423 : List Perfectly Team – Add Ebay, Poshmark, Etsy, Mercari, Tradesy, reloved, Grailed and Facebook Marketplace to your Amazon listings


That title should catch your interest. Can you add these other channels without a lot of manual intervention? Yes if you try Listperfectly. Love how they solved their problems and found others also have the same issues. When you can spread your inventory over multiple channels you are more likely to meet your customers where they are.



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Cool voice guy:                 00:00                    Welcome to the e-commerce momentum podcast where we focus on the people, the products, and the process of eCommerce selling today. Here’s your host, Steven Peterson.

Stephen:                            00:13                    You know, I have a bunch of sponsors for the podcast and they’re all wonderful people, but this one stands out for me because, um, she so believes in what she’s doing. Um, a, she’s in e-commerce seller, okay. But she’s also a CPA. And I’m talking about Annie Hill. And, uh, when you think about your business, when she talks about her business, when she talks about the top performers that she has as clients, and she’s got lots of clients and our all e-commerce sellers, um, the, the number one thing is they know their numbers. And so you hear, you’re going to hear her say it, you’re going to hear me say it. And what’s key is that you actually can then pivot and adjust, um, as your business changes and evolves and it will change and evolve, you will not be in control of it. It’s going to change.

Stephen:                            00:57                    The marketplaces are going to change. And so the key is to get, uh, get control of it. So she offers a course. Um, Amazon accounting simplified and I have a link, um, and she does pay me. So again, you know, don’t want to hide that, but, um, she includes a couple things with my link that she doesn’t include another’s. Let me just tell you about this again, she’s going to help you with a, an example of a recommended chart of accounts. Now think about that. What accounts do you need? And she’s going to give you the ones that most people are using the best of the best are using. Because again, you want to make it, I always say make it where you’re going to make decisions. That’s how deep you should go. In our case, we have warehouse services, so we have to go deeper in our chart of accounts.

Stephen:                            01:38                    Then maybe somebody else does, but, and maybe your business is a little different, but if it doesn’t need that, don’t waste your time, you’re not going to make decisions. It doesn’t help you. And so, uh, she recommends, uh, QuickBooks online, which is what we use. And, uh, for me it’s phenomenal. Um, because I can use classes, I can use all these different tools and you can go deeper as you need, but she’s going to help you get that set up. The other thing that, what I really liked that she’s going to do is she stealing a CPA deep dive into an existing eCommerce business, one of her clients, and she’s going to show you what you can expect from your CPA, what does a deep dive, what they should be going through. And that’s rare to actually see what you should be getting. Then you can compare what you’re getting from your tax professional.

Stephen:                            02:22                    And again, we don’t do our own taxes here either. Um, and so get monthly financial statements. She’s going to help you figure that out. And what I love about her courts is it’s a pause, rewind of dating myself using tape, but go back till you get it and then go forward. It’s not a, Oh my God, the course is going to end. I’m going to be out of it now. Hers is a lifetime membership. Also, they put you in a special Facebook group, private Facebook group where you can ask questions. Um, you can get, um, you know, you’ll get other feedback, but you can see other people asking questions. So you don’t feel so stupid when you’re like, wait, I wondered that too. Yeah, duh. Most people do. And that’s again, her heart is like a teacher. And so her course is the Amazon accounting simplified course.

Stephen:                            03:04                    And if you go to accounting, we will go.com, forward slash momentum. Click on that link, fill it out, you’ll get a 30 day money back guarantee. So, you know, she changed that because she’s like Steve, some people start, um, and then life happens and they can’t get to it. So I didn’t want him to have to run to finish it. Now give them a chance. Again, that’s the kind of person she is. And so if you’re looking to really get control of your business, if you’re looking for a way to really know your numbers, to know all the different things that really matter, and then get that prepared and boom, you can hand it right off to your tax person. Might matter of fact, my tax person signs into my, um, QuickBooks online account, which is awesome. I don’t think of anything and they were able to finish this stuff right there and make entries and that kind of thing.

Stephen:                            03:51                    Um, and she’s going to help you get there. So, uh, accounting we will grow is Anna’s group, um, counting. We will grow.com forward slash momentum. We’ll get you to this link and check out this course again, 30 day money back guarantee. You’re going to get those two extra things, which is the recommended chart of accounts. Uh, don’t get complicated. Keep it simple, stupid, right as they say. Um, this is an example of what you, what other sellers have used specifically in her business. And again, she’s a CPA and she’s also going to do that walk through. It’s really a deep dive. So you can understand what each of those accounts mean and how, how, uh, what a CPA should be doing for you and going through your books and helping you understand what you need. So accounting, we will go.com forward slash momentum back to the eCommerce momentum podcast.

Stephen:                            04:40                    This is episode 423 Amanda Morris and Clara Albornoz from list perfectly.com. I’ve had these ladies on because I just love what they’ve done. They’ve taken a first step. They were recommended by a couple of different people, but they’ve taken in solve the problem. Their challenge was they need to list more perfectly. They need to list more stuff, but they need it to sell well. That’s just not just throwing up a listing. You need to do it right and sometimes are now especially I think now is it really good example, certain things don’t sell on certain platforms. So why is eBay offering free fees on hundred plus dollars? Pairs of shoes? Why? Because they lost that market because all these other marketplaces have come in. So guess what? You might want to list them on eBay. Sure. But you also want to list them where the audience is. And so these ladies have figured that out a long time ago and I’ve been working on it to perfection, um, hence the list perfectly and have figured out how to add in channels.

Stephen:                            05:40                    They have seven, they’re adding number eight, a really important one, Facebook marketplace. And they could add other marketplaces as they come available. And I think that’s the key. You have to be nimble in today’s marketplace. What you’re selling doesn’t necessarily sell on every marketplace. And so if you could figure a place to list them and then push it off to the right place, um, that’s a big problem solver and they have definitely done this. The other thing, and I think it comes up later in the conversation is about, um, allowing access. I think one of the bigger challenges when you’re selling on eBay is the user rights. Um, they have solved that problem too. You can have multiple people working on the same listing, um, and processing, you know, again, it’s so smart the way they process things and I just think there’s such an opportunity.

Stephen:                            06:25                    Definitely an audio glitch in here. I got, I think I got them all out of, I think it counted 11 times that we had a pause in there and I think I got them all out. So I apologize for that. But the content is so strong because again, they solved the problem that you have that I have still, they have solved it. They have put together a process and they’re going to share that process with us and that, um, I can’t wait to see it when they, when they start showing you really how they list and then how they can grow. Um, and now I can apply it in our business. Let’s get into the podcast.

Stephen:                            06:58                    Hey, welcome back to the eCommerce momentum podcast. Got a great pair, uh, who have visited the East coast, this cold Tom a year. Um, just to get closer to get into this podcast, the only reason nothing to do with family, Amanda Morris and Clara Alberto says are born is how about that? Better? That’s better. All right. From this perfectly, um, this perfectly.com. I’m very, very excited about having the ladies on to help us understand. I mean, you want to take omni-channel to the next level. These ladies have done it and I’ve heard so many good things. They’ve been recommended to me a couple of times and uh, I’m really excited to talk to them. Welcome ladies.

List Perfectly:                    07:36                    Thank you. Glad to be here.

Stephen:                            07:39                    Good morning. I know the reason you came to the East coast, not family only to get on this podcast, I’m sure. Right?

List Perfectly:                    07:46                    Oh, of course. Yes.

Stephen:                            07:48                    A little colder. Uh, at this time of year, this side. Now you’re, you’re from California, correct?

List Perfectly:                    07:56                    Yeah, we spent many years there. We’re actually based in Arizona now.

Stephen:                            07:59                    Oh, tax. Uh, better taxes for sure. Um, a lot of people get mad at California.

List Perfectly:                    08:06                    Yeah, true. Yeah, we for many, many years in California and moved, uh, moved over to Arizona about six years ago.

Stephen:                            08:13                    Okay. And you guys are our sellers, so let’s get that out of the way. You guys have sellers been selling for a long time. I’m not going to give them too much because then they’ll start guessing your ages. Um, you, you, you guys have been selling for a long time. You sold on so many different places. So let’s, let’s talk about how you got into selling. Cause your background is fashion, correct?

List Perfectly:                    08:34                    Uh, well the background is for, because I started selling online first. Um, this is Amanda. Um, and I started based out of sheer necessity. I had a previous business that I decided to sell equipment form online and I did so well selling the equipment. I was like, wow, this is, this is a pretty amazing way to make extra money. And you know, one thing led to another, it became a full time endeavor. And uh, so that’s, that’s me, Clara.

List Perfectly:                    09:08                    10 years ago I came, I’m a corporate dropout and uh, I met Amanda and I saw her business and uh, just got captivated right away and I just really liked it and started again how out of necessity, because I was looking to do something different. My background, I’m a lawyer, I did 10 years of banking here in USA and I still couldn’t find the, my path. And when I met Amanda with e-commerce, I knew that was something different. I knew it was the future. I knew at that that could be a way that I could be free and independent and my own boss,

Stephen:                            09:43                    you know, you bring up a good point. Nobody ever let me, maybe there are a couple of odd fellows, uh, who look at law and say, Oh, I gotta be a lawyer because I see the way Claire is doing things. But for reselling, it happens all the time in my life. How about you guys? I mean, do you see a lot of people look at what you’re doing and saying, Oh my goodness. I mean, Hey, you make it look easy, but B, that freedom, I can’t get that anywhere else.

List Perfectly:                    10:09                    Yeah, that’s so true. That’s, that was literally, uh, that was the reason I stayed in that I, Amanda was at that time, Amanda, when I came on board, she was already looking how to facilitate and make the process better. All right. In the know and a, and she wanted to know to improve their process in the, in the meantime, as I’m working with Amanda, I get arthritis osteoarthritis, which is very painful in the, she realized that we needed to come up with something that will maximize our income, but at the same time not be working 18 hours like banking. Right. Doing that entry and that’s out of necessity. We have to make it, it was literally survival.

Stephen:                            10:51                    So, so before then, was it because uh, when you were talking about working 18 hours, it’s finding things to list, getting them listed, shipping that whole grind, right? That but manually, is that kind of what you’re talking about?

List Perfectly:                    11:03                    Yes. Yeah. And we found that the, you know, for our line of business, we sell one of a kind items. So it’s a, it’s a completely different business than someone that sells, you know, 50,000 units of one SKU. So we spend the bulk of our time with listing. And so what we realized is either, you know, we could do it manually where you hire someone to help with the listing or we could find, you know, an online system or solution that would help minimize the tasks for us. And so, and you can also do a hybrid, but we just found that, um, it was there, there was a crying need out there to help with the listing process. And so we developed it.

Stephen:                            11:46                    Okay. So you went first looking on your own and without naming anybody, cause I don’t, I don’t like that kind of stuff, but what, what did you find and then what did you find was missing?

List Perfectly:                    11:57                    I found personally because I am, I’m a tech geek and, and so I’m, I tend to get obsessive about the staff and I will literally just not sleep until I find the answer. And, uh, so I, I went around, I tried, you know, I want to, I feel like it was tens and dozens and dozens of solutions out there. What I found with most of them are built for the, you know, the, the widget businesses, manufacturers, they, they have more of a problem dealing with customer management where we have more of a problem dealing with listing management. And so the solutions are all based around, you know, big manufacturers and their problems and not smaller sellers problems. And so, uh, that was a major limitation. It just felt like the S the software, while some of it was okay, it didn’t solve the problem we needed to solve.

Stephen:                            12:52                    And, and the, uh, correct me if I’m wrong, is, was the problem for you, the touch points, uh, the volume of touch points and then like you’re saying that the other stuff was done on the back end, it was more customer management and it missed the points to really optimize a great listing. There’s a lot of stuff you gotta know right

List Perfectly:                    13:12                    there is there, there’s a whole lot. Um, so you know, what we realized very early on is lifting becomes a lot simpler if you have, you know, some kind of template or something, you got to have a structure process without a process. You will not be consistent without consistency. You’re not going to be in a solid income that will allow you to grow. Yup. And on top of that, you also want to think about your own shop, your own branding. You don’t want to sound like a carbon copy of someone else. So the solutions out there, there were some that would help you with listing, but you sounded like a carbon copy of someone else. He didn’t stand out. It wasn’t your terminology, it wasn’t your shop. And you know what one thing that we realized early on is when you sell online, you’re not face to face with the customer. So you have to express your brand, your personality in whatever means are available to you and you know, the description of your item. Um, the, so that’s, that’s what we focused on.

Stephen:                            14:13                    And at that point it was you, you were, was it mainly to do for eBay? Is that the best example there

List Perfectly:                    14:19                    at that point? No, we already, we’re ready. Literally. Okay. We planned these, God, multichannel was six, seven, seven years old. It started everything with diagrams, you know, but uh, we always wanted to go initially was even at sea and website. That was our LA and 2015 is when we really started to build it. And when we build this clothing to communicate, uh, the website with Etsy and eBay and it was like, wow, it was like the best thing ever.

Stephen:                            14:45                    Can let me ask you a question about that. Cause I, I, it’s interesting. So for me, cause we, we sell on all three of those places. They are different aren’t they? I mean an eBay listing, I mean, I don’t know, maybe you’re going to school me and say you don’t need to be, but an eBay listing versus an Etsy listing I think would be a good example where Etsy is that more personal, you know, where they could see that me and my wife made that or we were involved in it. I guess it’d be a good term. And then eBay is more as a different listing, at least in my mind. If so, how do you address that in your planning stages? How do you think that through?

List Perfectly:                    15:22                    That was beautiful because Amanda came up with that. Um, I am the, this is Karen, the non technical founder. So pretty much, you know, what I do is I present the problems to Amanda and then she goes chew on it. And then what she found out, we tried many things. Okay. Everything, all our companies are trying. We tried it just because we were just testing ahead, you know, with ourselves in what we found out. Okay. After testing all that, it was that just making the process, um, what would you say? Monday, just making the process, you know, um, unifying the process. So they had to do one step and yet it would be, you know, it would translate across the board. So this list perfectly, or at least clothing at that if you can come in multiple languages and then this perfectly, or at least clothing understands what you’re saying and we’ll translate it to different channels in the language that they need to hear.

Stephen:                            16:14                    Yeah. So, so whatever conversion program you’re using knows the, um, the nuances of eBay versus Etsy, is that correct? Correct. Oh wow. Okay. All right. Um, I sit back and I think about that. She doesn’t upset. She obsesses. Right. She doesn’t chew on it. Right. It sounds like it. And so you’re gonna fight it, fight it, fight it to get that fine tuned. Um, how long does that process take to, to really, especially I guess earlier on, but to, to start getting the flavor for that particular channel.

List Perfectly:                    16:50                    Oh, so your question is how long does it take for a year or two

Stephen:                            16:56                    or could you right now we could go there but, but no, I’m joking. I’m still talking planning because I, I’m fascinated. I mean, you know, again is an a pre-call I talk about what, what gets me is that you guys come up against a problem and rather than let the problem be a barrier, like most people and then they turn away from it, which is a majority of sellers, including Steve. I mean, so it’s not a nobody better. Nobody better. You guys push past it. That’s it.

List Perfectly:                    17:21                    Well to quit. I don’t wear a Naval to, how can I explain you? We cannot, I cannot follow a process that’s been invented by someone else. And he’s ineffective. Even if it is effective, I can do it. But we found that nothing faded. Like Amanda said, I saw Amanda stiff and I saw Amanda almost six months. These woman was 12 hours a day on customer support with different companies trying to make this work for our company. She spent hours of research. She was very, I don’t have, honestly I don’t have the patience to install the software and be six hours on hold and we take support six hours per company as Steven. So imagine when we feel that we’re on solution. It was, it was, that’s something that really stick to us, you know, building something that would be more simplified and will require rocket scientist to provide tech support. And, and I think you can describe it in emotional stages. First comes frustration, then come, wait a minute. I think I could do something about it. Hope like let’s try, let’s try it. Let’s see what happens. And then comes Eureka.

Stephen:                            18:35                    The lights go on. It’s kind of a relationship, right? Uh, you know, when, when it works it works and then all of a sudden you know, the lights go on. Okay. So, so the development process sounds, I mean I know you’re simplifying it for this discussion, but this had to be really serious. Uh, let me ask you this. Those companies that you dealt with, and I’m sure you already knew the answers they were going to give you all the challenges and stuff you were checking boxes, weren’t you to make sure that this doesn’t happen to your stuff, right. To make it easier, like you were saying, easier for the user. When, when you think of the user for list perfectly, who is it? Who is the, who’s the really the user of, of list perfectly.

List Perfectly:                    19:18                    I think of the clothing, boulders. So many people. It could be any where you don’t get to work. Goal is any center make the process simpler. Anybody should be able to sell online. You shouldn’t need to learn HTML. You shouldn’t need to learn what API connections is or what an extension from Google Chrome does, you know, and how it works and the interface. No, you shouldn’t. You should just be focusing what you list, how much you make, and then moving forward and making your searching process faster.

List Perfectly:                    19:48                    Yup. Uh, you know, in, in a little, to get a little deeper, I came from sort of a tech background. I spent many years in, uh, in technical capability and I would go into, you know, having new systems and then we’d have to train people to use the systems. And you should’ve seen the thick manuals, the days and days of training that employees would have to go to. And you know, I always swore if I ever develop my own tech company, it’s not going to be like that. It should not be this painful process to get everyone trained. And so that’s kind of the baseline of where we start is how can we simplify this so we don’t need excessive amounts of training.

Stephen:                            20:29                    You know, I think about a, I think a very good example is a Poshmark or a Maccari, uh, or goat, which is, I love the way they outlined where your shoes should go versus the old eBay. Okay. And I’m not picking on eBay. I mean, cause it’s, it’s a giant machine. I mean it’s hard to undo that machine, right? It’s going to take them forever. But what a good example. That visualization of what a current eBay even how complicated is versus the old eBay’s even even more of a nightmare but versus these modern companies and it’s really, it feels, this is Steve’s opinion that it feels like these more modern companies are looking to help the sellers more. Um, was that your, your, I mean, I, it sounds like you were still trying to fix your problems, let alone go out and sell it. Um, but what point did it click to you that this is sellable? Somebody else might be looking for this.

List Perfectly:                    21:25                    Everybody. Literally too, because in the beginning I was the only test or this is Clara. Okay. Right. Notices I could give it to a friend. Literally a friends that are hairdressers, friends that are French teachers. Okay. And I noticed everybody could use it and it was so easy. And I was like in with Amanda, we always thought, you know, if we make it work for us, you know, worse, definitely. Our goal is to take it to other sellers. That money’s nice. You know, of course you, this is a business, but our goal was not, Ooh, let’s make $1 trillion. Now let’s put a solution that really helps people and the money will come along. The money’s just needed to grow and people to have an amazing life like we did. Hmm.

Stephen:                            22:08                    I, I again, I think, uh, another perfect example that you’re going on at about trying to solve a problem, not go and chase in money. I don’t think, I mean, I can’t think of many companies that just went after money to have really done well. They, that have been able to have staying power. Um, how long has Liz perfectly been around for sale as a service?

List Perfectly:                    22:30                    Oh, I see. We, we came out of the sort of quasi beta in August now. Now of course, you know, Lyft perfectly is always growing. We will always be in a state of improvement because there’s, there’s never a point when you achieve perfection. I, that’s what I believe personally. Cause tech changes, platforms change, everything changes on a regular basis. But I would say, you know, really where we hit our stride was August. Yeah. So where does that, they often open. Four or five months ago, we went there, Steve and I, I thought that’s a business, a developer. I thought my goal was like, Ooh, let’s go and get 200 people. Wow. I’m going to be famous. Literally overnight we had a thousand signups. This was Papa troll. And that’s when we have, you know, um, a lot of waiting list. We have to block the access to the Facebook group because legally we’re being bombarded by requests in the signups, in any channel, you name it. If any social media channel was like literally 50 messages a day, uh, you know, how do we get him, how do we sign up? Blah, blah, blah.

Stephen:                            23:46                    So, so you guys exploded onto the, I mean, that’s a fair statement, uh, from any Bay open and all of a sudden people are like, wait a second, this is the challenge that we have, right? We all have this. I mean, I don’t care who you are. Um, you have this challenge. You guys have seen that, when you think about the potential now, what’s that, what’s that look like to you when you think about that? Cause that experience had to open your eyes way wider than you thought. What’s the potential?

List Perfectly:                    24:16                    Oh my goodness. Um, we have a very exciting roadmap ahead of ourselves and we don’t want to give away too much, but we have a lot of things planned, um, to really expedite the selling process. And so we are investing heavily into technology that’s going to make it ridiculously simple for a seller to come online, create a listing, and then send it to [inaudible]. I mean, it’s going to be in, you know, just a handful of seconds.

List Perfectly:                    24:50                    Okay. Uh, coming 2020. Okay. We’re gonna start, uh, you know, we have a YouTube channel, but one of the things that we do best with them and this one we list together, so, okay. And we’re going to, from there, you’re going to see how we even improve our platform, where we receive feedback because we don’t do anything unless we have confirmation and validation that our clients really want a feature or something that is going to benefit them. So this is our process and we do not break it for anything in the that’s important. That’s something that we’re really looking forward to do. Again, go back to list with Amanda and make the platform even better. Right now we’re just, like Amanda said, investing heavily on tech and making sure we get the right tools and the in works perfectly. We live, we leave perfectly. [inaudible]

Stephen:                            25:34                    I love it. Okay, so let’s, let’s talk about channels right now. I mean, I, as I said, you guys take omni-channel way further than we do. So I, I labeled a couple in India. You kind of chuckled and he said, Oh wait, there’s more. So at this point, um, if I’m correct, Liz perfectly supports eBay, Poshmark, Etsy, Maccari and Tradesy.

List Perfectly:                    25:54                    There’s more. Yeah, we have releve and grail right now as well. And our next integration is more than likely going to be Facebook marketplace coming very soon.

List Perfectly:                    26:07                    So like literally these days, it’s just so ready. We’re just giving the final test. I would take us to eight channels right now all users have access to seven channels. It’s gray, all these, the latest channel, which is a marketplace for mainly men’s fashion. Um, it’s the latest edition and now shortly in days in the we’ll get the Facebook marketplace.

Stephen:                            26:29                    When, when I looked at your pricing model and I thought about it, I’m like, huh, I think that thing to think about in the old day, and this is Steve who again, who’s talking to himself, we have a little over 5,000 on eBay live, maybe 5,600 or something like that. Life skews. However, not all of them are meant to go to all marketplaces. Um, what’s your advice as people are looking at this? Cause your model, uh, is um, where, I mean you can do a lot of unlimited stuff, but there’s also stuff that you’re limited to. And in my experience, the majority of our revenue comes from very few things. Um, which is probably the truth for most people. Um, what’s your advice when you’re starting to guide people towards, you know, I mean, uh, you know, I’m sure you don’t say buy the biggest, the best and do it all. Your what, what’s the best advice that you’ve been given or given to people or seen work, um, on? Well, how to manage this process.

List Perfectly:                    27:24                    Number one is fundamental to understand what kind of seller you’re talking to. Easy to hobbies, bark time. You see the full time understanding where they are and where they want to go and what they expect from these perfectly is fundamental to determine which suggestion I’m going to give. I always tell our clients when they do their initial inquiry, we’re recommended to go with a simple plan just so because you can upgrade and downgrade and at any time, but to start with a simple so you get familiar with least perfectly get comfortable with us. He said, change, change our learning curve. So get comfortable and then you operate when you want. You business plan is the most popular. But, uh, definitely I would recommend a simple like a business plan so as to get familiar and comfortable and then you move forward. Yup.

List Perfectly:                    28:11                    And, and then I would say, you know, our, our business and simple plan will address, I would say 90% of all of what a seller typically needs. But let’s say every now and then eBay has a glitch right then. And I think the recent one that think about it.

Stephen:                            28:32                    Oh that’s painful man. I’m telling you it’s painful.

List Perfectly:                    28:35                    Well it is. It is. I think the most painful ones are when they just lose your photos though. So you know. Yeah. It’s, you can think about having your listing backups on other sites. However you have to keep in mind that for example, Poshmark images are going to be really tiny. So if you think about Poshmark as a backup for your listing and then you try to bring it over to eBay, this, the images are going to be a lot smaller, lower quality, lower quality. And I, and so when, when we built out our list, perfectly catalog system, it was kind of to solve that problem. It’s think about it like a backup of your listings and in the highest quality resolution that we can get. So even if you import them from eBay, which is the highest quality images or Etsy, which is even better, we’re going to keep that size on our servers so that w if there’s unintended event happens, you have a backup. And so if your business is to the level, like for example for you, I’m redoing, I can’t even imagine what it would be. I was in listing. No, no. So you know, it’s, it’s kind of like an insurance policy but it works out to like 3 cents a listing. And you know, for me running a business that’s, I mean, I, I’m, I’m doing it. Yeah, no, well yeah,

Stephen:                            29:59                    when, when I looked at that I was, I was, my question was did it include everything? Is it basically where you’re taking a database listing of my water bottles, Steve’s water bottle, famous water bottle and I have it for sale and uh, got all my details and my, like you said, my images, am I able to get that whole thing out on your site? And so therefore when it disappears cause it will, I’m sure, um, I bring it back and it’s there, the whole listing.

List Perfectly:                    30:27                    So the, here’s the cool thing with eBay. I’ll give you an example. Now, one thing that you want to keep in mind with lists perfectly is that we’re going to get as many details as the plan that you sign up for. So let’s, let’s look at the simple plan. The simple plan is just there to get title images, description. If you need the attributes saved, it won’t do that color. Okay. Style. Yep. Okay. Um, so it really, it depends on your needs out of investment into artificial intelligence. So when you have a really well formatted title and then you send that listing from Liz perfectly over to eBay, eBay is reading your title and it’s going to extract all of those details including your category. So even at the simple plan when combined properly with eBay’s artificial intelligence or even a self-similar listing, which you can also use with lists perfectly, you’ve still, you won’t need to refill in all of those details, if that makes sense.

Stephen:                            31:28                    Yeah, that makes perfect sense to me. Um, one of the other things that’s very cool is that you can CSV download, um, a lot of your listings, which I think is very, very powerful because if, if any of us, any of you guys have tried to use the bulk editing tools, um, they don’t necessarily work very well. Um, my experience, this is Steve’s experience. So having the ability to download that stuff, um, and replicate it is a big deal because it’s not very easy to do. And to be fair in eBay, it’s really not.

List Perfectly:                    31:59                    No, no, it’s very true. Yeah. Yeah.

Stephen:                            32:03                    It, it, it, it, it, it does concern me that we have to use outside companies to solve these problems, but the way I look at it is that they’ve got so many fires that they’re trying to fix. You know, I mean, I’m sure it’s just nonstop for them. So to have somebody who’s, this is your lane, right? This is what you guys can concentrate on and make better. Um, it’s gotta be a lot easier than, than, you know, the, this, that kind of makes sense. Is that the way you think about it too?

List Perfectly:                    32:28                    Yeah, I do. Because I think especially in this day and age, it’s really difficult to say I’m going to focus on one platform and one platform only. Right? Um, I, you know, I think,

List Perfectly:                    32:40                    I think it’s, it’s just the nature of the business now that we, we think about other platforms because buyers like sellers also have their loyalty. So if you have a buyer that let’s say only shops on Etsy or only shops on Poshmark, they’re going to miss your item if it’s only on eBay. And so our job as sellers is to go out and find the buyer wherever they are. And they, and that’s for me, it’s survival in today’s e-commerce landscape. Yeah. When I, five years, and I’m sorry, Steven find it. Let me add this idea. Five years ago when this came up, I’ll never forget when I started to think multichannel, like in theory, right? Eight years ago, and I remember I read you not how well you can execute, right? Inaction right now is how well you can execute something or do something as you’re doing something else.

List Perfectly:                    33:31                    And repeat and reiterate that processing the event. That’s when I was like, wow, if we’re so successful because we are, we’re top rated sellers and even we, we accomplished everything. So we’re very accomplished sellers. Okay, we’ve been awarded in different channels done. So that’s when we start to think, wait, if we do it so well on Etsy and even we can literally replicate the same thing, the same process on multiple channels and at the same time, you know, a piece of technology that wants to treat all and provide a solution for millions of people without being able to customize the solution for each business.

Stephen:                            34:02                    Know I think of it as like content repurposing content. Um, the goal is to get different eyes on it, right? To prove it through different methods of some people are videos, some people are podcast or reading and that kind of thing. That’s really the same approach with selling, right? Is how do you get to that audience. Um, and you know, for example, you guys go into Facebook marketplace that didn’t exist what a year ago, two years ago. It really, it just pops on the scene and for you guys be able to add it. How quickly will you’ll be able to add more marketplaces as they become prevalent?

List Perfectly:                    34:36                    We’re getting really quick, but she’s getting just what you do. Okay. I’m going to give you an idea. Five years ago, I’m on Nagel. He would take them on that proximately three to six months to give me an additional channel. Now, Oh my God. I’m thinking we were just choosing right now we have to go with channels that I work, clients and audience wants is not what I want. So that’s where the challenge comes, you know? But I would say two weeks, three weeks, she said she’s incredible.

Stephen:                            35:07                    Um, I was thinking about this too. Your client base has to be wide, uh, reaching, right? What’s your smallest client and what’s your largest client? Just for context for people, because they’re going to say, well, this, this is too big for me, or I’m too big for it. So can you give me some context?

List Perfectly:                    35:26                    Yeah. So the way it works is because we are, and I always tell people we’re, we’re growth. We’re going to help you with growth. So thesis gear for anybody are you, did you just like us for at corporate dropout in literally now you’ve known little, you want to put, you want to make a little investment, $30 a month to see how it would work in different platforms that works. Are you like an experience top rated seller, you know, big seller, are you, maybe you have right now are being approached a lot by consignment businesses a lot. And they’re big. So we are, we’re grateful that our solution at that two different sellers, so you can be part time a rookie is CSUN, one consignment, you can be a three channels multichannel in one channel seller. We have a lot of people are sticking to one channel because we’re able to release in the same marketplace in different shops. So that’s something that is also very innovative. Our solution that we’re able to take your products from one shop to the other in the same marketplace if you want to be loyal to Poshmark people and they are very loyal, right? So they tend to stay within the same marketplace. So I were fine. And they have different shops and they love lists perfectly.

Stephen:                            36:37                    Can I have multiple users using this tool? Um, or restrict them to certain areas? Not yet. Not yet. Okay. Is that something you’re, has that been something people have talked about?

List Perfectly:                    36:49                    All right. Are you, are you talking about [inaudible] count? So you have, um, let’s say you have shop a and xAPI, you want to be able to have employees have their own login for shop a and then the employees from xAPI have their own personal login yet we’ll have you, you can look at both in under one account. Is that what you’re talking about?

Stephen:                            37:08                    That would be an extreme example. But even just if I have one store, let’s just say I have an eBay store and I’m looking for, I used to use a company, um, I don’t even know if they’re still, I guess they’re still in business, but I used to use a company cause I had a Lister from the Philippines who would list eBay listings for me and I wouldn’t let them into my eBay account cause they, I don’t think they still have a, a user restrictions. So this allowed me to have them do it in a third party where I could review it. And yet they didn’t shut down my account. That was kind of the way it was. That was that, that was the version that I, I think most people are probably up against still at this point.

List Perfectly:                    37:42                    Mm. I see what you’re saying. So, uh, the way our system works is you can, you can use lists perfectly with any number of eBay accounts. We actually don’t physically connect to your eBay account. So your, your, let’s say your virtual assistant asks you for password and use that information. So, in other words, your, your a virtual assistant in the Philippines as your example could log into lists perfectly create your entire listing in there and not have any access to your eBay shop at all. They wouldn’t be able to push it live for sale online. Um, because they don’t have access. Does that make sense?

Stephen:                            38:23                    Yeah. And so it’s, so it’s held there and then I have to approve it. Is that kind of the way it works? Okay. Beautiful. All right. So, so that’s a, that’s a big work around for people cause this is a, this is a stumbling point for people. They don’t because still doesn’t have those user restrictions or they don’t have it rolled out. I shouldn’t say that. I think they’ve been in beta for a while, but at this point, um, this is a good way to solve some of that. And then you can, you can utilize that. Um, I’m just thinking, have you had multiple users, uh, on that same account? So can I have six different people signed into my business or pro account? Um, creating listings. Okay, great.

List Perfectly:                    39:00                    Absolutely. And we did that because we understand that a lot of people have assistance and you don’t want to get shut out because your S your assistant is logged in trying to create your listings. You want to be able to also log in and manage your shop. And so we ha yeah, you can absolutely do that.

Stephen:                            39:16                    Yeah. This solves a big barrier right here because this is, this is probably where most people get stuck is listing. I mean, I think that’s the reason this got created is that this is the place where people get stuck. It’s easy to buy. It’s relatively easy to ship. It’s the listing process, which is the big holdup. Yup. Kay, can uh, make me take it one step further in my Philippine example, cause this one I always get when I’m talking about this as well, how do you get the photos linked up with it? Now we used to, you know, somebody else would manage that process and communicate that does, does a list perfectly allow me to go in and have somebody else go in and finish the listing by adding the photos and stuff like that. So let’s just say Clara created the listing and then Amanda is going to come in and put the photos on it to finish it and then send it forward. Okay. I just wanna make sure, because somebody will be like, well, wait, I’m not sending the product over to the Philippines to get listed. That’s my point, right? We would take the photos here in the U S and finish. Okay. I just wanna make sure

List Perfectly:                    40:15                    that’d be breakdown as you can have different people accessing your account. Uh, as long as you provide them with your user ID and password in, you can be done, you know, different countries, whatever. Yeah, and I’ll give you a good example. In our own business, we would have, uh, phases of listing so that in order to process items faster, we might want to take all the measurements first and then, you know, maybe do something else first. So we create a method where if that’s what you want to do, you literally just put all the measurements in, create, you know, little listings for each thing, but with minimum information and then come back in and finish it later.

Stephen:                            40:54                    Um, of course you had a process that’s your whole world. I love it. Um, let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about templates. So the concept of templates is basically, Hey, if I’m selling a water bottle and I’m going to sell a blue one, a red one, a green one, pretty much a lot of the, uh, the uniqueness of that is similar, right? So walk me through the process of templates and how that works with Liz perfectly.

List Perfectly:                    41:18                    Yeah. Okay. So I’m actually gonna talk about two things at once with that. So there’s, there’s two ways that you can list and repeat information. One is to duplicate an existing listing and that’s going to get everything including your, every single feature about that listing is going to be duplicated. Now you don’t want to use a duplicate in every scenario. Give me a scenario where you would, okay. Let’s say you have a North face jacket in multiple sizes. So you have a this, it’s the same color. It’s the same pattern, same style, it’s just one is small ones, medium ones large. That would be an excellent candidate to just duplicate and change the size. Now if you need to change out the photos because one jacket is red, you don’t want to have to spend time, delete, delete, delete photos or delete, delete, delete on too much information.

List Perfectly:                    42:12                    And that’s where templates come in. So the templates are just their text base only and they, and you build them, you customize them, they’re your, your verbiage, you know, however you want to say your measurements, that’s it’s up to you. But with a click of a button, you’re not just applying aJ , let’s say a template ID description. You are also templating any other field that’s available on our site. So whether it’s condition, whether it’s size, brand title, whatever that is. So, um, the, the templates can be really powerful. A difference in shirts and pants will pants up different measurements than a shirt. So you’re going to want a template that you’re not going to want to have to type in every single time waste or you know, however you take your measurements.

Stephen:                            43:00                    Hmm. So, so by, by doing that, the majority of this stuff is already filled in. You’ve got the little bit to change how you must, uh, besides yourselves have heard how much time this saves, you know, any, any concept of how much time people can say 75%. Okay. That’s pretty specific. That’s specific. So 75%. So in other words, they can do a four listings in the same amount of time they used to do one list. I don’t know if that meant this, right? Yeah. Got it. Yeah. Wow. Okay. That’s pretty significant. So if somebody is looking to level up their business for 29, 49 or 69 bucks, um, that one person they have listing could in theory go for X for that little bit. I don’t have employees that, that little bit of money costs, it costs me a lot more money.

List Perfectly:                    43:57                    It does. And that’s why we develop this perfectly. And, and you know, one of the things that we’re, we’re going to do in 2020 is share more about how we’ve developed these listing tools. Because I think a lot of people look at us like a cross poster and they don’t realize that we built this perfectly to solve this listing challenge and save them labor and time.

Stephen:                            44:19                    Yeah. Yeah. The two things that are limits, right? Labor and time, those are the hard limits in life. Okay. All right. So, so by using templates we could increase, uh, at least three X to four X, which is a big deal. Um, what else have you seen? I mean, do you have an example of a company that came in that was probably only selling an eBay and any, anything you can talk about the, uh, results that they’ve gotten by adding these other channels? Any, any home-run stories?

List Perfectly:                    44:49                    Oh my God, so many, uh, the one that sticks the most for me. Okay. We have, we all know, we help all kinds of sellers and we know that we took small sellers now to become big sellers and we even have big sellers now becoming so big and they’re all over social media, their stories. Okay. And that’s nice to read. You know, high phase, at least perfectly. I took my business around $500. Now I’m making 5,000. That’s all over social media. And that’s nice. We, we know those stories. But the one that really touched my heart in literally I dropped a tear. Uh, Stephanie’s when, um, when they, the group, um, and there was, um, a thread in Facebook group, uh, in which it said, it started with one person that said, thank you so much these perfectly. I’m 70 years old and I’m able to use your software everyday and work from home and being dependent in, and then after that, you know, there wasn’t a lot and I’m 73 and, and, and they started to talk about it and it was just, it moved me. I never thought that we could even help seniors in that for me because seniors and Katie Norris, the most vulnerable segment of society. And that for me touched my heart.

Stephen:                            45:59                    Hmm. I’m sitting here thinking about, uh, the barriers for seniors to do this. Uh, it’s all the technical stuff, right? It’s the stuff that, and I tell all the time that I didn’t grow up with computers. They came in when I was a senior in high school. Well, so I’m limited where my kid who works for us, he could, he has no barrier. So you think of my mom or that generation, how much harder it is. So if you can address that, love it, love it, love it. Love it. You didn’t think this was going to be a movement, did you?

List Perfectly:                    46:24                    No. No. Literally twist her arm and provide you consulting and guiding and beg you not to quit and please stay on board. No, it did not work the way we,

Stephen:                            46:38                    it’s interesting. So it, so you started, you know, again, you were out to solve your own problems. Then you realize, Hey, this is a business now it seems to be changing people. It’s like, uh, almost, uh, a calling or a mission. Is that kind of a weird way to put it?

List Perfectly:                    46:55                    Yeah. No, you’re absolutely right. That’s exactly what it is. For us, it’s a mission to level the playing field for all centers. All people if they want to go and resale stuff or leaning should be able to do that without taking three months off engineering than HTML then. And the other thing that’s really important to us as sustainability, we’re seeing more and more sellers be able to save items from the landfill because they take the time to go out and find it. They take the time to make it available for someone who’s looking for that item to it. And uh, this is, you know, this is really important in the way that our world is going, that we repurpose and we recycle what we’ve already created.

Stephen:                            47:39                    You know, when you, when you use the word sustainability, I didn’t go to thinking about, yeah, we’re going to save products. I gay, I went right to you’re creating a way to sustain your business. Because for me, for Steve, one of the biggest challenges that I see is we’re in a whole bunch of marketplaces and every day they’re changing and they never call and ask, Hey Steve, what do you think? They just change. And it’s so hard to keep up with. My point is it’s so hard to keep up with it, you know, because there’s, there’s just so many, so frequent that they’re, they’re accelerating. Um, how, how important is it for, for sustainability of businesses to get a partner? You know, it’s, this sounds like a pitch. Steve doesn’t benefit from this at all, so they’re not paying me to know affiliate deal. How beneficial though is it for companies to find a partner that’s going to handle that for them? That’s going to handle, cause it must be enormous for you, Amanda, to keep up with all these changes.

List Perfectly:                    48:38                    Yeah, it’s a daily, it’s daily. Um, and it’s a challenge. We welcome because we would, we want to do this to help people. Um, and so that’s, that’s my job now. That is, that’s Clara’s job and that’s my job. We take that on and uh, we do it happily. Yes. It’s not a job because we love what we, this is sometimes people tell us, Hey, take a day off. And I’m like, don’t they understand we’re doing what we love. And this is fun. Every, of course it has a tense moment. Of course we have sometimes moment that we can even disagree with Amanda. But it’s, it’s, it’s so rewarding. Um, every day we receive messages. Thank you is perfectly because of your business. These are, these are the, or even every tech support issue that we fix, people are so grateful that it makes your day. It’s not a job. It’s just you just love what you do.

Stephen:                            49:24                    I those, those must be the biggest motivator of all. Not not the people, eh, uh, Daniel Lapin. Oh, he says people applause with their money. Right? That’s a, that’s customer applause. Those notes mean so much more. Um, it’s gotta be, it’s gotta charge your engines. Okay. All right. So my recommendation for people who are sitting here and thinking about this, you guys tend to do some webinars, right? Is that’s what you were talking about earlier, is that you guys have some webinars. You just did one not too long ago where people can actually see it in practice, which I think is so, so important. Um, any upcoming, I mean, is that something that you plan on keeping doing? Um, continuously?

List Perfectly:                    50:01                    Yes. And not only we’re going to be doing webinars, we’re continuing Amanda doing the great demos as she does. And then, you know, he asking questions and trying to fill in the gaps. But also, like I said, we’re going to start listing, we’re going to show people how Amanda and I will list to get. It’s really fun. We make the process fun and we want to open up, uh, to what our processes and help as many people as we can.

Stephen:                            50:23                    [inaudible] that’s so important. You already figured out the process and then, you know, as you, as your example earlier in the conversation is take, take your process, right. Uh, take, uh, Claire’s process and then fine tune it for your individual, um, business. But you don’t have to start from scratch. To me, that’s, that’s the best place to start. All right. So if somebody was interested in finding out how to follow that, what’s the best place to get, uh, to get on that? So the notification is there. I think that’s important.

List Perfectly:                    50:54                    Um, so we, uh, we make announcements in our Facebook group regularly. I would strongly recommend people join our Facebook group because it doesn’t, it’s not only there for announcements or list perfectly specific information, but it’s, it’s a community that helps each other. They share tips, um, multichannel selling, um, and it’s a very active community. So I would strongly recommend people join our Facebook group, follow us on Instagram and our YouTube channel as well.

Stephen:                            51:26                    Okay. And I’ll put links to all those different things. Okay. Love it. I think you guys are a [inaudible] what’s interesting to me, having two people who understand it but also come at it from a different point of view, different background I think is so important. And I can almost tell that you can finish each other’s sentences. So you’re thinking a lot alike. Um, but that’s what fills in the gaps because, you know, one of you is great, but two is like three or four. So very, very cool. I love it. I, I just think it’s great. Um, and again, I think you’re solving problems, which, um, we have those problems. So any other seller where scaled. So smaller sellers really have those problems, so, okay. All right. So I’m going to put the links in there. And the best way to get in touch with you is through the Facebook group. Do you think?

List Perfectly:                    52:10                    Yeah. Anyway, you can send us emails, help, eh, contact us at least perfect. Any, any possible social media or website you can send us, even our website. Okay. We have a, you can ask us questions and we have real people answering. Not, it is not AI, you know, in business hours, eight to five, you know, we any possible ways, you know, websites, social media or,

Stephen:                            52:34                    okay. All right. And I got that list perfectly.com I’ll have links to all these different things on the episode. Okay. So I want to close it out this way. And I usually ask the same question and I think rather than don’t tell me Liz perfectly is the answer. So tell me, how do people, how do people, how do you recommend to people who get stuck? Right? I mean, cause I mean do, you must have come up against that so many times, right? Every time you’re trying to get something and then the answer wasn’t there, but somehow you pushed past it. So, uh, between you to give us the best advice that you could give, especially newer sellers coming into this world, um, how to push past stuck.

List Perfectly:                    53:15                    Uh, I th I, I really think that it’s just a mindset. I mean, it, it’s really, it’s,

List Perfectly:                    53:20                    I will add, maybe I have to add to you. Um, I would have never made it without two at your support and then you got me into the community. I came from banking. I am a lawyer. You know, I, I had no idea what reselling is. Of course I understand customer service. I understand contracts very well. But if he wasn’t because of your support in the community that you introduced me to, I would have never made it. So for me to, to answer that question is to anybody. You want us to be successful, be part of the community. Integrate with Facebook group. Ask questions. You don’t know the answer. Okay? Ask someone else. Did you ask someone else? Okay. I somewhat every anyone else? Do you, you know, ask for help. Go start asking. If you don’t ask, the answer will not come to you, but they come to you if you ask almost being vulnerable. Right?

Stephen:                            54:10                    Mm. Yeah. Guys don’t like that stuff. It’s true. It’s true. That’s why the women are smarter sex. I say it all the time.

List Perfectly:                    54:19                    Well, let’s say you know, you, you come from the guy perspective. Research is your best friend at that point. Research. Just, just be doggedly, ask the right questions when you research as well and ask them multiple different ways. Yeah. And uh, you know, I just, it’s like key words, you know, think about research, like how you prep the title, did the keywords make all the difference? And so, um, you know, research is your friend.

Stephen:                            54:45                    I love it. So even, even when you’re looking to get an answer, be certain to get the right words in there so you get the real answer, not just the answer. Hmm. Love it. Well, ladies, I thank you so much. Um, I thank you for, uh, coming to the cold East coast to get on this podcast. I T I just honestly all kidding aside, it’s very, very cool that you guys are making this a lot easier. Um, it’s gotten easier over the years, but you’re taking it to the step further where the leveling the playing field. I think that’s a great way to say it. So thank you so much. I wish you nothing but success.

List Perfectly:                    55:19                    Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. And thank you so much for having us on your show. It really means a lot.

Stephen:                            55:26                    What a great, great example of a people scratching their own edge. I’m just super, super strong team. And again, you can tell one complements the other and I think that’s so important. And when you listen to their tip about how to get past stuck, I think, uh, joining that group and being vulnerable and, and uh, and just putting it out there because while you think everybody has it together, nobody has it together. Look at your own life. None of your family members have it together. They may be, they shine on the outside, but inside the hurting, well guess what? As a seller, everybody struggles. And so working together to get past it and then helping others is the best thing you can do. And so I just think it’s such strong advice. Um, uh, again, I don’t benefit other than you having success with it. So if you’re having success with it, reach out to me. Again, I’m always looking for people to interview. And this, this, uh, group, uh, came to me, recommended by a couple of different people. So if you have somebody in, you know, reach out to me, let me know. Um, again, I love the story, I’m interested in it and I just think that makes for a better podcast, e-commerce, momentum.com e-commerce, momentum.com. Take care.


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