but you can’t. But the fact that you could step away that design, that’s design, Alex, that’s awesome.

Alex:                                      [00:16:42]               Critical to me though. And that’s part of the bigger picture as well. I have to make those moments. I mean, I’ve gotten, well not even a newborn anymore. She’s 10 months old now. It’s been so important to me to be there for as many moments as possible. So I’m always integrating into the business. The ability to say pick up the kids from daycare or not. But the little one’s in daycare yet, but my four year olds in daycare, I’m making sure I’m home of an evening, making sure that I’m awake during the hours that they’re awake for the story time and it’s time for holidays to take the kids away so that they get some one on one time with me because there are moments of absence where I’m sort of locked in the office in these, in these big development kind of moments. And then I come out and I feel like I’ve. I’ve missed a heartbeat or to, you know, and I’ve got going to like reconnect, so it’s a busy life, but it’s that it’s that amazing fun chaos of growth and kids and family and a lot of people listening know exactly what I’m talking about just when all of those pieces of flying around and there’s never a dull moment and I love every second of it.

Stephen:                             [00:17:45]               That’s awesome. Um, and one more thing we talked about was a travel. Um, it’s definitely harder for you to travel, like you said, you miss, you don’t want to miss those moments and it’s not like your clothes, you know, one of the things I want to make sure people understand you are in Australia. That’s hence the when I was talking about tomorrow and one of the interesting things about Australia this year was Amazon started Fba, um, this year. And I’m interested to get your perspective of it. Um, you know, what are you seeing being so close to Amazon, right? You’ve worked in it for so long and yet not having it in your place. Now it’s there. What can you talk about?

Alex:                                      [00:18:24]               Yeah, it sounds great. So when Amazon came into Australia, they originally were doing fbi though just doing the merchant fulfilled side of things and then a few months ago they introduced Fba and I noticed a lot more traction. I went out to a recent conference that I’ve got, which is called retail global and Amazon was a presence there and I went and spoke to Amazon there and I explained to me that prime was just about to launch and they couldn’t give me too many details. They’re all a bit hush hush about the news and them, uh, last month prime launched and it’s certainly gaining more and more traction within Australia. More and more people starting to use Amazon. Um, I’m starting to get those boxes turned up at my house, the personal use for personal reasons and toys for the kids and stuff around the kitchen. And, and I’m pretty sane. I think some of the bigger department stores are going to need to be a little bit nervous about Amazon’s presence in Australia. It’s, it’s, I’m growing at an exponential rate and there’s no stopping it.

Stephen:                             [00:19:20]               The prime addiction is going to be real. Like she better get control of it soon because all of a sudden he’ll come home and there’ll be 12 bucks is at your door and you’d be like, what did I do? It’s an addiction. It really is because it, you know, it’s funny, you know, we were up Friday night with a group of people and a couple of times subject came up. Oh, just get that on Amazon. It’s like now it’s just normal. Speak to say that. I’ll just get that on Amazon. I’ll get that on Amazon. It’s expected from so many people. They just like, do I go to the store now? It just shows up. I order it, boom. It shows up the next day or two days, whatever. And it’s phenomenal. I mean, it, it’s really. And these are, you know, I’m old you in the fifties and they’re like, just get it on Amazon. That confidence in that system has really, really grown here. And so it’s interesting. They didn’t launch with a giant bang over there, did they?

Alex:                                      [00:20:10]               No, they didn’t. It was kind of, um, it was, that was a little bit of a soft launch. They, they appeared on the scene, people were aware that they had opened, but they continue to just purchase from their regular places in a lot of cases. I’m not speaking for everybody, but a lot of people just see a familiar with, I’ll say big W or target or kmart or any of the Australian, uh, department stores. But um, over time and particularly like today actually is a, as we’re recording this, it’s prime day over here in Australia and I think a lot of people are trying Amazon for the first time now. I’ve obviously done a fair few shipments already to my home. And so I’m, I’m, you know, you’re preaching to the converted with me. I mean not just Australia, but from my experience in the US in Australia it’s the same.

Alex:                                      [00:20:57]               I order something and then the next day it’s on my doorstep. If, if I or from any of the other guys, the guys that we’ve been dealing with forever, you know, you put the order in and it’s a strategy or new, you know, three or four days later you might get a knock on the door from a career. It’s like, oh, that’s that thing that I ordered last week, so the convenience of Amazon just appearing the next day and the efficiency, all of the pieces of the puzzle are in place for these guys. They’ve got systems that are polished, so I’m more and more people are going to start to be aware of that. And uh, and I think that that transition than the big guys are going to start to get a little bit nervous I think.

Stephen:                             [00:21:36]               All right, let’s transition to this because we’re here to talk about tactical arbitrage. Your baby, your dream, your vision, as you said, it’s now matured. It’s that after teen, I would say, I think it’s in that young adult stage a little bit further along in a mature, just growing. I’m pushing boundaries. I mean, you know, I think about the difference from what it was, you know, think about it just two years ago we were talking and what it is today. I mean, the, the things that you’ve added on the, the qualities do. Let me ask first before I lose this. Um, can you use tactical arbitrage for Australia?

Alex:                                      [00:22:12]               Yes. Well, to be clear, I can, because I’ve actually built into it, what do you see? What happens is we build a feature and then it goes into what’s called a Beta state where I can run all the tests and just make sure everything is unlocked and perfectly, and then I release it member wide to the entire member base, so that feature is actually already been built and I’ve been testing it and it. It’s working exactly as it should. I’m one of the small things we had to wait for is that we integrate into which is a tool for Amazon. A lot of people will know who are listening to this. We integrate keeper into a tactical arbitrage and keep. It didn’t have that many Australian products in that database originally. Now they have hundreds of thousands in there, so it’s enough for us to start considering launching that. So we’ll, we’ll unlock Amazon Australia to the public to anybody who wants to use it in the coming days.

Alex:                                      [00:23:15]               But yeah, as far as the mature, the maturing of the software goes. Yeah. I get excited about the features that we’re adding all the time. I mean, you, you mentioned earlier that do I have sort of a bigger picture in mind and I guess I do have a bigger picture in mind to the point that I do consider the tactical arbitrage, like a young adult, um, and uh, and sort of ready to ready to, you know, be as mature as I kind of want it to be for want of a better metaphor. And I feel like there’s two really critical, uh, avenues that I had to be confident in before I can truly say that it had reached that point and one of them we solved a earlier this year, which is accuracy. Um, accuracy to me is a huge thing. There’s nothing worse than running a scan and then getting a whole bunch of products that don’t match to the source products.

Alex:                                      [00:24:13]               So you’re searching for a, uh, adult for instance, and you get shot in like 10 different dose from Amazon, which are not anything like the doll that you were trying to match it against. So accuracy was pivotable pivotal to me. So I introduced an extremely advanced image matching algorithm, which doesn’t just use image matching, but it also uses the title of the product. And so the coordinates, those two data points into a metric that we can with a high degree of confidence, say this is the product that you’re looking for in Amazon and we’re confident that it matches against the product that you are looking at over at your source, your source side. So accuracy. I believe it’s come leaps and bounds. And uh, the second part of that is speed. Now, um, this actually is being launched this week. Um, it may be launched by the time this has gone live and the speed factor of tactical arbitrage, um, has some limitations in that.

Alex:                                      [00:25:20]               When you run a search, a, you reach out, you, um, you go to a store, you have to look at the products in the store. This is what the software’s doing is having the software, there is collecting some key data points, like the price of the title, the image and whatnot ended up, comes across to Amazon and it. And it makes that advanced matching algorithm that we talked about and it, it says, well, this is the match and now we also need to extract all of the Amazon data points, which is that the price over here, the return after fees with what the return on investment would be, the rank, the average 30 day rank, et Cetera, et cetera. And it creates like this single row and the whole thing takes a few seconds. And, uh, I mean there’s a lot going on and it takes a few seconds, but I sort of limiting to a point because you know, everybody wants 100 products.

Alex:                                      [00:26:15]               The second of thing and we’ve, we’ve found, we sort of crack that open a little bit by introducing a feature called case, which is if somebody else had already done the search, um, in the last day or a couple of days, then we could give that data to you like super quickly as long as you kind of willing to put up with somebody else’s very recent search. So you would get that in a fraction of a second. So that was really cool. And we’d really subtle little while ago and that was well received, but um, I want us to take it one step further. So what we are releasing is the ability to run multiple searches simultaneously. So this is, this is something that I believe no other software has and we’re going to be first to market with this unless I’m missing something out there, but so the best of my knowledge we are going to be, we’re going to be the game changer here and that’s going to be multiple searches simultaneously.

Alex:                                      [00:27:12]               So what would it be for instances? Let’s say you want us to search a site like think geek, um, to see whether or not these products are ever. And I was on. So you start that search and the search has begun. So then you say, now let’s do another search. And so then you go, all right, now let’s such target but calm and we’re going to search the toys category in there. And now that search is operating as well. And we don’t need multiple accounts here. We’re all doing this in the one account. Mind you now, this is, this is what we are, what we’ve been able to achieve and that’s been a huge dream of mine since a couple of years ago to be able to accomplish this and you can have, you can, you can tell I’m excited by it.

Stephen:                             [00:27:52]               Well, you can hear it. Can you pause for a second? I just want to ask this question because I think it’s, you know, and you don’t give away your secret sauce, but how do you approach that? Because I mean that sounds mindblowing to me because you’re basically saying, Steve, you have complete access. I’m giving you more and more and more. You already said that just pulling that line of code, that line of the database take seconds. Right? Or a second. And if I’m searching, I mean when I, you know, I would upload 28,000 records looking for, you know, this, this skew list or whatever, you know, how do you, how do you approach that when you’re saying, wait a second, Steve, not only can you just do one line every second, it’s going to give you multiple search, whatever that limit is. How do you get there?

Alex:                                      [00:28:35]               Okay. So it’s really cool because we want to make sure that all of your data doesn’t trip over itself into this one big melting pot of Alan sortable data. You don’t, you don’t really want that. Um, so we’ve also had to integrate changes to our view data page. Now the view data pages where you like check out all of your results and, and, and see what’s what and whether you’re interested in the products. So we also have, um, an ability to select which scan you’re currently working with on the view data page and it doesn’t filter on the page and it just shows you, for example, in our, in our examples, Leo, the thing Geek results or the target results or if you wanted, but the ability to mix them all and see everything at once. So there’s that option. So, so it’s, it’s a lot of tendrils and a lot of moving parts and a lot of things going on at once to try and draw and bring these altogether without us needing multiple membership accounts.

Alex:                                      [00:29:31]               And there are a few guys who actually do run more than one membership account, so they’re going to probably close all their second, third, fourth accounts because you just don’t need those second fourth accounts anymore. It’ll, it’ll be, it’s, it’s, it’s one of the golden eggs that people are after thereafter. That extremely good accuracy, which we, I believe we come competent and that after that maximum amount of scans that one person can feasibly hope to process and find deals from at once. But like let’s say it’s black Friday, right? And there’s all these deals getting launched at midnight and whatnot. And you’ve got to pick. You’ve got, you’ve got that difficult decision of, you know, you’ve got that Sophie’s choice of who am I going, who am I going to scan? Who’s going to be the one which gives me the deals? Well that’s not a, that’s not going to be an issue this year because you’ll start your scan over calls and then you’ll start your scan.

Alex:                                      [00:30:28]               I’ve re target. Then you start your scan over at best buy or wherever, wherever the places you might, you might be in the more obscure stones, which is smart, like bass pro or, um, any of the different stores, and you’re going to scan all of those wipes. Now there is a limit because I’m the apis themselves. I’ve got what’s called a throw, a throttling limit. And there’s a point where they’ll say, well, hang on, we need to pause, scam number seven, but the second that scan number seven is available, the second scan of a seven can start. We’ll start that for you. So we’ve got this huge list. I’m this guy that’s been released, so there’ll be a, this big shoe and you can just queue them up and we’ll just scan as many as we can simultaneously, uh, until the moment we have to stop and then we will release that next one.

Alex:                                      [00:31:17]               The second that we can start scanning for you again. So, um, so this is gonna be great for tactical arbitrage because let’s say there’s multiple choices of, um, online arbitrage software out there now. And there certainly wasn’t when I came into the space, but there definitely is a few contenders starting to emerge, um, as they realized that this is this, Amazon is a prophet Elisha demand. There’s a demand for this, right? Absolutely. So competition is great. It’s great for the consumer because it certainly lots of far on the back side when I see that there’s other people trying to launch similar pieces of software, the first thing I do is I go, well, I’m going to go burn the midnight candle in the office and I’m going to come up with something that nobody else has so that we stay ahead of the pack. Now, I’m lucky that I’ve been around long enough that we already had a sizable headstart, but I’m not going to rest on my laurels for even a moment. Anybody who knows me knows that, um, you know, we, we have to stay out in front. I’m not going to allow it to be any other way and I’m going to keep on pushing to make sure that we stay the best. And I think being able to run multiple accurate scans, simile, tiniest is, is a great step in that direction. So I’m excited about that. I’m pretty proud of with this change to allow that. I mean, what, uh, not, not that I’m a Techie, I don’t understand this, but I mean, what has changed?

Stephen:                             [00:32:40]               Is it just different thinking and, you know, coming out at thinking like from a different way or a different point of view?

Alex:                                      [00:32:47]               I, I, I believe so. The image matching thing I believe is an extremely technical point of point of view. So I don’t believe many people will be able to tackle that because that took 16 months of, um, of, of uh, hiring and firing some really top end guys and having the right people in place to actually make that happen. So that’s not something that I, I’m too worried about us tackling with the, um, the, the, uh, speed type situation where multiple scans at once. That’s a logistical nightmare and ization and database management and uh, and dealing with load and servers and individual servers for each, for each particular member. And it is a logistical nightmare that we had to solve the puzzle and, and we continue to look at it and continue to look at it and we continue to like lay down documents and different angles until we found a path that, uh, like it would work. And in all of that tests it’s been working and that goes live basically

Stephen:                             [00:33:59]               this week. Hello. How long did that take for you to develop that? That from, from concept, from the thought process till now

Alex:                                      [00:34:06]               it took them months out. There’s been a few other things that we’ve been really keen little little other features that we’ve been really keen to get out there. But we’ve put everything on hold while we, while we work on this,

Stephen:                             [00:34:19]               because these two things, as you said really there are, these are the two pivot points. Speed and accuracy. I mean accuracy is critical obviously, right? Because you know, we hear it, you know, those of us who were out in this world, we hear about software and it’s like, well you can’t rely on that. And once you lose your reputation, I mean it’s, it’s gone because you know, if the data’s not reliable and people have been making decisions on it, you know, they don’t forgive very easily. Right? So if you figured that out, now speed is has to be number two. And so boom, the fact that you got, do you gave me the chills. Your excitement is coming through to me. You know, I was thinking about this too when you said that you were able to get a Australia, you know, done. It’s not launched, but it’s done. Does that get faster as you add these other countries? Is Launching Australia? Uh, I don’t know if Canada was your second one or EU, whichever was, how different is that process now versus when you started that?

Alex:                                      [00:35:12]               So Australia was a bit different because it uses. Um, so, so when you’re doing a search on Amazon, you put to use what’s called Mws keys, which is a, it’s kind of like that. Imagine the key that unlocks the door to a particular database. Now United States and Canada both share the same key and Europe, including the UK, regardless of Brexit, they all share the same key as well. So, um, Australia was a bit different because I had to create it for its own key, but for example, when I had United Kingdom already implies adding, um, Spain and France and Italy wasn’t as hard because we already kind of had the, uh, the keys to the keys to the European castle unlocked. So, so a little bit different. We also have to take into account things like currency conversion. We need to make sure that that’s all taken into account. Um, yeah, it’s, it’s a process. But adding, adding one country probably takes us under a week and say, okay,

Stephen:                             [00:36:12]               so now it’s you at that process, is it, I hope people are hearing this, you know, he’s, he’s making no big deal. He’s very humble about this, but this is really big and complicated stuff. And Alex is not a programmer. Alex will tell you he’s not sitting there writing this code, right? You’re like an orchestra leader leading all those instruments so that when they come together, they sound beautiful. Right? That’s, that’s what, uh, uh, really. I mean that, that’s, that’s a lot. You think of all those moving pieces, all those developers, all those different systems in Amazon changing while you’re developing things, they’re changing their system. Right. And then you have to adjust again. I mean, so all those moving pieces, I, I picture you up at the podium with the little sticks. You’re the orchestra leader trying to organize this. It’s a big deal. I’d get overwhelmed listening to you and all those moving pieces. It’s incredible.

Alex:                                      [00:37:02]               It’s. Yeah. And it feels like that sometimes. It’s a choreography of sorts. I mean we call it basically when I was doing a media production that foods and I’m making television commercials. It’s all media producing and this is Amazon, the passion of mine anyway, like film and TV was a passion of mine and it’s just producing something that you’re passionate about. And this, this particular stage of tactical arbitrage. Right now I still. Well let me, let me digress a little bit. When I’m doing, when I’m making a editing, editing a TV commercial, for example, I would lay down the bass and the bass would be there and all of the key points would be in place. So you would have, you’d have the introduction to the TV commercial, you’d have the main things, but let’s say you were trying to sell a car, you would have, you would showcase the car and whatnot and uh, and then you would have the finishing and then you would go back to your edit and you would add all of the Polish.

Alex:                                      [00:38:04]               So when the Polish is down, when the Polish is put on top, then all of the flowers or implies a little bit of text comes onto the screen. It’s just, that’s what really makes the entire production pop. Now what I feel like when I compare that to tactical arbitrage is that I’ve laid them all the big pieces now. So it’s a really exciting moment for me because this is the moment where I take out the paintbrush and I laid down the Polish now. So the Polish is going to be things like let’s make an interface for newbies so that when you very first signup tactical arbitrage, you’re not met with this huge complicated dashboard of decisions. There’ll be a bit overwhelming, right? I mean it could be toggle at the top of the screen, which is kind of like Newbie version, which is basically just pick a store and scan or this dms version where you’ve got all of the filter choices and whatnot, which you currently see now, and there’ll be more polished such as in the wholesale scanning section.

Alex:                                      [00:39:02]               We’ll add a few things in there so that you can sort of see how often Amazon has the buy box for instance or and so all of these little bits of Polish you’re going to be put on live, but we’re going to optimize the code so the pages load faster and this is all those little things that might not seem super noticeable on the surface, but it’s just going to add to the overall experience of using tactical arbitrage so that it just feels more like an extension of you. Then this tool that you kind of having to work your way through, and a lot of people say to me that I’m a bit hard on myself and the tactical arbitrage, it’s very easy to use and there’s no problems, but I want to make it more, uh, for everybody. Some people struggled with it when I first start with other people find it intuitive and they have no problems working with it, but once I’ve laid out all of the Polish that it’s going to be an every man solution or every woman solution module. And, uh, I, I think, I think it’s going to be, um, more so to that point of maturity that I want it to be once the Polish is laid down. So I’m excited about that next stage because I’m nearing the point where that’s going to be my main focus for, for the months coming up to quarter four.

Stephen:                             [00:40:11]               That was a good, good analogy. I mean, I think it’s exactly what people can envision. You’re at that place now you can shine. Do you see limit to what you can do because you’re only. I mean, there’s so much potential. There’s all data, I mean, I mean Amazon has more data than any, any other business. I’m certain, right? Do you see a limit to what you’re doing or do? Can you look out and just see there’s probably no end, you know, because you’ll figure this out and then all of a sudden this’ll figure out. And this opportunity, I mean, is that the way you think?

Alex:                                      [00:40:39]               Well, there’s still a lot sense of guys. So once the Polish is down that I’ve got to go to work with, I’ve got to like give the Europeans and there’s a thing called the European European fulfillment network, which that’s going to be integrated where essentially, um, let’s say you find something which is, uh, give me, give you a certain Roi in a United Kingdom Kingdom search. You know, we need to have those extra rows in there that say, well, why don’t you consider shipping is through the European tour to Germany. And so, so there’s that. And then there’s, um, there’s multiple channels of places that you can sell things across. We want to be able to have rose and say, okay, well you’re going to make this much our why on Amazon, but this particular product has sold on Ebay consistently for, for another $5 high.

Alex:                                      [00:41:25]               Um, you may want to consider that and it’ll take you into a kinda lead by phase. I mean, we’re an Amazon tool, but we want to also give the Ebay seller some love so that basically when you’re running a scan it tells you the different places that you might want. So I can’t really see an end to it yet because that there is just so much we can put into it and so much, so many ways we can make it more and more powerful. And I’d like to see it get. I’d like to see it emerge into adulthood and really be all that it can be. Um, and you know, we don’t want to keep jacking up the price or anything. We want to just, we want to just keep on giving value and more and more value for, uh, for what people are paying so that it’s just a no brainer tool to have as part of your arsenal.

Stephen:                             [00:42:10]               So that’s a good segue right there because I think this is important. How long does it take for somebody, right? Because q four is coming, as you said, how long does it take for somebody to get comfortable? What’s been your experience? I mean, I know it’s so different today than it was, you know, 2016. But what have you seen? And then I’m looking for a success story. I want to hear a story of somebody whose, whose business has been changed because I know that I know you and I know that that’s very dear near and dear to your heart.

Alex:                                      [00:42:39]               Well, there’s a lot of what I get. I get approached all the time at conferences by people who’ve said to me, you’ve got no idea. There’s, um, uh, well, you know, I’m Bob Steele.

Stephen:                             [00:42:53]               Yeah. I was going to say, bob steals a perfect example. There’s, here’s one of the greatest guys in the world, just a wonderful man. Smart as a whip, doesn’t. No, it doesn’t realize how smart he is, but he says, he says, tea has changed his world

Alex:                                      [00:43:09]               and he’s changed tea to give him credit because he will come up to me at a conference and say, for instance, one of the ones that you came up with his, he came up to me at the conference and said, I’m a Alex when you’re doing the universal product code matching. Um, sometimes, uh, W, W, W, we all, you’re getting your, you’re getting a universal product code match on Amazon. But there’s also other multipacks that have this share the same universal product code. He said, why don’t we also show those universal product code products in the results? And I said, yeah, well I can make that happen. So He’s given me. He’s given me insights from the position of irregular regular up of what he would like to see. And I’ve got an implemented those things based on his suggestion. So, so bob is a really great guy.

Alex:                                      [00:43:57]               He’s a great resource. He’s also put me in touch with a guy, cody obvious one who runs a business called tactical bucket technical bucket goes hand in hand with, um, with tactical arbitrage because technical bucket will help you add additional sites to tactical arbitrage that aren’t already in our database. So he runs up basically an x path service. And he’s not affiliated with you at all? No, no, no, not at all. Besides the fact that we have a chat sometimes and he’s, he’s just a really smart guy. He decided he could see potential in what tactical arbitrage could do and turn it into his own business solution as well. And He’s, he’s done really well with that because I added a feature to tactical arbitrage that lets you add your own stores to scan and he made a service that, that creates those pieces of code that plugged directly into tactical arbitrage.

Alex:                                      [00:44:55]               So he kinda made it Kinda made my feature into something plug and play for people who aren’t really code savvy to know how to add their own stores. They a really discouraged to him and say, I need bumps, basketballs.com as a scannable thing in tactical arbitrage. And he’s like, oh, I’ll get that for you. You used the Spanish guys. A lovely, lovely man. He’s like, yeah, no worries. I’ll get that for you. And I’m cool. So yeah, technical bucket, if you are a tea guy and you and I can give you are a little plug right there. If you are a ta tactical arbitrage guy, then get on board with TB technical bucket. Um, and yeah, view will look after you. He, he doesn’t really promote himself very hard, but he is an excellent resource when you’re ready to take tactical arbitrage to that next level.

Stephen:                             [00:45:42]               You know, I was thinking about this because, you know, it is cute for coming up and people are gonna, you know, there’ll be a wave coming in, there always is. And they’re thinking this year’s gonna be different because last year was different than the year before and that, guess what? The year before that was different than the year before it’s been, it’s probably been about eight years. Six man, maybe six years. Where every year now is different, where it used to be the same. Those of us who have been selling for a long time on Amazon, it was pretty similar. I mean it was, you know, you’ve got a little harder. Sometimes I got a little easier. Whatever. Now it’s challenging, right? And it’s only gonna get more challenging and the person who has access to the data, the person who understands how to slice and dice the data the best will win because they have better information.

Stephen:                             [00:46:23]               So you can make decisions with your gut and that’s, that’s important. There is an art to this also so we shouldn’t lose that. But now is the time, you know, to think about whether you want to join tactical arbitrage. Now I haven’t made an offer with tactical arbitrage. It’s been two years, two plus years, right? We just haven’t talked about it. And Alex is a deal. He’s given us a deal. And so if you’ve thought about it, if you haven’t done it, and Ess is a commercial for it, use the code tactical and he’s going to extend the offer for 18 days so you get an 18 day trial, go in and kick the tires and try it and try it knowing that he’s going to make it even better because you heard the things that he’s getting ready to add. But here’s the problem.

Stephen:                             [00:47:06]               If he adds those things and then you jump in and you try to catch up to speed, you’re going to be challenged. So now’s the time to go in and learn it, get good at it, figure it out, make the mistakes that we’ve all made and make the wrong choices. And then you’re like, wait, that’s not what I want a weight, that is what I want. And then boom, get through all that now before q four. And then as these other things roll out, use the code. So it’s a. and I’ll have the link on the website. So it’s tactical arbitrage and it’s a.com and it’s forward slash tactical. Is that correct Alex? Or is it

Alex:                                      [00:47:37]               just a coat? So if you just got to tactical arbitrage dot common, at the top of the page it says, I’m your luck. It’s a trial if you want it to establish trial. And uh, when you got to join the trial, there’s a little, a little books that a click that says add coupon code. So if you enter in tactical and instead of your traditional seven days to try out the system before any billing occurs, it will be 18 days. So that’s. So that’s a, that’s unheard of. We’ve never given a trial as long as 18 days before ever. But we’re willing to do that for Stephen’s people.

Stephen:                             [00:48:15]               I really appreciate that. I mean that because, you know, again, one of the conversations that Alex and I have is that I always look out for people who, if you’ve ever bought things through me and I benefit, you know, Alex would pay me. So I always, I never hide that stuff, but I always take it really serious because I’ll run into somebody who buys somebody else’s service and they’ll be like, oh, I couldn’t get this or whatever. And I’m like, Ooh, I send them a note and there’s almost always a response because sometimes things fall through the crack and to me that’s, that’s, that’s what I always ask for is that little bit of extra care just to make sure that, you know, so if somebody has a challenge that I can help because I don’t sell anything of my own. I mean I just, I just don’t, I don’t want to.

Stephen:                             [00:48:51]               I’m not a coach, don’t, I’m not interested in it. I just want to help people like you. And so I’m very, very pleased and very proud of this that you’ve given. You stepped up and given us 18 days, which I hope a ton of people try it. And the ones who don’t like it, I get it. Don’t do it. Don’t spend your money if this doesn’t work for you. But once you do, and I think it’s a good example. Thinking is a very good example and got to watch. They will come after you sometimes. So be cautious with that. But that’s a good example when you’re, you’ll be like, I would have never chose these products. I would have never realized they’re profitable until tactical arbitrage because they have, I don’t know, tens of thousands of products and uh, I used to love the example with um, I guess it was home depot you used to use and one of the examples, you know, and, and the things that the depth of home depot’s website has only gotten bigger in the last couple of years. And so that says something that you could do that even faster, um, with these, uh, with his web site stuff. I mean, it’s very impressive to me. Um, and I think it’s very, very cool. All right, so

Alex:                                      [00:49:50]               one of those math. Sorry that,

Stephen:                             [00:49:53]               lose this because I just think it’s powerful.

Alex:                                      [00:49:55]               It is. See what’s going to happen is you’ll get some people who go, all right, I’ll just scan over it, think geek and want to target and want a walmart. There’ll be other people who do what you said, and they’ll go, all right, let’s be smart about this. I’m going to start a scan in the drill bit, section of Home Depot, stock that scan, and now I’m going to start a scan and the skirt drop section, department deep. I want to stop that scan and now I’m going to utilize all. You all have your seven active scans at once. For instance, all in different in different areas of home depot, so you’re hitting home depot from all sides. So that’s actually a. I just kind of thought of that when you were saying some people are gonna use it in that way and that would be a really smart way to use to use tea for the new feature.

Stephen:                             [00:50:39]               Yeah, just you can then get the full benefit of the website and again it’s first to market, right? We all know that the first product is in there. Fast is going to sell the highest price because usually when more people enter price declines, we all know that, right? That’s the way the world works. Unless you hold it for two years and all of a sudden you find it on a pallet and your warehouse and you’re like, where did they? All these legos come from Steve and that’s what happens in my warehouse, but that’s the truth. And so, so the ability to start thinking differently and start approaching differently categories, you know, it was always that, you know, you’re having a, you know what it does, Alex, it gives you the ability to niche down. You could absolutely just, let’s just use the drill bit example, right? You could sit there and kick it off drill bits only in a home depot, Lowe’s, I don’t know of another store out there that’s still in business that offers hardware but, but the concept is smart and you could just master the drill bit market and know everything covered. All right, boom. Next, I’m moving onto wrenches or whatever. And you could really scale on a niche niche by niche. You got me excited again. You got me excited.

Alex:                                      [00:51:43]               We, uh, adding as part of this page, which actually isn’t gonna come out in the version one point. Oh, and I, I haven’t spoken about this anywhere else, um, unless this podcast comes out after I’ve mentioned it somewhere else, but we’re also going to add a feature in a couple of weeks from now where let’s say you’ve got your favorite scans and you’ve been queuing them and you and they’ve been getting completed and then they’ve been disappearing off to the ether. Let’s say you’ve got your favorite scan, you’ll be able to save that scan. So let’s say you’ve got your drill bit scam and you really want to return to that next week when, uh, to see whether the drillbit market has changed, you’ll be able to save those scans and then, uh, and then rerun them out.

Stephen:                             [00:52:21]               So it’s almost like a template in essence. It really.

Alex:                                      [00:52:24]               Yeah. So you’ll just be able to go in there and say, oh, I don’t feel like going through all the motions of starting as scan from scratch. I’m just going to run it, rerun one of my old scans and just go right target toys, action figures. Just click that button that’s already there, ready to go and just hit that button and bang off it goes. So, so that’s coming soon too, which will be more like of an organized, saved scan structure. So I haven’t really spoken about that to anybody other than my developer, but yeah, that’s something I’m excited about too. We had a lot coming. Steven and I’m super.

Stephen:                             [00:52:55]               I’m excited. I’m pumped. Well, it’s exciting because it’s infectious. So early years and again, you know, it’s cute for. All right. So, or it’s going to be right now we’re, we are. It’s scary how fast time is flying, right? I mean does it really? Is that, that little girls, 10 months old already, Alex, realize that she’s going to get married someday. Oh, it’s coming down. So. So back to it though. I mean it again, if you’re thinking about this 18 days, there’s, I don’t want to hear any excuses anymore. I don’t to hear anybody say I can’t understand it. You can figure this out. You have 18 days to figure it out. Okay. So it’s tactical arbitrage.com. You go to the trial, you’re going to put in that little coupon code is going to give you 18 days, no further. Nobody else has that offer. It’s very special and again, if you get stuck, ask for help. There are lots of people who are experts at this stuff. Sent Bob Steele a note. Bob Loves to talk about it because he just loves it. I mean, he’s the. He was the x path guide. It was like, Hey, I got this and boom. Then he and he met a are and now he’s really killing it. All right, so the goal of the pod. Well, let me ask you this, best way to get in touch with you Alex, if somebody has a followup question.

Alex:                                      [00:54:02]               Okay, so in the software on the left hand side, there is a support button. If you click that, it’ll give you the option to send an email. If that’s not quick enough for you. Then there is. Now we’ve added live chat to the software, so down on the bottom right corner, there’s a button there which you can click and a beautiful and that will bring up a live chat. Though I may not be the one in live chat at the time I I utilize Christopher grant and Julie’s tyler. That helped me with that stuff, but sometimes I am in there to either way things get escalated to me if they need to be and I also recommend people utilize the video training guide that’s inside the software. So let’s say you’re on the product search page and you think this is all a bit foreign to me. Then click the video guide button in the top right corner and then it’ll open up the 10 or 12 videos for that page on how to operate that page so

Stephen:                             [00:54:53]               and just walks you right through. It’s very simple. It is so, so handy because it’s like, wait, do I check this one? No, boom, you check this, this and this, and it’s so. It’s so well done. Again, I would expect that from a video guy. Dude, I’m just going to say that you know it better, it better be good

Alex:                                      [00:55:09]               changes. I’ve got to update some of the videos need updating already, so I’m going to find time to sit down and have a big video. They just to work on the tutorials.

Stephen:                             [00:55:17]               Well you should, you should. What you gotTa do is you’ve got to weave in some of the skiing shots, you know, put some of that in there. Hey, and this is the screen. Oh wait, there’s me skiing and wait, now we’re back. And then that would make it a little more exciting. All right, so the goal of the podcast is to help people move forward. So you know, again, I’m making a pitch for it because I believe in it and again, I believe I’ve watched for people for long periods of time, so alex and I talked back in 2016 and the conversation today is just a continuation of that same conversation and the quality is only gotten so much better. Again, look for people who develop things over time and give consistent performance and that’s the people you want to align yourself with. So hence the reason I have no problem promoting his product, and again, I’ll have a link to it. The goal Alex, is to help people get who are stuck and you’ve seen it. You’ve talked to people and especially at conferences and things and you’ve met those people. What’s your advice for people who get stuck, whether in, on selling on Amazon, selling on Ebay or just in life? I see a lot of people

Alex:                                      [00:56:16]               into the trap of paralysis by analysis. They, they, uh, they read a lot which is great. And, but they don’t take action. You know, you’ve got to stop doing things even if it’s going to come with some mistakes. I felt like when I, when I started selling on Amazon years ago, the first shipment that I sent in, I don’t even know if I broke even on, I made a bunch of errors. I got caught up in a race to the bottom, which is when you’re trying to undercut people by one cent to try. I was making a lot of rookie mistakes and at the end of it I threw my hands in the air and thought this is business models, you know, I don’t know if there’s business models for me. I didn’t make any money. And then I realized that I had gotten a lot out of it.

Alex:                                      [00:57:02]               I’d gotten so much out of it because I’ve learned what not to do, what not to do there or not to do here. And, and once I completed the cycle the second time, eliminating those few things have a few errors that I’ve made in the first time I, uh, I did make profit and then the next time I was able to find tune that and make even more and make even more. And I realized that, um, a lot of people are too afraid to even start because they’re, they’re, they’re afraid that even the smallest mistake is going to sabotage their entire business side, the business ideas to actually move into the space. I think get your hands dirty, jump on in there, start playing around with it. Um, be. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. Not worry about it, not one person who, who played in this area didn’t make a mistake.

Alex:                                      [00:57:54]               And then learn. Learn from those mistakes, embrace the mistakes. Just just, uh, just take action. Don’t just stare at the screen and think, oh, one day I’m going to start pressing these buttons and I’m sure you know, if I get it all right, then I’ll make profit the first time around. Just start getting your hands dirty and start ordering the products, sending them in. Just get used to the cycle. Um, there’s nothing. I don’t have anything in my seller central right now because I have a little bit of a conflict of interest. I don’t want people to think that I’m filling my store with products, you know, when I’ve got access to such huge databases and stuff. But, um, when I was sending products in, I, um, I, I sold every single one of them. There wasn’t one single one. Even some of the random obscure stuff that I thought it didn’t buy that, you know, like, uh, uh, there was, there was a site for some, some unusual garland. This silly brain spatula. And just all this, all this random stuff, it all sold everything sold at Amazon, so they’d be afraid that things weren’t. So just do your due diligence, make sure that you’re confident and you’re buying decisions as best as you can be in these early stages, uh, go through the process and make the mistakes and they learn from it and then do better the next time around. And I know that if you take action, you will succeed. It’s the people who don’t, don’t take any action all that

Stephen:                             [00:59:22]               that ended up not even basically, you know, sticking around and in the business at all. So, you know, I just think just get stuck into it. I think it’s powerful and it’s pretty much powerful than any one of those things I mentioned in your personal life. Any of those things just take action. Stop. You know, it was a seth Godin always says, just ship it, period, just ship it. And then you’ll go figure it out. Amazon launches these huge divisions. Guess what? They launch them and then they go and fill out the details. And sometimes we get burned by those details because it’s like, Ooh, that’s icky. But they didn’t have time to launch it when or to put that in place when they launched. They just launched that service and they get going. Well, that’s a lesson for us all, Dude. We’re not going to make it two years next time.

Stephen:                             [01:00:03]               Um, I want to catch up sooner than next week because I’ve got to watch this young girl grow up. My God, I can’t believe it. This family’s growing so fast. Um, I think it’s awesome. I, again, I applaud. Here’s what I applaud. I look for consistency over time. Anybody hears me say that all the time. Look for people who have been doing things not for one week, not some flash in the pan. This is consistency over time, been delivering results. Been a meeting. Those promises been when they make a mistake, they fix it. They make it right. They do more than they’re supposed to. And that’s what you look for. And Alex is one of those guys. Dude, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m blown away. I’m very excited. I’m excited for you. Now. I’m so excited you got me pumped. I’m don’t think I’m going to sleep tonight.

Stephen:                             [01:00:43]               Um, it’s just very, very cool. I wish you nothing but success, man. Thank you. I really appreciate you having me on your show. Take care until do. This is great. I’m pumped. I mean, how could you not be excited? Listen to his excitement. It’s so catchy and so infectious. I mean, it’s just so neat to hear. Again, if you’re thinking about that offer. And again, if you want to buy it outside of me, I’m fine with that. I mean, I just want you to. If this is something that would benefit you in any way, consider it an 18 days. Takes away any excuse you. You can learn this in 18 days by. You won’t need 18 days, but you can master it in 18 days. So try it, take advantage of it, figure it out and say, hmm, is this a way I can add?

Stephen:                             [01:01:23]               And you know, he mentioned something about this for his success is about process. You want to remember you want to lock in one or two hours, put a little timer and egg timers. What they recommend and a lot of the leadership classes I take is to put that little egg timer up there and say, one hour I’m going to dedicate to this. Then turn all the rest of the crap off all your facebook notifications and dedicated now a real our and then measure the results and say, okay, for that hour I made $28. Well I don’t want to make $28 an hour. Okay, try it again next time I made $76 an hour. All right, now you’re starting to talk and then you can figure out if I give an hour and I can make that kind of money, what if I give two hours? What if I give three hours?

Stephen:                             [01:01:59]               That’s how you supplement your business, and in my world I sit there and say, okay, there’s my warehouse rent. Boom, that’s covered with that. Oh, I can use this now. It covers my utilities. Now it covers my insurance, now it comes. That’s how I think, and then I’m like, okay, now my business is covered. Now the next expense is this, and so that’s how I think about things. And I think, again, you know, you’ve got to look over time, looked for consistency or ship. This is something, try it. Eighteen days you will figure this out is absolutely worth it. Absolutely worth it. I have the links out on the website if you’re interest and take care of ecommerce momentum.com. Take care.

Cool voice guy:                  [01:02:32]               Thanks for listening to the ECOMMERCE momentum bug. As all the links mentioned today can be found@incomersmomentum.com. Under this episode number, please remember to subscribe and like us on itunes.




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