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382 : Gaye Lisby and Garry Ray – How to add Online Arbitrage to build out your lifestyle Amazon business


Are you ready to add cash flow to your business? Want to be around a group that has similar interests and will help you in your time of need? Then I think this is the episode for you. Mentioned: Gaye and Garry’s group link with 14 day trial, Garry’s book: 10 Tips for Arbitrage Success…

378 : Craig Cody – It takes a plan to reduce your ecommerce taxes – Take it from a CPA


How much did you pay in taxes in 2018? Was it less than 2017? If so was it due to you planning or making less money? What if you could make more profit (after tax) with lower revenue? Could you? According to Craig you can . With a plan. Check out his free checklist (e-book)…

376 : Jeremy Nicholson – Amazing Amazon Product Videos come from years of training. Your past will lead your future if you let it.


Great story of finding ecommerce and then finding your lane within it. All the learning you do in this business is valuable. Do you still wonder where you fit in? Are you a seller only? Are you a number two who loves logistics yet hates selling? Are you a marketer who can sell anything? Or…

371: Daneen & Alex England – The right Insurance is mandatory – Raising an Amazon FBA business from the Ashes! Yes there was a fire!

amazon insurance podcast

Get ready to get emotional. Yes it is okay. What would happen t your world if your business was destroyed by a fire. EVERYTHING! See you build a business, then pivot to a long term model and then….. Fire. Is your plan ready for that? Will your insurance cover you? For everything? Will your homeowners…

354 : Kyle Wright – Don’t let FOMO derail your success

selling wholesale on amazon podcast

Do you build risk into your decisions? Really? Don’t you expect to sell more this year versus last year? Doesn’t everyone? Doesn’t everything sell in Q4? Kyle will boldly admit, he and his partners stumbled. See they thought like above and guess what…the market changes outside of your control. There is a balance where you…

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