077 : Jordan Malik – Long Time Seller explains it all through his blog Honest Online Selling!

Jordan Malik

Jordan Malik


Jordan has been a long time seller, a long time blogger, a podcaster and a coach (He would rather be called a mentor) As if he wasn’t busy enough he added some software to keep him busy. This is a frank, raw and candid discussion showing the ups and downs of life (Whose isn’t up and down), and how Jordan stays focused on growing his business, his sales channels and most importantly growing his life.







Jordan mentioned:

Cleerplatinum – The fastest, smartest way to source online

Jordan Malik.com – Honest Online Selling blog

Jordan’s newsletter

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 James Altucher

SellFBA.com – Nathan Holmquist

Jim Cockrum Coaching


“Do more of whats really working for you!”

“There’s never been a more crowded time in your head”




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