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091 : Liran Hirschkorn – Solid Business Execution brings Solid Business Results – Oh he is also into goal setting! (Maybe that’s a clue?)

Liran Hirschkorn

  Liran is a very solid eCommerce seller, very disciplined, very focused and most importantly he is goal oriented! He has goals for everything in business, but more importantly IN life! Guess what, when you are an entrepreneur your life will creep into your business and vice-versa. By setting goals in all that you do you…

045 : Gary Baird – The Teacher takes us to School – The Proper way to grow a lifestyle Business!

Gary Baird

  Gary has been a “part-time” entrepreneur for a long time, anyone remember “Carlton Sheets”? Gary’s ability to scale a major eCommerce business while working as a full time teacher shows his skills in motivating others. He has 7 part time employees with an interesting commission plan who are really driving his incredible growth. He focuses…