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423 : List Perfectly Team – Add Ebay, Poshmark, Etsy, Mercari, Tradesy, reloved, Grailed and Facebook Marketplace to your Amazon listings


That title should catch your interest. Can you add these other channels without a lot of manual intervention? Yes if you try Listperfectly. Love how they solved their problems and found others also have the same issues. When you can spread your inventory over multiple channels you are more likely to meet your customers where…

061 : Dave Matthews – Scaling up a large eCommerce business with Partners – Great lesson on how to do it (Hint: it involves respect!)

Dave Matthews

  I love many things about this interview: First and foremost the way Dave respectfully talks about his partners, even after 4 years! The rarity of the consistent success over time shows the maturity of their relationship. What a great way to go to work everyday, they have figured out each others strengths and more…

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