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386 : Hoyt Bangs – Is Retail or Online the right place to sell bricks? Might surprise you


Have you really thought about why customers buy from you? Is it price only? All the time? Why do people pay more money than they need to? Are you easy to do business with? Hoyt believes you need to tell the story with your offer. Every time. He also realized that he had to add…

063 : Peter Kozysa aka Craigslist Hunter – Figured out how to create a large in-house sourcing system (where people bring the products to you!)

Peter Kozysa

    So many people talk about having a retail location to sell overstock and returns. While that is a great idea and Peter does that, he smartly figured out that having a retail location for buying/selling and trading it allows him to have products brought right to them. They get to hold it in…

013 : Brian Freifelder – Started selling CD’s when he was 15 years old out of a Peach crate on the streets of Philadelphia


Brian is a street-smart hustler kind of seller. But don’t let Brian fool you…. he happens to have a college degree, has ran several successful retail locations, has seen the high of multiple sales channels (selling over 200,000 cd’s & dvd’s on Amazon) and the low of being suspended off Amazon and lives to tell the tale…