019 : Dan Meadors – Taking big leaps in building a $20 Million Dollar eCommerce Empire

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CaptureIf you really want to create a legacy eCommerce business this is probably going to be a good interview for you.  This is a different style interview for me as we immediately jumped into how Dan Meadors and Eric Lamberts business works. It is a fascinating study on what to do right when you want to scale up a business: Hire well, train, train, train, build processes, poke, prod, challenge, listen to your staff, fix their pain points, grow…… hire, train, train…. (rinse and repeat!)

Dan Mentioned: FBA Wholesale Community, Restock Pro, Prime Zero Prep, The Wholesale Formula Course



“Care about the knowledge more than the money and the money will come”

“Handling time is a function of our cost”


Gold-NuggetGolden Nuggets:

Concentrate on foundation of knowledge, then focus on the processes and you will get the results you want

Give you employees the tools they need to be successful

Break down every part of the process monetarily to find opportunities to get better prices



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