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Who is in your space?


Have you been watching from afar as others are having success?


Are you constantly asking yourself what are you doing wrong?


Is there someone in the space where you want to be?

Where you should be? Where you know you should be?


Then what will happen if you do nothing.

Get ready…

Here it is…

Nothing will happen.

Yes that’s right, nothing will happen.

Things happen to you, goals happen when you do something intentional.

THAT’S DEEP water-321524_960_720


When is the last time you were intentional? What happened?


Did you fall flat or did you likely move forward?


Even if it is inches forward, it’s forward.

When you are watching from the sidelines are you in the game? Think of sports, you feel part of it, you scream and yell. Second guess every call and say what you would do if you were in there.

That’s the point, you’re not in there. You have no skin in the game. It’s easy to make decisions when you have no regrets, no chance of failure and no repercussions. Is that the way an entrepreneur lives?


Thinking of getting in the game and actually doing it can be only inches away. That’s where the buzz is. That is how you get the bloody nose and a few broken limbs. The black eyes are badges of courage from the battle. boxing-100733_960_720They firm up (or tear down) your plans. They are what creates the great stories being told every night at every bar across town.hand-634542_960_720

What’s stopping you from joining the fun? Where will you be in five years if you don’t take a step forwarding?

Answer- in the same place.




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