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363 : EJ Kaga – Hire a project Manager first, then hire out a team

Amazon VA's

Have you ever dreamed of leaving? Not just your office or warehouse. Have you dreamed of getting away? Really away? Well EJ and his wife have done just that. He has stepped away from the United States and is running his 7 figure Amazon business currently from Thailand. I think most people stop at the…

068 : Andy Dew – Its Dewable from another Country to sell on Amazon (oh and never touch product) Outsource Everything!

andy dew

    I really love Andy’s spirit, his sense of freedom, the fact that he gets it at such a young age is inspiring!Imagine your younger free-spirited self-directed child finding their way, their way! Yes I meant to type that as Andy is a great example of what can be with today’s eCommerce world. At…