273 : Kelly Fedio – Keep investing into knowledge and level up your Amazon Selling Business

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What a great story. Walk away from an incredibly promising certain future to level up your family commitments. This lady has it straight! Look out into your future, do you see what you are doing right now being the thing you want to do in the future? (Oh and are you happy in that image in the future?) That’s a clue then of where you need to steer your commitments.


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Cool voice guy:                  [00:04:33]               The number for e-commerce dotcom forward slash momentum welcome to the e-commerce momentum podcast where we focus on the people the products and the process of commerce selling today. Here’s your host Stephen Peterson.

Stephen:                             [00:04:53]               Welcome back to the e-commerce and podcast. This is episode 273 Kelly filio didn’t butcher the name.

Stephen:                             [00:05:01]               I got it right.

Stephen:                             [00:05:04]               Get ready to get Spierer. You know I say that after every interview but it’s the truth. I leave these interviews palm jazzed. I can’t wait to go out and work on our business because it’s so inspiring hearing someone who I think I think is a really good example of somebody who’s got it figured out who’s got it figured out. Because I ask her some tough questions about what matters and her answers are so solid her family matters her her her health matters her you know kind of happiness her freedom all that stuff matters because the alternative is an unhappy life one that you’re miserable and that you’re sitting there saying hey why why why. And rather than wait 40 years to say why and then retire and die as opposed to walking away from something that’s doesn’t mean you failed. It’s to me again and I make this point that you made a choice. That’s a win. I mean the fact that you made a choice because it’s so hard to really make a life altering choice. Hence the reason most people don’t. Kelly did. And I just think a great example of someone and again I’m inspired I’m Jast.

Stephen:                             [00:06:14]               Let’s get to the podcast where we welcome back to the e-commerce podcast very excited about today’s guest because she is full of energy. She has pumped me pump Tom literally from the preinterview I’m like ready to do laps. I’m excited. I’m very very excited. Kelly filio do in the last name you did it Steve.

Kelly:                                     [00:06:34]               Oh my goodness. Thank God I was so stressed over that. That’s the only thing I stress the curly part ahead down. I was good on that but man I was just going to block on it. That’s a tough one but I’m not the first to say that correct. Correct. Now that I appreciate that.

Stephen:                             [00:06:49]               Well you’re a big seller that nobody knows. Nobody’s ever heard of you. You laid low. You got to kept to yourself and you didn’t know any better. That’s a pretty good description isn’t it. I prefer it that way.

Kelly:                                     [00:07:02]               I low I you know I know a lot of people in the space and I love networking and meeting people. But yeah I just I’m focusing on my business and my family and that keeps me busy.

Stephen:                             [00:07:13]               I think that that’s so smart though. You’re not looking for notoriety you’re not looking for dragging you out to do this but yet you’re willing to put yourself out there to meet others and do all those things. I think that’s a hard balance to be right because it kind of came up in the preinterview.

Stephen:                             [00:07:31]               You get a little envious you get a little compares. You said you compare yourself to others. That happens right.

Kelly:                                     [00:07:41]               Oh it’s it’s so natural. And you know especially in this space I mean I’m surrounded by you know so many successful entrepreneurs and a lot of them are males you know and they face you know very different struggles that many women do. I think you know as women we have a lot of advantages as we’re just smarter smarter.

Kelly:                                     [00:08:00]               I’ve no doubt of course but we’re all about what taskers right you know and you know I always have to remind myself that you know I’ve even I’m always ribbing my husband you know because he’s got a full time career very successful demanding career. And you know he gets to just focus on that. Not that he’s not a great dad and he’s very involved.

Kelly:                                     [00:08:18]               But you know when he’s working he’s working when I’m working I’m crying and a lot of laundry I have to go to the grocery store take the doctor to bed you know what a other of a plethora of domestic duties as I like to call them. And yes there’s a lot to juggle. And you know that’s what makes you know being around successful people all the more important. You know it’s just trying to you know feed off that vibe and you know I get jealous when I see them all traipsing off to all their conferences and trips and you know I go on some but you know I have to be selective of where I go and where we spend my time as my primary responsibility as is being here for my clients and the others get jealousy.

Stephen:                             [00:08:53]               You want your kids. Trust me that’s a big deal to a lot of people that don’t have kids or their kids are gone. You know where that empty nest syndrome. Our youngest he’ll graduate from college this year. And it’s like oh my God there’s just two of us now and we’ve been married 31 years and about two months.

Stephen:                             [00:09:10]               And so it’s like wow we’re back to us we’ve had kids for our whole life. Now it’s us.

Kelly:                                     [00:09:16]               So I do think about those days some time and I’m in no rush to get there. I mean I love my husband dearly but I love my kids with a passion as most parents do and I just can’t imagine them you know going off on their own some day. But I’m not too far behind you I’ve got to get a teenager and a preteen so you know I that the clock is ticking for sure. So every minute counts.

Stephen:                             [00:09:37]               And then the grandkids and we have got three granddaughters. Oh my god I can’t wait to see him. I mean literally we’re almost every other weekend with them because it’s lives and their girls and they love their grandpa. And I just love it. But you know anything they want and I have a weapon that is full of toys. I’m like the best grandfather in the world. It’s like what do you want. Take whatever you want. They’re like you don’t run it through the police. So anyone know about me. So. What are the questions I want to ask you. Because you come from. You have a legal background so you’ve been in corporate America and you’ve done a bunch of things.

Stephen:                             [00:10:08]               This one is this question of front. I had someone on interview while back and she made this statement that Amazon is one of the selling on Amazon and you also have your own Web site but selling and e-commerce will say it that way is one of the most even things you could do.

Stephen:                             [00:10:25]               Nobody cares if you’re a man or a woman you’re black or white older your own. All the other myriad of possible differences. It’s one of the most even. Has that been your experience too.

Kelly:                                     [00:10:39]               Absolutely I couldn’t agree with that more. I mean with everything we have today with the power of the Internet and all the things we’re able to leverage and just in my short stint as an e-commerce entrepreneur it’s been about three years now.

Kelly:                                     [00:10:53]               What has happened not only in the Amazon landscape but just you know the internet in general is just mind boggling and it really does level the playing field so you know there’s no better time. I mean I think we hear this all the time but really there’s no better time to be an entrepreneur. And in my opinion e-commerce entrepreneur you know I can be in my yoga pants and go out harana comeback or you know gross and get to work and nobody cares.

Stephen:                             [00:11:17]               Thanks for the vision. So it’s funny. You know you just made the statement. There’s no better time. But but wait. I missed it Kelly. Have I missed it. Am I too late to the game. You know you know somebody has already invented everything that’s ever going to be invented. Can I be that guy to my past my prime. The answer No.

Kelly:                                     [00:11:39]               Absolutely not. We hear that all the time. And you know it really I mean it starts first and foremost with your with your mindset and your mentality and if you don’t have that straight then and no business venture is going to work.

Stephen:                             [00:11:52]               And what does that mean. So tell me what you mean what that means to you.

Kelly:                                     [00:11:55]               Well it means that the first of four mostly active Believe in yourself and you have you can’t be afraid to fail. And you know I know we hear that all the time as well. It sounds cliche at this point but you do have to feel that that’s proof that you’re doing your job as an entrepreneur. And believe me I have failed and I continue to fail.

Kelly:                                     [00:12:12]               I mean I can probably rattle you know five to 10 things. On any given day that are going wrong in my business. But I keep pushing forward and learning from my mistakes and it’s going to make me a better entrepreneur.

Stephen:                             [00:12:24]               But how do you not end up in the corner sucking your thumb. I mean it did and it did happen. I mean the first time that failure happened all my life is over dumb terrible back to a job.

Kelly:                                     [00:12:35]               Never. Never. Life is over not. Not that bad. I have had some major challenges especially over this past year. And there were some stressful times but I know that you know I’m going to get through it and no matter what I you have to be grateful and you have to live at this daily appreciation for what you have in her life.

Stephen:                             [00:12:55]               That’s a big statement.

Kelly:                                     [00:12:57]               It’s true. It’s true. And any time I’m feeling you know that I’m entering into a pity party zone you know I’m thinking about what’s truly important is my life with my family. The times that we get to spend together the freedom and the flexibility and the independence that I have to do whatever I want whenever I want with my kids and my husband. That’s priceless.

Stephen:                             [00:13:17]               Well let’s talk about that because you have this fancy education you’re not just undergrad you got a law degree. So you went all the way and you were going to be this spectacular where you’re going to make the world a better place right. You were going to be a Supreme Court justice someday. I don’t know what you’re going to be maybe president right. But you are going to be all those things but they come with trade offs big tradeoffs specially you know when it comes to family I mean you know at least my experience in my professional life which I’m now retired from it. You had to give it all up if you really wanted to go for the brass ring and I assume in the law profession that’s pretty much the way it is there too.

Kelly:                                     [00:13:56]               I absolutely saw it that way and I realized that even early on in my career when I was single and in my 20s and was able to put in 160 billable hours a week when I got off my career basically the only life I had was the way to work and working out. That was my life. And I remember vividly thinking then how am I ever going to do this and have a family. Like what. What about when I get married and have kids and how am I going to do this. And you know of course that puts that thought back because at that time I was just you know single and loving life and all of that. But you know as I progressed down my career it became very apparent to me that this is not going to be viable long term although I still gave it my all. I loved debt. But things changed dramatically after I got married and had my first daughter and I still was practicing law then. But it definitely became like this pit in my stomach. Every day I would have to go to work and leave her at daycare. I knew I had to find a way out.

Stephen:                             [00:14:51]               So it is really going to be the most bold statement you’re going to let you jerk. You failed. Right. That’s the way it is right. I mean that’s really it. Right. It’s all or nothing. You’re there were successful or you failed that’s the way a lot of people look at things and it’s like wait a second. No. You learn something. I’m sure it was a good experience and everything but you learned that’s not you anymore. That doesn’t mean failed to be. That’s the big win. That’s that when when when you have to be good at your life out.

Kelly:                                     [00:15:17]               Yeah at the time I mean it was really scary. You know both my husband and I had you know full time careers and so to go from two incomes to one was a very scary prospect. And you know it didn’t come without you know serious deliberation. But you know I really I’m so grateful to my husband because he knew how desperate I wanted at that time to just be a stay at home mom. I just wanted to be able to be there for my baby. You know in her formative years and you know at this time we only had her but we knew we were going to have more kids. And I just so desperately wanted to just focus my time and energy on being domestic and being a mom and being a wife. And he knew how badly I wanted that. And so we just decided we’re going to make this work however. However we can and I mean looking back it just kind of you know you want something bad enough you make it happen. And he made it happen for us. So now I am ever so grateful for that.

Stephen:                             [00:16:12]               But this been against what I mean for me couple things that are obvious. One is you’re teaching your daughters Beshir that teenage daughter that you know you could have it all but it comes at such a treat. I think my older son is that way he understands he’s always like his companies. He’s now in a consulting company and they’re always like oh Chris you should be for management you’re this and he’s got it. I mean he’s definitely has the abilities and he’s like you know my three girls name me my wife’s name now and I’m just not willing to do that because he understands that cause and I think he saw it through my career. Isn’t that cool that you’re teaching your daughter she gets to see that she can make her own choice either you know give it or or work for yourself.

Stephen:                             [00:16:52]               What have you. And then I want to hear that against your friends because you must be like an anomaly to them. They’re looking to you like what. Who are you. How. How are you doing this. They all want but they’re not willing to do what you do right.

Kelly:                                     [00:17:06]               Absolutely. And you know I that’s one of the things I love most about what I do is even though my you know teenager as sweet as she is you know might not be a teenager though that she’s still a teenager and she looks at what I do is like just kind of like yeah I’m just kind of like hanging out like on a computer right. Like I’m not really doing that much. And I get on her because it’s like being on the computer too much right.

Kelly:                                     [00:17:28]               And when she’s back in my face I said Well I’m working I make an outfit and you’re just looking at things on a screen and off the food or whatever yeah yeah but no really I mean it’s one of those things that you know when she’s an adult she’s got to look back on this and realize Wow my mom really was able to have it all. And I think that’s the shift that’s happening in our culture more so with women. But even as you mentioned you know with your son realizing this with men is that there is another option besides traditional corporate high demanding careers that pretty much you know demand that you give your all to build up to somebody else as well. And I think that more and more people are realizing this and maybe it’s just because we’re so spoiled in the communities that we’re in that we see this vision right. But I think it is starting to spread a little bit. And you know going back to your point about when I stopped harvesting law thinking I felt mean not only was it a relief but I knew I knew even then I would I would find my thing again someday. Like after the kids were like you know off to school I would find something again it wasn’t going to be law. I mean I did try some other careers in law just to see if they would be less demanding than what I was doing which is litigation. And it just wasn’t so. You know I’m just so grateful for the path that I was able to take.

Kelly:                                     [00:18:48]               And you know with my husband and you know I I’m very grateful.

Stephen:                             [00:18:53]               You did it together. And the other thing to think about is you know I mean I think your point is that you knew you were going to be successful at sometime. You know when you have abilities you kill us and we are people we start the day when you go into a job and they keep advancing you whatever you have abilities they’re not doing good because they like you they’re doing it because you are bringing something new to your making the more money you’re making whatever you’re doing you’re solving problems. Well therefore that’s a transferable skill. So to think that you’re going to come into this business and fail just interviewed someone and the poor part of the business that he liked is not the marketing and the selling side of it. Does that mean he failed yet he loves the manufacturing side. Well that’s awesome. There is a role for you in that and if you have that skill set of course you’ll be successful.

Stephen:                             [00:19:37]               And I think it’s so it’s so you know back to comparing if I’m not an outlier like likely Ron we’ll can talk about Iran for a second. If I’m on an outlier likely Ron I failed. No no. He’s crazy. He’s awesome. He’s crazy because he’s so good at it. But that’s him. That doesn’t mean that I failed. Right. And I think that this is so important. And again like you said your daughter is going to look back and just know there’s another way. And I think that that’s the hardest thing because I don’t know how you were taught. But there was one way you were going to go to school. You’re going to get a job you’re going to work in that career for the next 20 30 years retire and be successful. Right. Period. Now it’s like me. Maybe not. Maybe not. How about your lawyers that you used to work with. How many of them do you keep in touch with that are sitting there saying oh Kelli you got out at the right time. MUHAMMAD You made the right decision.

Kelly:                                     [00:20:33]               Yeah. You know that is actually a really poignant because my very best friend.

Kelly:                                     [00:20:37]               But there’s something really inspiring about this my my very best friend. You know she graduated a year after me and she’s still practicing law and she’s pretty miserable. And you know obviously she’s you know noticed what I’m doing and she’s asked me about it. And you know here and there you know obviously shared with her what I’m doing and talk to her about transitioning her over into doing something for herself. But it’s really hard to make that transition. And you know on top of that she just went through a divorce but but on her 11 year old son became very interested in selling on Amazon. So long story short just with a little bit of guidance and help from me. He launched his own brand on Amazon.

Kelly:                                     [00:21:20]               It is 11 years old 11 years old.

Kelly:                                     [00:21:23]               Yeah. So I mean I just I am so proud of him. And you know she’s she’s involved to some extent and she’s funding the whole thing. And she she really wants to get more involved but right now she you know she’s still transitioning from working for a firm now she’s in practice for herself and it’s it’s tough. But she doesn’t want to do it anymore. She is tired. She is really really tired.

Stephen:                             [00:21:44]               What is it that tires you. What is it. You know I mean I knew in my old world that was you know doing more with less all the buzz words right. You know we would cut costs to save a bunch of money and then we’d pay it to some CEO and a bonus or some crazy thing. What was it. What’s it like in the legal world.

Kelly:                                     [00:22:05]               There’s a lot of things that were exhausting about it. You know the first that comes to mind I mean it depends on the type of law you’re practicing but you know most attorneys have to fill their time. You know if you’re in choir practice so you know billing know forever having to account for over six minutes of your time and be able to justify that to every six minutes.

Stephen:                             [00:22:23]               Yeah. But you went to the bathroom and it took you longer. Oh my god what happened. Well where was she. She’s eight minutes to take.

Kelly:                                     [00:22:32]               Home and that in that clock on you every day. I’ve got a below a certain amount of hours to not only you know prove that I’m productive or whatever from I’m working or at work. I’ve got my own practice you know to be able to pay the bills. It’s grueling. So you know that’s one thing I still to this day have nightmares about oh I’ll wake up in a cold sweat and realize oh my gosh I didn’t didn’t put in enough time today into something. It’s always you know dreams are kind of like esoteric and they you know take a different form but that’s that. I know what relates to that billable hour stress that I used to have.

Stephen:                             [00:23:07]               So that’s what it’s become. What was it when you what drew you to law. What was it going to be well first I love debating

Kelly:                                     [00:23:15]               . That sit down thing and my husband will tell you that pressure. And I also I’m a very analytical person and this this touches on a very important point you brought up a few minutes ago about you know being being really proud and owning your own unique skill set and core competency.

Stephen:                             [00:23:37]               And onat rather than saying well I don’t do this and this like Liron does right like we all compare ourselves to earlier on anybody that everybody does.

Stephen:                             [00:23:44]               You have to see these Yoda know to be embarrassed I’ll tell everybody this. We nicknamed him Yoda. He looks a little like him and he is just too smart.

Speaker 18:                        [00:23:54]               He’s just as adorable as you are. But you know I really although he says he does I really don’t think he sleeps. I think maybe like one or two hours a month. So that’s how he gets all that stuff done. I need my sleep.

Stephen:                             [00:24:06]               He would wake up. No no no. He’d be going to bed as I would wake up. But we’ve met each other. I’m like dude he’s like oh you have just go into bed.

Stephen:                             [00:24:13]               I’m like Are you kidding me. I’m ready to start the day.

Kelly:                                     [00:24:17]               And you guys are on the same time zone. I think he’s and so I’ll be on you know and I’m a night out too I’d love to work at night when everybody’s going bed and it’s nice and quiet so I’ll be up you know [11:00] or a night California time and you know I’ll see him or Mr. Chen thinking he’ll respond to me in the morning and you know message right back is like well you’re still up.

Kelly:                                     [00:24:37]               It’s always a running joke.

Stephen:                             [00:24:39]               It’s funny but you know what. There’s a reason he’s having the most incredible success. He’s always so people he’s one of the few CEOs I’ve met this world. And I don’t mean to offend anyone else please don’t take it that way. But he sees the big picture better than most anyone I’ve ever seen and he’s willing to do it. And yet you know his team is very very small.

Kelly:                                     [00:25:00]               You know he’s relentless he’s a workhorse he’s a beast and he’s a giver. I mean he is just such a giver. And I truly believe when you put that kind of energy into the universe it comes back to you in spades so everything that he’s worked or achieved. It’s not luck it’s because he’s he’s worked for it and he puts good stuff out in the universe so well.

Stephen:                             [00:25:20]               And now I’m going to make this pitch. Everybody knows that Andy is my sponsor and Andy only run in eight of course. They all together but they sponsor the show. They pay me. So I don’t want anybody to mislead when I sell the stuff they pay me the plus to pay me for other things. I don’t want to mislead. However we’re also great friends. And you know I’m not going to speak for Kelly but my experience is for the three plus years that I’ve known Andy and then since then Ron and Nate I’ve not seen anything but that. I always look for consistency because it’s easy to come in and say hey I’ve got a better way to do things. Me. This is it’ll be great blah blah blah blah blah. And usually it works for a little bit. And then about two weeks three weeks later you see a drift off. Right. I’ve never seen that I’ve still see them give more information. Answer Question I’ve been in their groups for years now. They never stop answering even the silliest quest. They don’t say that’s a silly question. It’s like hey that’s a good question we’ve answered here. Let me show you some other methods that kind of thing. What’s been your experience.

Kelly:                                     [00:26:20]               I really couldn’t agree more. And I tell the economists all the time and you know I was really lucky to have met the Rodley met at a mastermind about a little over a year ago and we’ve become really good friends and we collaborate on a lot of stuff. And you know he was kind enough to introduce me to Andy and Nathan and I’m really getting really looking forward to getting to know them better at the retreat coming up in April.

Kelly:                                     [00:26:47]               But they are truly one of a kind. I have been apart more you know mastermind’s conferences facebook groups. Regarding you know Amazon private label than I care to curate a share you know I’ve definitely I’m a shiny object syndrome reporter. And I have purchased so many courses in so many trainings. And just the list goes on and on and they are just one of a kind. The way they help people and the transparency that they have with their group it’s you know I just absolutely love it and wish they had been around when I first got started.

Stephen:                             [00:27:25]               Well let’s be fair. I mean you you’re you would meet my mega seller requirement. You hit the number that no I never told anybody what that number is. But you are in there and to be fair you’ve taken a lot of other courses those things you’ve gotten benefit from them and that has gotten you to where you are. But you’re you’re making this bold statement that of all the stuff that you’ve done this is a rarity this rare exception of actually you know the sharing and the openness and the consistent again. I can say consistency because I’ve seen it for years and I’ve been to all these Vietri I go to all the retreats and everything and it’s always this way but they truly care about your business.

Kelly:                                     [00:28:04]               Fair absolutely fair and it is. It is a rarity. They have a genuineness about them and they they start with wanting to help people. And now you and I were chatting a little bit before. And you know anybody that’s running a group and putting great information content out there they deserve to be paid. Absolutely. So do they deserve to make money. Absolutely. But they start from a place of truly caring. And I don’t know any other course provider or Internet marketer out there right now that that comes from that place. First and foremost just doesn’t exist.

Stephen:                             [00:28:37]               And I get to see what they give away which others don’t get to see. I know they charge for it but there’s a lot more they don’t charge for. And again it’s consistency. So all right that’s enough pitch fest on them. You are going to the retreat which is sold out which Andy messaged me last night saying the retreat is so that we’re very excited. It’s going to be in Orlando. It’s once once a year. If you ever ever think about something because you’ve already you know you’ve taken all the courses you should know everything Kelly you’ve already hit this number you’re already a mega seller what are you doing. Spending a whole bunch of money that Burnett.

Kelly:                                     [00:29:08]               Steve in Florida well it you know this is you know starting to become way more prevalent and you know all the pork Asnar thing but really from this point forward and it’s been this way for a while for me but for most people listening relationships and networking are the most important thing you can do to move the needle forward. I have learned all the hacks all the tricks all the tactics the hacks change you know by the minute you know I am real and that’s not good.

Stephen:                             [00:29:36]               No that’s not a long term play there hacks. That means by you know kind of innuendo that they’re going to be quick and they’re going to get to their face. Well guess what everybody else is going to catch up. So it’s not like a long term play.

Kelly:                                     [00:29:48]               It doesn’t it’s not effective anymore and certainly not in the Amazon space. It comes and goes so quickly it’s so fleeting and short legs that if you spend a large majority or time focused on that you’re just going to end up. It’s like a perpetual hamster wheel it’s what I like to call it. And so you know I’ve always been a big networker and connector you know in my professional career. You know before this but you know now more than ever I spend most of my time really trying to connect and form bonds with people always starting and leading with you know how can I help them with something. And you know once you get to know somebody it’s just amazing. You know if you offer something that you’re good at you know to help them with then they might know something that they can help you with. And so it just it makes the most sense when you’re you know you know running a business these days. The relationships that you form are the most important thing.

Stephen:                             [00:30:46]               You know I think about indices and I think a good visual aid for people like a Rotary Club I’m a Rotarian right and Rotarian forever right. The premise behind that was to get one person from each type of business together and then they would. Of course they were all white men you know way back in the day. But but the premise was is that they would then you know do business together right. Like a mixer right. So it will be an attorney and there be a undertaker and there’d be an accountant and there. But eventually you would share business and help each other. That kind of thing. That was the premise right that was what it was and then it became about helping others and doing charity work which is why I like doing it because I don’t really have much to offer on that career advice anymore. The charity side though I do well with a bit but that’s what this has become.

Stephen:                             [00:31:29]               If you go into the right mindset right it’s not hey I’m going to go in and make a whole bunch of money. Hey I’m going to go in and help some others who probably you know I think it’s hard for people to remember that they started from day one in this business. Those of us who put so in for a long time forgot that we started and didn’t know anything and how many people have helped Steve get to where he is today. Will do might then have that obligation to help everyone else. My answer is yes. Hence the reason I do this free podcast right. So to me what you’re saying is this is the way I can go when you kill he has a lot to offer you can contribute. And then you benefit.

Kelly:                                     [00:32:12]               Absolutely. You know we all have our different ways of contributing. And you know I’m I’m not a broadcaster I can never have a podcast. It just seems way too overwhelming to me. But where I really thrive and I feel like I’m the most viable is I do a lot of one on one mentoring and consulting and coaching. And you know I hate to say that I’ve done a lot of that for free because most of it to date has been for free and I don’t want to get flooded with requests but I’m always happy to answer questions. And I think where I really really help people is connecting them with the right solution whether that’s another person in my network or to a particular training course or something that can help them solve whatever problem they’re facing. But it all comes down to collaborating with people figuring out what your unique core competencies are and skill sets and pretty much sharing those with one another freely.

Stephen:                             [00:33:06]               When you sit back and think about you know what matters to you now. You know I get that you know your family and you said that earlier it was number one. But what really matters when you sit back and think about it because you’ve had a big successful career.

Stephen:                             [00:33:22]               Now you’re having a successful second career in addition to being a successful mom which number one career way back. So you’re on your third career fourth if you want to stay married. But what matters now for you.

Kelly:                                     [00:33:35]               Well all of those things are you know are front and center in terms of you know my business life. You know I’m really focused on building an asset and going back to this Amazon hamster wheel. You know don’t get me wrong I am I am very grateful to Amazon. I think too many of us in this business are quick to you know be negative about all things Amazon right. Whether they’re increasing their fees or you know sponsored and become too expensive whatever it is. But you know the fact that we are privileged to sell on the world’s largest e-commerce platform and to be able to launch our brands there is it still to this day it’s mindblowing to me. And so you know leverage that all of you can take advantage of that. But know gone are the days where you can just throw up any old product and you know how some quick cash flow and just have a truly cash flow business. I think that’s really really difficult these days. And so you really want to focus on building an asset. And that’s what gives me the most satisfaction right now in my professional career is that I’m building something that is going to have an impact on my family whether that’s because I’ve created a legacy you know cash producing asset for them in the long term or because I build it up and sell it and they’re going to be able to reap the rewards that come from having financial security.

Stephen:                             [00:34:55]               That’s my ultimate goal. And let me ask this question I him is probably going to be like How rewarding is that what you said you’re building your own business you’re you’re basically you’re out in that gold rush you actually found you. You built to mind right you bought the mine land and now you’re actually developing it and it’s starting to produce these things. That’s an accomplishment versus you know in that court case. Don’t get me wrong and I know it was a big deal especially if you’re doing it for other people and stuff like that. I get that but that’s a fleeting moment meaning that it comes and it goes because you got another client the next day. How different is that for you.

Kelly:                                     [00:35:32]               It’s it’s night and day and the way you just set that really really sums it up quite nicely. You know I feel like every day that I’m working on my business it’s it’s all for the long term and leading to something something bigger something better. And you know I don’t have to feel that sense of urgency now don’t get me wrong I’m on a goal setter you no circles things need to happen and the world of e-commerce and Amazon with their lives very quickly. But if you keep it as a long term game in your mind. You know that’s what’s most important that you’re building something for the future. And again you know people have different visions of what that is they might want to build it in a couple of years. And in cash out take all their chips off the table and move onto another business.

Kelly:                                     [00:36:17]               You know I’m somewhere in between there. I enjoy building this business. Don’t get me wrong there stresses to it like we hate a love and hate. On our brochure.

Stephen:                             [00:36:26]               Any anything worthwhile is if it was easy everybody be doing it but this somebody ask this question because you have your own website and you’ve done well with it. What percentage of your business now and if don’t tell secrets if you don’t want to tow anything of course you could say. Propounds and Anstey be nice though. What percentage of your business is on your own website versus Amazon now.

Kelly:                                     [00:36:47]               Hardly anything I’ll be completely honest about that.

Stephen:                             [00:36:51]               But it’s something I mean it is. I mean the Mini is so one item. It’s got to be a little bit of a win. I mean it’s got to be like yes if I could so one could sell a hundred buckets of 100 percent 1000 right.

Kelly:                                     [00:37:01]               Absolutely. And you know I yes I do take Zell’s on my own Web site but it’s getting back to that where petrol hamster wheel I like to call it that is called Amazon. It’s almost like being subsidized right. Like we have this platform where the amount of traffic and eyeballs that we can get to our products we’re never going to be able to replicate that even if you’re the you know the best at driving traffic on your own Web site right. So it’s really hard to take a step back from that and start focusing on that. But this year is the year talked about it before. You know with friends and on other podcasts that you know this is going to be the year but says I mean last year I went through some intellectual property issues. I went through a lot of sourcing issues. But but in the midst of that all I I knew that I really needed to solidify my presence off of Amazon. So we did some rebranding and you know I created a new Web site you know did impressions a photo shoot all that stuff and it just went live at the end of 2017. So you know this is the year of really focusing on you know building my own list using you know Facebook many CIAT to be able to build my own messenger list and to be able to drive traffic and control that traffic and the purchasing experience. And it’s it’s it’s something that has to happen but I don’t have to completely take my eye off the ball that is Amazon. And I still think that the best way to continue to make money so that you can fund this bigger endeavor is to launch more products on Amazon period.

Stephen:                             [00:38:31]               And to me what was very cool was listening to you talk about this education what you got right by doing all these things you had to learn each one of these things. And to me it’s better than nothing wrong with it. I have a whole bunch of friends that so many millions of dollars more than you and I scanning and caps at Target or Walmart or wherever right or Walgreens that’s one of the big ones. And that’s cool and it’s cool for them. But what you’re describing is you’re taking selling products to that next level because you’re trying. You’re doing your own AB testing right. Do nothing a b do something and you’re doing something and you’re seeing some results positive and negative. To me that’s that’s enriching. I think that’s the thing that some people burn out from in this world is not getting that enrichment because at some point you can only find so many great deals because then it becomes like no other big deal. Big whoop. Big whoop. You know it’s just. No no real win. But this enrichment that you’re doing and learning and building out the business one more section Web site. Check marketing. Check professional photos I heard when you said that. Check. That’s a big deal. Right. All those little things very enriching enriching the perfect word.

Kelly:                                     [00:39:51]               And you know I never did the whole retail arbitrage thing but I did try online arbitrage for probably about six months. And you know when I first got started with that it was exciting and it just it never generated income or mine. You know it can be exciting rush but it gets old so quick. And I really do feel for people that are stuck in that hamster wheel and not to put it down because it’s a great way to to build a cash flow.

Stephen:                             [00:40:17]               I think it’s becoming harder and harder these days especially doing retail arbitrage with Amazon.

Kelly:                                     [00:40:23]               But if if that can serve to fuel your next endeavor something that you’re that you’re building that is going to be a true asset and that’s the key is building something that’s an asset.

Kelly:                                     [00:40:34]               And I know lots of people that struggle to get out of that you know that cycle to start you know whether it’s private labeling building their own brand. It can be hard but it can be done. So I would encourage anybody that’s in that spot to do that and it doesn’t.

Stephen:                             [00:40:48]               You know let’s be fair it doesn’t have to be when you see an asset it doesn’t have to be. Building your own brand on Amazon or whatever it could be vacation rentals in the Bahamas where you let Steve come and stay for free for a week. That could be a good I hate him. And let me know if that happens. But I mean if that’s what you want to build but you’re talking about building something that has a long term it’s an asset. I mean it’s sellable. There’s a value to it right. There’s a long term value. I think that that’s a smart business. Now obviously I’m a little biased and I’d like to see people build up more on Amazon or build the old brand I guess is a better way to say it but to me what you’re describing can mean a lot of different things for that person. This isn’t what they like if they don’t like to develop their own product. They don’t get that the real from it then do something else with the but least do something with it. So when your health becomes an issue because it’s not an issue when it becomes an issue always does for somebody eventually get old enough where it starts to hurt somewhere. You have other options. And I think that that’s so smart. Did you did you feel that way. Like go back to your career. I mean is it you know because I know they pay insane money in corporate America or especially in large law firms and you hear the stories about going out on your own because that’s the entrepreneur that’s you know it’s it’s back to eating ramen noodles. Back to college again. Right. Did you feel like you had a way out when you were out there. Did you have a plan. I mean is that what goes through most people’s minds now.

Kelly:                                     [00:42:21]               Back when I was practicing law there was no plan other than to get each and every day.

Stephen:                             [00:42:26]               No kidding. I mean do they.

Kelly:                                     [00:42:28]               I mean not thinking long term you know I mean maybe I didn’t practice long enough I practiced for just shy of 10 years. And you know towards the end of the chapter I had my first daughter. You know definitely it was like there’s really only one track its partnership or not.

Stephen:                             [00:42:45]               And so partners are long term deals. I mean those are generally. I mean there are you know I’ve seen a 70 year old lawyers that you know either become judges or they just keep you know they’re Amoret is I guess is the right word or something like that right.

Kelly:                                     [00:42:58]               Yeah. And looking down that track I felt like if if I went down that track I would never get out. So you know that served as an impetus for me to really say this is that you know I’m done on and off that you were out later after you know my my kids are off to a kindergartner wherever that was always the kind of the goal that I looked at you know once in kindergarten I can get back to me. And that’s what I did.

Stephen:                             [00:43:23]               Let me ask you this is going to be off the wall. You’re going to be like Where are you going with this. I want to ask you with each one of these. What are you working on when it comes to your business than on your health and then your relationships each one. What would you say you know if you had to say one or two things on each one key things OK we’ll start with business.

Kelly:                                     [00:43:43]               As I mentioned before working on you know building up my own lists and driving traffic and sending that traffic not only to my own Web site but to Amazon. I think that’s super important to build your own audience. And you know again we can hear all these marketers talk about how you know you have to do this and this but it takes time and realizing it takes time. But again looking at the long term vision it’s worth putting in that time.

Stephen:                             [00:44:08]               The other thing you said that I don’t want to downplay this because I know that you’ve gotten a tremendous amount of help from networking.

Stephen:                             [00:44:14]               I think that when you said that it was like wow I mean you really understand how to get from good to great is 10 percent right. That 10 percent is so hard to get right. And you got to do it. And so to me that’s very very powerful your statement earlier.

Kelly:                                     [00:44:30]               It is but. But it is worth it. And again if you look at it from a long term perspective you don’t have to feel like oh my gosh this is so hard because it’s certainly not a one and done something that happens in a day. Right. It takes time. There’s many ways to go to go about it right whether it’s you know Pulitzer or traffic or you know any way to drive your own traffic and be in control of that is is it is a very I think I would say a long term skill set that takes time to build. Right. And you know I’ve got some tools in my arsenal but it takes time to dial that up and to deploy resources towards that when you’re you know running a very small operation but you get smarter each time.

Stephen:                             [00:45:06]               I mean don’t you feel like it. I mean it’s common. You don’t want to say easier because I don’t I think that’s relative. But it’s made more sense.

Kelly:                                     [00:45:13]               But I see it that way especially as time goes on. And once you realize some success with whatever you’re doing i.e. you know someone products on Amazon you know you be begin to get that confidence level and also begin to filter out a lot of stuff that becomes just as important as Khoda things into opportunities into the next shiny Corser guru. That becomes very important and you know I have to say my first year in doing this business I was very susceptible to you know I’m by nature I just love devouring information. You know whenever there’s something new about a certain topic that I’m interested in I just want to get my hands on it and devour it. And I still have to fight Herge. It’s very difficult.

Stephen:                             [00:45:52]               I think that’s normal. I think that every person listening is going to say guilty. I mean so the fact that your reckon I think the skills are one of the best things I do about this part just when I hear how hard it is what you do I check it off saying OK off the bucket list. Now that one’s done. I’m not doing that one because I’m not going I’m not willing to give up what you had to give up like that that’s my example. Yeah. All right. So we know what you’re going to do with. How about your health. Because it’s important. I mean it’s something that you got to deal with. You’re younger than I am. But as it gets older it’s like 50 when you hit 50. I’ve heard this. It’s a God’s honest truth. There are things that start to break down. It’s like whew. What happened I turned 50. Why you’re all of a sudden taking a pill.

Kelly:                                     [00:46:31]               I don’t want a pill you know hey I hear I’m not 50 yet that kind of pill.

Kelly:                                     [00:46:36]               That being an Internet entrepreneur you know I’ve suffered from from the neck issues you know I now use standup desks and that’s helped with that. But you know health is so important. You know we obviously can’t do anything else without it. You know I’ve I’ve always been pretty healthy. You know I you know sometimes sleep well with my eating and things but I’m a runner so I run every single day and I’m really lucky to live and you know beautiful Southern California and I live right by the beach so I get to go running and enjoy the great outdoors in the sunshine heat to rub it in.

Speaker 19:                        [00:47:09]               Well but it’s hard. Here’s the here’s the hard part when you’re this entrepeneur. There are a million things you should be doing right now. You’re not talking to Steve you should be working on a campaign. You should be getting a Protic research. You should be doing is to pull yourself aside. I come up I can rationalize a lot of reasons I never make it to the gym. You’ve got to be intentional don’t you.

Kelly:                                     [00:47:29]               Yes. I’ve never had a problem with with exercise. To me exercise is what gives me the endorphin rush that I need. And it is it is non-negotiable. So you know before I did this interview with you this morning I mean I had to do my run. It just has to happen.

Stephen:                             [00:47:47]               How many days a week are you exercising everyday. I never skipped seven days a week and it’s just part of your life.

Kelly:                                     [00:47:52]               It is. And it’s not hardcore. I mean I’m not running marathons or anything but I do my five miles a day. And you know I’m at set up some kind of elliptical or other things like that. You know and as I’ve as I’ve gotten older it’s been you know more difficult to stick with you know regimented eating especially when you have kids. So I’m not as good as I used to be really you know. No sugar low carb all that kind of stuff. And now I find what works best which I really like enjoy practicing is daily intermittent fasting. Oh yeah. Smart Yeah. And it’s really easy to implement. You know you basically just pick the 16 hour window where you don’t eat.

Kelly:                                     [00:48:31]               And that’s pretty easy if you stop eating after a certain time of night and then don’t start eating basically skipped breakfast. So that really helps to kind of you you know burn the fuel that you already have in your system rather than burning you know through glucose or anything like that. So those are the two simple things I do to stay healthy. There’s way more I could do it. I mean I need to be doing intermittent training I need to be doing more weight training all of those things. So there’s always ways to improve for sure.

Stephen:                             [00:48:55]               All right now let’s get to the good one.

Stephen:                             [00:48:57]               All relationships smell because you got to think about this you got a you’re married but you got girl or teenagers I don’t have both girls but you’re right. So you got a teenager and a younger one. Right. Those are really and then you get other relationships and you got these Internet relationships added in. How do you what do you do in the work on those.

Kelly:                                     [00:49:16]               You know that actually I need to put in some more work there. I’ll be honest I think I take I take.

Stephen:                             [00:49:23]               Kelly let’s get you into the couch or spend a few moments on a couch. Come on.

Kelly:                                     [00:49:26]               Well I take it for granted. I am a giver by nature and I’m always there for people in my life. You know my family my friends my entrepreneurial friends I’m there for everybody. But at the same time I can get really sucked into the day to day you know work stuff. And you know I feel like I need to do a better job at reaching out to people rather than waiting for them to come to me and so I’ll be honest about that.

Stephen:                             [00:49:52]               That’s fair though. But I mean again acknowledging it and then doing something about it that’s really the key. So you know how how big of a surgical center. And then you got one are you a checklist kind of person. It is very satisfying.

Kelly:                                     [00:50:06]               Yes but it’s rudimentary. I mean I keep you know just running to do less with all kinds of action items and then I’m very old school in that even though I love you know Google Sheets and I love task management software and all of that.

Kelly:                                     [00:50:20]               With all of the really high level things that I do in my business I keep a spar about notebook for each and every topic and that’s just where our thoughts are. Hey if I heard about a new you know training tool that I want to look into someday I’ll put it in there rather than buying it right away. Right.

Stephen:                             [00:50:36]               But it’s off of your head. I mean that’s smart. Right it’s out of your head. You got enough stuff going on in there. You don’t need that by putting it down somewhere else that you can eventually review at your time. I think it’s very smart.

Kelly:                                     [00:50:46]               I’m a pen to paper type of person or I really am.

Stephen:                             [00:50:50]               It’s funny you say that because I use a spiral and I have one sitting right in front of me when I do interviews like this. I just find it. I mean I’ve got a million legal pads. All the research as the I start one and then I end up with another six. This legal. I mean these spiral bound things for some reason I just stay in the same one for each task and it just seems to work very easily for me. I’m also the guy and I just told somebody this and they were like What. I’m literally my mileage log is is a pet I been doing it that way for 30 some odd years I’m not changing into an app I’m not interested in it.

Kelly:                                     [00:51:21]               I know it’s easier not interested in isn’t it funny how we you know our careers are based on the Internet right. But yet we’re still old school with the stuff.

Stephen:                             [00:51:28]               There’s something rewarding too and I don’t know I guess the rules. So what. You know why I asked you what matters to you. What have you figured out that doesn’t matter. Let’s let’s go deep for a second. Just tell us what you because you again you’ve had the big successful career you had it all. You’ve got the big family everything’s great. What does it matter when you think about it now.

Kelly:                                     [00:51:50]               Oh there’s a lot of things but you know wasting time comparing yourself to others.

Stephen:                             [00:51:56]               I know you just told me you do. Hey all right let’s go fair on now.

Kelly:                                     [00:52:02]               Well I I you know we all have our things we have to work on. All right. That’s when it gets but it really cool to see what my heart of hearts it’s not work your mental energy. It’s just not. And you know you and I are surrounded by lots of you know higher level entrepreneurs. I mean we always want to be surrounded by people that are doing better than than yourself right because that’s what makes you I want to be greater and as well as help people that want to come up to your level that’s very important to surround yourself with with all of those things. But I really do think that that’s a very negative exercise to get in your head. When you compare yourself to others so I I have to practice that on a daily basis reminding myself of that.

Stephen:                             [00:52:45]               And you know let me ask you something before you leave that. What about your teenage daughter. No because that’s a big deal. I mean it’s become a bigger deal because of the days of Instagram all of a sudden they could see. I mean let’s face it. I don’t know how you grew up I grew up poor and so my kids know nothing but big houses and you know nice stuff. They didn’t understand what it took and so I’m very cautious and I coach them that way. I’m very very tough. But a teenage girl today. It’s got to be incredibly tough. It was difficult for you. But now she’s seeing nothing but Instagram pictures of stuff right. What do you do there to help her understand what Matt how do you transfer that knowledge to her.

Kelly:                                     [00:53:28]               You know I have to say my husband and I we have raised two outstanding daughters and future citizens are girls. I mean they want for nothing we give them a very very good life and they have everything they could ever want but they are so humble and so grateful to them. And you know it’s really about and they don’t compare themselves to others. Wow. And yet they are high achievers. They’re both straight-A students they’re both very active in sports and so.

Stephen:                             [00:53:59]               Well what was it that you did that. I mean while nothing you did maybe there magic but I mean what did you what environment was it what was it that you helped.

Kelly:                                     [00:54:07]               Because it’s a big deal you say you know I can’t point to any one specific thing to say how lucky we are to have these girls but I can say that both my husband and I and this is what attracted me to my husband or what.

Kelly:                                     [00:54:24]               Why I found him so attractive when we first met. Was that even though he had everything going for him. He was handsome he had a great career. He was nice and funny. He was humble. And I think humor and I am that way too. I think humility.

Kelly:                                     [00:54:39]               No matter how great of a life or living are the advantages that you have in life. Just to be humble. I think that really has transferred to our girls and that’s the best that’s why I could put my love to you.

Stephen:                             [00:54:52]               I mean is there a way you could practice humility. I mean I know how to practice gratefulness you know wake up and be grateful that day. Say it right away right. That’s one of the tools that they teach you practice and humility.

Kelly:                                     [00:55:06]               I think it’s something that is a is a personality trait. And I can only say that it was passed on down from from our parents. You know I’ve heard from very very humble background as well I wouldn’t say we are or we had you know they want to eat and a roof over our head. But you know my parents struggled and you know maybe that has something to do with that scene and maybe it does.

Stephen:                             [00:55:28]               It’s cool. I just think it’s cool for a teenage daughter. That is a very cool story to hear because man I just you know we only had boys so it’s I could kick him in the butt you know and get him move. Right. They’re both I’m very proud that both Eagle Scouts they they understand right. However now I’ve got granddaughters and it scares me to death. I mean they’re all girls. And it terrifies me to death you know and I’m thinking man how did they you know. It’s a side story. My daughter in law her sister is a computer brilliant person. I mean like I’m telling you like she’s like one of those meant to Drexel’s free every day. She is that one of those special and she’s forever buying them engineering stuff for the girl. She’s like Oh yeah they need to see that there. This isn’t a man’s world this is a look at this. Look at this and she’s really got that covered. And I’m like That is awesome that you know that that’s mold is going to get broken. And so to hear a teenage girl get it it’s very cool to me. Very very cool.

Kelly:                                     [00:56:28]               I mean obviously a lot of it has to do with your letting your kids spend time around right. Remember we’re very blessed. And as you know it comes down to our lifestyle. I mean our kids do lots of sports. My older daughter is a surfer she’s the first freshman to make the restful surf team. You know my other daughter’s very vocal team sport so you know a lot of her time is spent doing very you know obviously active healthy things enjoying the time indoors and but that’s purposeful that’s intentional. That’s

Stephen:                             [00:56:55]               right. So you’re downplaying it like it’s nothing. No it’s a big deal if you’re putting that time that limited time that you guys had. I mean let’s face it you both had very large successful careers. You still made it a priority. Well that’s an intentional killing. I’m just here to tell you that’s that’s the work right there. That’s why it’s open it’s do.

Kelly:                                     [00:57:13]               I mean we live our lives for not all parents not all parents. I think I think it’s pretty clear that people like you and I and I’m sure most of your listeners that’s just the way it is when you have children your wife is above them and that doesn’t mean that you do anything to your detriment. But you know we move to where we live now so be by the beach because our daughter up surfing so much and that’s just what you do for your kids.

Kelly:                                     [00:57:38]               I’m not complaining. We love it. It sounds like a tough life you know.

Stephen:                             [00:57:42]               But you know I get it though it to me though that selflessness selfless This is what it takes and love and love it. Brandon always knows when I say love love I love it. All right. So let’s let’s bring this home now. So you’re in it things are rockin. You get that if you want to get to the next level. You’re not satisfied. And it’s not because you’re feeling or anything you want to ratchet up. So you’re investing you’re going out networking in the right places you’re spending a lot of money right to invest to get to that next level. Let’s hope the person who stuck it always used the 30000 dollar a month level because I just think that that’s such a level where you’re basically got to you could go sell cell phones and make just as much money at the AT&T store right. No commission and you’ll make just as much money won’t be as satisfying. But it’s real. So how did they get past that point is stuck. When you hit that point of stock in this business different than the law business or maybe it’s the same. How do you get past that. What do you advise others how they should get past it.

Kelly:                                     [00:58:45]               Well I certainly don’t think it comes down to Bibleman next training that’s out there. I you know to reiterate what I said before it really is about relationships and think about what you can put out into the universe. So anybody that achieves any level of success I don’t care how small you know in their business or any type of career you as you mentioned you’ve become good at something you’ve got something on your you know somebody is willing to pay you a dollar for something you did. You’ve got a service to offer. So I think that you know joining a community of like minded entrepreneurs and obviously there’s many of them out there. So we’ll start with you know you know one of the groups that were both in you know amazing freedom you know a really good group there and put yourself out there. And you know this is a very tangible thing I’m going to suggest here but I really really think it’s important to you if you want to offer what you’re good at or what you can help somebody with a guarantee you know you’re gonna get somebody that’s going to need that help.

Stephen:                             [00:59:45]               And how do you do that. So to pause for a second because I know I think I know where you’re going and I think it’s a bold step but I agree with you. So you joined the group and you say hey my name is Steve and I’m a great I don’t know.

Stephen:                             [01:00:01]               I’m an I’m a former accountant you know and I have some skill sets on inventory I can get specialists if anybody ever has any questions about inventory and inventory management. I’d love to reach out and give you a hand if anybody needs any book. That’s very unassuming so I’m not asking for money. It’s FREE.

Kelly:                                     [01:00:21]               Absolutely. And that’s I mean I can look back now I don’t think I did any of this with intention but that’s just always the way that I can. And that’s how I’ve gotten to meet some really great people is by you know offering something of value that I think I’m good at and not only does that reinforce for yourself and make you happy and grateful about something that helps helping others it feels good.

Kelly:                                     [01:00:47]               It doesn’t sound hokey but it’s cool. But that person won’t have a skill set that that might be able to help you. And if if not you guys can collaborate on well I know this person is good at this. What are you struggling with. I like to ask people to what are you struggling with right now.

Kelly:                                     [01:01:03]               If not you started a relationship with that person might just be helping them. That’s now a different relationship. There’s new expectation with that but it’s now like we’ve connected. And so therefore you know if the I feel like oh I could reach out to Kelly she helped me and I can reach out to her. I see she’s asking to let me help her or I know somebody who can help her. That’s real.

Kelly:                                     [01:01:25]               Yeah it is. And you know going to a Facebook program and that’s just one example I don’t I’m not suggesting that anybody spend all their time in these you know Amazon related Facebook groups because it’s it it can be a huge time suck and it can really do wonders to make it counterproductive. But what I’m saying is you know whatever whatever your network is and if you don’t have one you know you’ve got to start somewhere. So a Facebook group would be a great place to start. That’s where you kind of put yourself out there and start forming these connections and again it’s a slow process. You’re not going to in one day. You know meet a bunch of people that are going to be able to help you with the need for it. I mean you have to start from a place of what can I offer to somebody that’s of value. And it could be the simplest thing. You know what. So maybe you’re an accountant and you can offer them professional advice just like I would offer somebody legal advice. You know but just throwing it out there.

Stephen:                             [01:02:17]               You know I can be a help to anybody in this area and pick something a discreet area you know that you think that you really get out there and I think you could take it even a step further because you said something early on in the conversation that you met Liron and a mastermind. Yeah right. I’m sure you spent a ton of money to go and you evolve to that. But that’s where the relationships could go to the next level. Right. That’s where you know now I get to see you face to face like we’re going to see each other in a couple of months. And so now all of a sudden that relationship gets a little stronger because it’s like oh I’ve I’ve had a meal with him or her. And now all of a sudden it’s like whoa. Let me reach out to. Because you know what. I know that. You know when I hear your story you’re going to be like oh I did this and I’ll be like Oh that’s right Kelly did this lil b see what her experiences what would she suggest I do. And to me if you’re a local Meetup group. Every community has one or every city has one. That’s when you get to the next level. And you know I mentioned my Rotary Club but it’s the truth. Lots of business people in there. Those are different ways that you get to talk to people face to face. And I just think that getting out of your comfort zone especially if you’re shy. Now you don’t have that appearance or show you’re shy on the inside like me.

Kelly:                                     [01:03:29]               I’m not shy but I consider myself an insurer. I mean I’m interested Yeah I love being by myself. I always have. I love my need for time. You know but I I thoroughly enjoy meeting other people and hearing about their experiences and helping them if they have something that I can help with or putting them in touch with somebody that I think can help them not us like me so much satisfaction. That’s also cool to connected you’re a connector I’m sure.

Stephen:                             [01:03:59]               Let me ask you this because I know it was going to close it but Steve as a follow up. You said something made maybe think about it when you were in the legal profession. Did you have this experience this camaraderie. This is not working. I mean I know there’s always somebody who wants to meet somebody but did you see any of this.

Kelly:                                     [01:04:18]               Sadly no. And you know it could be different. There’s different obviously different areas of law that you know you could be involved in but I was a civil litigator and I did you know primarily insurance defense so my clients were the big insurance companies. And you know we had to you know do the schmoozing and you know going out and trying it you know sway these insurance adjusters to give us their business but it just felt so robotic and just so fake fake absolutely fake. And there wasn’t really something tangible the other side of feeling like I’m hoping somebody else.

Stephen:                             [01:04:52]               And now conversely you were in this world and it’s like it’s like magic is it. Is.

Kelly:                                     [01:04:59]               It is. I have so many stories of you know people that I’ve helped people that have helped me. And it really it’s it’s so satisfying. And you know Liriano is just a great example. You know he is just Yoda he is whatever he is. He’s helped me with so many things and I like to think that I’ve helped him with some things Cunio him with some people you know and that’s my contribution to him. But it’s it’s it’s always got to be a keepsake. And definitely the wrong visa Solomont and the giver. He really really does. But I tried to to give as much as possible.

Stephen:                             [01:05:31]               Now it’s powerful. Perfect. All right if somebody has a follow up question what’s the best way that they want to ask you.

Kelly:                                     [01:05:38]               You know my favorite way is I have seen too many people using it these days but I use it about my old depression and it was hard to keep a contractor happy. Reach out to us through LinkedIn so you can find me at Kellyann BDO on LinkedIn right.

Stephen:                             [01:05:51]               Man oh man I’m excited. I can’t wait to meet you face to face. Very excited. We’re going to fatten you up though with food. You’re going to be like. And I want I’m going to track how many times you exercise.

Stephen:                             [01:06:02]               We always say Eddie and I always like Oh yeah we’re going to exercise then we’re up till [3:00] in the morning and we never make it. The next morning so I’m going to see them out and work hard.

Kelly:                                     [01:06:12]               Believe me I’m and whenever I try get a conference says it doesn’t matter. I could be up on it. Believe me I love my cocktails and I love to have fun but I’ll be up at the crack of dawn exercising.

Stephen:                             [01:06:24]               I’m an old man and it just gets worse. So thank you so much I wish you nothing but success taking you.

Stephen:                             [01:06:30]               Thanks Steve. Pretty impressive again. You know how could you not be motivated after listening to Kelly and she’s just three years in and yet having incredible success. Now she wants to do more she wants more she wants to figure more things out. So she’s investing. And I know it made a little bit of a pitch for us Randi’s group in Lee runts group. But you know I believe in him so much. An amazing freedom is one of the sponsors of the show. But the group is free. I mean you can go out there and join the group. They do have paid courses when close you can’t join the retreat is sold out can’t join that. But the best way to find out about that stuff is to be a member of amazing freedom and you know look at some of the other services they do offer so you can start to get to a little bit of business with them to see the type of people they are to do business with. So gay lesbian in that group she’s part of amazing freedom and I have a special that if you join through the link for me and you get no part of her but you get to see the services that you offer accrete photo service and I haven’t even started promote yet. It’s unbelievable. I mean it’s like we just showed Andy and I were New York and we showed one of the vendors and the guys like oh my god that’s what I want. And it’s like wow who does it. And it’s like he’s humble and like you know we do that. I mean you do it every day and you don’t hear a lot about it but that’s the type of people and so you heard Kelly talk about it. It was not a leader there. It’s just so cool to see somebody else getting that benefits or really be careful who you align yourself with. But then going and you know take Kelly’s advice is put yourself out there. Offer something to others with no expectation and magically the stuff will happen to you. Very very inspiring very cool lady e-commerce momentum dotcom e-commerce momentum dot dotcom ticker.

Cool voice guy:                  [01:08:14]               Thanks for listening to the e-commerce momentum from just all the links mentioned today that e-commerce momentum don’t come under this episode number. Please remember to subscribe and the like goes on iTunes.



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