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040 : Scott Zilke – Taking Traveltage to the next level (Try 26 days on the road!)

scott Zilke

scott ZilkeScott is one amazing man! He just got back from a Traveltage trip that lasted 26 days! Imagine living in you car, a Hotel or a store for that long! (I can’t) I really enjoyed Scott’s down-to-earth practical approach to this business, he has perspective based on his 25 years in the fast food restaurant business, he knows what it is like to lose a part of his soul. (His words were he lost almost all of it!) I think anyone who is in that business and is looking to do more, Scott will be your inspiration. He has worked for 5 different chains and finally realized it is not them, it was him! He was never going to be happy doing that, not that he wasn’t good at it, rather as he says he gave too much of his life. Now he has the freedom he wants, on his terms and the results are the fruit of HIS labor, finally! Scott shares his costs from his trip, breaks it down by category: Hotels, gas, meals, inventory etc..




Scott Mentioned:

Hotwire for Hotels

John Dugan Resale Rabbit

The Big Podcast with Shaq

enroute for andriod

inroute for Iphone

FBA Road Warrior



“When you are running a restaurant, everybody’s problems become your problem!”

“When doing Traveltage, space is very precious”



Golden Nuggets:

Pack your items as you go into boxes: makes it easy to carry into hotel plus you know when you need more boxes.

Turn on Inventory placement when shipping from the road, reducing the sorting save you time.


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