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356 : Suzanne Wouk – Working hard to solve the Urban Pickers problems on all channels with Sellhound

selling on ebay podcast

Suzanne knows her stuff, see she still sells. Her team still sells. Their passion shows in the utility they designed with Sellhound. Utility to help grow your business and get your listings up so they are ready to sell. Get value today with their search engine, get signed up on their beta list program. Add…

271 : Jennifer Simmers – You can’t prepare for everything but a strong ecommerce business coupled with a lot of Love can get you through a lot! A real LOT!


Jen is such a great person. A real tough-as-nails business person but a soul as kind as they come. Jen has been through some tough times but has the optimism and enthusiasm of a 5 year old on candy. (She might disagree and say it is just a strong front) My wife and I have…