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Posts by Stephen Peterson

Who is in your space?


Have you been watching from afar as others are having success? Are you constantly asking yourself what are you doing wrong?   Is there someone in the space where you want to be? Where you should be? Where you know you should be?   Then what will happen if you do nothing. Get ready… Here…

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Bet on yourself!


Have you ever gone to a Casino? There’s an electricity in the crowd. The lights, the sounds, you hear bells ringing, people cheering and the clickety-click of the Roulette Wheel. Yet, if you listen long enough you will also hear the collective sigh of the crowd when someone loses. Yes people lose in a Casino.…

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Are you lying to yourself? (Too?)


Are you lying to yourself? Be honest. I mean really honest. Admit you are not there all the time. You aren’t always engaged when you say you are. You drift off into your special place to get away. We all do it, we all lie to ourselves. We say man that was a great workout, I…

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