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378 : Craig Cody – It takes a plan to reduce your ecommerce taxes – Take it from a CPA


How much did you pay in taxes in 2018? Was it less than 2017? If so was it due to you planning or making less money? What if you could make more profit (after tax) with lower revenue? Could you? According to Craig you can . With a plan. Check out his free checklist (e-book)…

221 : Jeremy Byron – Forcastly – Help accurately project your inventory needs to optimize sales


Love this story of a fiance giving advice on starting a business with Jeremy of Forcastly. Great lesson listening to the now better half! It is true that sometimes you are too close to somethings and you can not see them.   Mentioned: Forcastly Jeremy’s email Forcastly’s support email   Sponsors: Andy Slamans Amazing Freedom…