012 : Darla Flack – From Direct Sales to Ebay to Amazon to FBA to Information Sales


darlaDarla clearly is a professional, you can hear the years of Accounting training in the words she uses: “Know your numbers”, “Improve your Margins”, etc…. To hear she did well in Direct Sales in addition to being a skilled Accountant makes her the full package and quite frankly it is why her business has grow so much and is scheduled to grow another 15% this year while getting a son into college. She is using a controlled growth strategy. I love the way she speaks of getting her business level into the segment that is right for her. In other words, her model, her efforts might not be right for you but they have found the right size segment for them. Great visualization and focus.

Darla mentioned: Your Sourced Inventory Website, Your Sourced Inventory Facebook Group




“Know your numbers”

“Stay on top of paperwork!”

“Get a Re-pricer and set it up correctly”


You have to be mentally tough because change is hard

Do your research, read everything you can regarding a category so you can see the trends

Consider using a Prep Service while you are on Vacation, that way you don’t lose momentum!



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