009 : Matt Carlett – A Dad who has been brought Home

matt cartlett

matt cartlett Jim Cochrum likes to say: “We’re bringing Dad’s home!”

Matt is that guy who was brought home. He truly is a different kind of seller, he is a true “Stay-at-home” Dad and has no plans on changing that. He is not growing enormously fast at the cost of time, he has to really manage his time. I think Matt is a great example of a “level-type selling model”, find a pace to hit your targets and maintain that. Otherwise you risk burning out eventually if you don’t learn to manage your expectations. Matt is an online sourcing expert and uses shared VA’s to source for him and others in his small group. He walks you through his process and its a great model if you find the right people to partner with. Note, that is really important! Communication is the key. Matt has done a great job with Private label and using Amazon to fulfill his Ebay Listings and finally Matt talks about using a processing company in a tax-free state.


Matt Mentioned: Joe Lister, Andy Slamans Private Label Video Series, Duane Malek Coaching, Amazing Seller Podcast, Matt’s contact information

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“The Normal; thing is to go to work”

“Not everyone can turn a passion into a way to make money”

“Figure out what you want the business to be!”

  • Spend time with your family
  • Run my business
  • Pay my bills
  • Don’t let the business be your identity”



Find people you can trust and get along with to partner up with

Share VA’s to help spread your buying

Wait to move to an outside service until you start to get heavy into Online Arbitrage.



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