440 : Kellon Ambrose – Some things just work – How foundation building on Amazon brings results

Kellon Ambrose

Again another super smart, no-excuses seller who figured stuff out. Building out what you figured out seems smart enough, but avoiding shiny object syndrome (seems most sellers have this gene!) and staying focused, has brought Kellon incredible results. Kellon’s previous episode for context: https://ecommercemomentum.com/episodes/319-kellon-ambrose-gaining-slight-edge-can-make-difference-amazon-business/

009 : Matt Carlett – A Dad who has been brought Home

matt cartlett

 Jim Cochrum likes to say: “We’re bringing Dad’s home!” Matt is that guy who was brought home. He truly is a different kind of seller, he is a true “Stay-at-home” Dad and has no plans on changing that. He is not growing enormously fast at the cost of time, he has to really manage his…