158 : Chad Rubin – Eight figure seller creates the software he needs (Skubana) to integrate with the 20 channels he sells on


Chad is really the story of someone matching his skill-set with his circumstances. Going all in on his ecommerce ideas and scaling beyond a few sales channels, okay 20 is much more than a few. Becoming an eight figure seller comes with challenges many smaller sellers like me don’t face. When you have a few sku’s you can manage inventory with relative ease, when you get a few thousand, it gets harder. When you sell one one or two channels, you can keep most of it straight, but add a third, fourth or twentieth, it’s impossible. When you ship 30-50 items a week, you can handle it, but when you ship a few hundred a day, it’s a challenge. So Chad tried the other software available at the time and while some handled portions of what he needed but none could do all. Jump forward to today where Chad and a partner create Skubana, an all encompassing software solution that handles all of the issues above and so much more. I think this is a great perspective episode that can help you decide what level you want to achieve in your business.


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