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409 : Elizabeth Thompson – Accept that good enough is going you to push forward. You might end up being surprised by how much better they are than you.

Elizabeth Thompson

Real talk from a real seller. How true is this for you: “I can do it better myself!” or “No one can do it as well as I can!” Well I know I can relate and have said those things only to be humbled when someone picks it up faster and improves on what I…

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388 : Sam Cohen – Delegate, Automate, Eliminate and outsource to grow your Amazon business


Fascinating to see how Sam’s business model and more importantly his clients business models are also changing in today’s ecommerce world. Think of all the retail stores in your market that have closed. Where are their buyers going? Are the retailers that remain busier? Are they carrying tons more stock and tons more sku’s? I…

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376 : Jeremy Nicholson – Amazing Amazon Product Videos come from years of training. Your past will lead your future if you let it.


Great story of finding ecommerce and then finding your lane within it. All the learning you do in this business is valuable. Do you still wonder where you fit in? Are you a seller only? Are you a number two who loves logistics yet hates selling? Are you a marketer who can sell anything? Or…

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