039 : Robyn Johnson – The Unlikely Entrepreneur grows into the Unstoppable Entrepreneur

By Stephen Peterson | November 2, 2015 |
Robyn Johnson

Robyn is a bubble of enthusiasm, one conversation with her and you quickly see why people are attracted to her and her methods. She will help you be successful, make no mistake you will have to do the work, but she will be there by your side cheering you on. In her new book: “The…

038 : Nate McCallister – A Micro Hustle University Graduate teaching others the skill

By Stephen Peterson | October 29, 2015 |
Nate McCallister

Nate is a story teller, he can hold a long conversation and keep you on the edge of your seat, maybe it’s his delivery he really is animated? I think that is why his name kept being brought up to me as a doer, someone I need to interview. I am so glad I listened. Nate…

037 : Jeff Howard – Not Acting as a Seller anymore, he has made it and hit the Big Time!

By Stephen Peterson | October 26, 2015 |

  Jeff is an Actor at heart, but a strong seller by day. He has been able to finally (his words) find a way to support his dreams without risking the bank, how he can pursue his true calling; Acting, while being the great husband and father he is. This is a raw interview where an…

036 : Mike & Britni Ross – Marriage meets business Head On but always in a respectful and healthy way

By Stephen Peterson | October 22, 2015 |
Mike and Britni Ross

This was a new type of interview for me: Remote location at a conference, sitting across from the interviewee(s) where they could see my reaction and I could see theirs and more than one person. Whew! Thank goodness I picked the right couple, they made it easy. Make no mistake about it, they each would…

035 : Brenden Sullivan – PrimeZeroPrep – Focusing on Service Levels and Current Customers before they Expand, Again!

By Stephen Peterson | October 19, 2015 |
brendan sullivan

Brenden and PrimeZeroPrep have exploded into the FBA world with incredible growth and quick success. He walks us through their process (He credits his partners skillset!), how they have focused on improving every step of the way and how they will not grow until they have mastered every step in their business. Being from New Hampshire,…