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Not Helpful!


How do you clear your head when junk starts to fill it?




Jai Pausch  used the phrase: “Not Helpful” when the worry, fear and certainty of her husbands upcoming death started to creep into her head. She put every other issue in perspective with that phrase.

When you can’t get past stuck, say Not Helpful! Get moving, even if just a little. Baby steps are still steps forward. Try even crawling if necessary.soldiers-army-basic-training-mud

When you want to give up, start over or walk away from it all. Say: Not helpful! You need to put your head down and do the work. construction-work-carpenter-toolsHard work will get you through it, change the music, adjust your work space. Do something different.

When you see everyone else’s success and you feel inadequate. Say Not helpful, remember everyone has down days and most will never tell you.

Steps to get out of a rut:

1- Say not helpful when the junk in your head gets in the way.

2- Change your music, change your viewpoint. Sometimes you have to crank up that classic: Peanuts song – get your nose up and feet flying.

3- Exercise, take a nap, have some great sex! (mix up the order)

4- Volunteer and give to someone else- Giving without expectation will get you great rewards!

5- Get a mentor, phone a friend, reach out to your network!

The key is to try something new. Try to move a little. Try to change your environment.lights-party-dancing-music




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