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416 : Suzanne Wouk – Sellhound helps make Recommerce scaleable

By Stephen Peterson | November 25, 2019 |

I’m still in awe regarding the possibilities with this product. I used to think 25-50 listings a day would be good. However to think you could scale to 200 listings an hour blows me away. Imagine the possibilities this can bring to your world. If you are an Amazon seller and have been looking to…

415 : Daisi Pollard – Real product use drives todays ecommerce sales

By Stephen Peterson | November 18, 2019 |

Great story of not just another pretty face. Yes she has a pretty face, but it is attached to a lot of brains. Great story of paying attention and taking advantage of what you learned. Do you have experiences from your past that can help propel your business? Daisi will tell you what she did…

414 : Rachel Goodlad – Use social competitiveness to create a marketplace

By Stephen Peterson | November 11, 2019 |

Ready to sell on your own marketplace? If you though it was impossible to create your own marketplace for YOUR stuff to sell, you are wrong. BUT Rachel will tell you it is not easy. Simple but not easy is really the secret to selling online today. You must have things people want to buy…

413 : Jeff Cohen – Decide whether to pivot or persevere based on risk tolerance to be successfully selling on Amazon

By Stephen Peterson | November 4, 2019 |
Jeff Cohen

Jeff’s point needs to be taken to heart. Challenges to your business will come whether you like it or not. The successful entrepreneurs have the ability to push past, take advantage of or pivot their actions and therefore their businesses when needed. Sometimes it can be daily. That’s why this business is not for the…

411 : Greg Purdy – The value of your audience is the key thing to remember when building a long term business

By Stephen Peterson | October 21, 2019 |
Greg Purdy

What a great opportunity to get inside what it takes to be a successful marketer long term. I add long term because there  will be a new superstar today, tomorrow and the day after who likely will be gone by the end of the week. Look longer, look past the fast buck. Dare I say…

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