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409 : Elizabeth Thompson – Accept that good enough is going you to push forward. You might end up being surprised by how much better they are than you.

Elizabeth Thompson

Real talk from a real seller. How true is this for you: “I can do it better myself!” or “No one can do it as well as I can!” Well I know I can relate and have said those things only to be humbled when someone picks it up faster and improves on what I…

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392 : Tommy Griffith – You must be genuinely interested in your products to succeed


“Big company stuff” is what is negatively affecting today’s companies. Are you guilty of “One Day Seizures”? I am. I can pivot sometimes three or four times in a day. Could this be holding you back? Maybe you need to try Tommy’s Move: VIOLENT CHANGE IN DIRECTION! Mentioned: ClickMinded SEO Strategy Guide Digital Marketing Strategy…

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