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411 : Greg Purdy – The value of your audience is the key thing to remember when building a long term business

Greg Purdy

What a great opportunity to get inside what it takes to be a successful marketer long term. I add long term because there  will be a new superstar today, tomorrow and the day after who likely will be gone by the end of the week. Look longer, look past the fast buck. Dare I say…

390 : Christian Zeron – Selling $2.3 Million a year in watches with Youtube and Instagram


Ok, not clickbait here. Christian is 24 years old and has figured out the best way to reach his audience. His savings and control versus third party channels allows him to spend for staff and content creators. See he is likely spending the same amount as we are on Amazon or Ebay but he surrounds…

082 : Dylan Frost – An Executives perspective on working in someone else’s eCommerce Business! He gets to share the Success!

Dylan Frost

    Are you ready to add a level in your business? Are you ready to give up control? Can you see someone else having direct input in the day-to-day operations of your business? Maybe… Dylan Frost is a different kind of hire than what you might be thinking, not a packer, sourcer or clean…