061 : Dave Matthews – Scaling up a large eCommerce business with Partners – Great lesson on how to do it (Hint: it involves respect!)

Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews


I love many things about this interview: First and foremost the way Dave respectfully talks about his partners, even after 4 years! The rarity of the consistent success over time shows the maturity of their relationship. What a great way to go to work everyday, they have figured out each others strengths and more importantly, they allow each other to play out their strengths for the best possible outcome. Wow, what a great lesson for us all. Again allow each to play out their strengths both at the management level and the employee level! We spend a lot of time discussing the liquidation model as it relates to Amazon specifically and then how that works with eCommerce and retail. Great detailed information here.




Dave mentions:

Daves Facebook Contact

Under The Sun Retail Store


“It is cool getting involved with others that have similar interests”

“Promotions allow for customer retention in the liquidation business, people love the hunt, they never know what they will find”



Golden Nuggets:

Find someone who has created a product and help them bring it to the eCommerce Market

Realize that there are others that can do some of what you do even better than you. (It is hard to do!)


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