032 : Duane Malek – Retail Arbitrage evolves to Wholesale evolves back to Retail Arbitrage Group Style

Duane Malek

DDuane Malekuane is a solid consistent seller and takes a disciplined approach to Entrepreneurship. His technical background along with a strong math understanding has allowed his business to grow consistently. What I really like about Duane is his restructuring (several times) and his willingness to openly talk about it. I think most people would not want to share what did not work for them,  whereas Duane is not afraid to let you know, he tried it and it either did not work or he more importantly he did not like it. Refreshing to hear and we all can benefit from his experiences.




Duane mentioned: Scanpower, Brett Bartlett – Online Empire Academy, Duane’s coaching program, Duane’s Facebook



“Try everything, find out where your fit is”

“I only play around (try new things) with 10-20% of my cash at any given time, the rest is invested in known and tested inventory”



Golden Nuggets:

Model those who are successful! Talk to them and find out how they did and follow their advice!


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