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400 : Chris Green – Change your side hustle to a side business


What’s an idea guy to do? He helps others. If you don’t know who Chris Green is, then get ready to meet one of the most giving guys I have ever met. Helps tons of people with no expected return. Tons of great ideas, very approachable and ready to help you grow your business.  …

377 : Aaron Walker – He wants to help you change your View from the Top


Have you been looking for the right atmosphere to be honest? Really honest? Can you tell others when things are NOT going right? See Aaron will tell you we are not wired this way. We wear a mask, a front. Everything is great. Everything is right on target. I don’t need any help. Yet inside,…

293 : Kevin King – Repurpose your existing assets to maximize your opportunities in ways you might not have thought

kevin king image

Are you looking for more products without building out your existing assets? What if you completely focused on what you have and what it could be? Could it be more? Step back and take a fresh look with Kevin King. He has found ways to squeeze lemonade from lemons for sure. Great next level discussion where…