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379 : RJ Macalanda – Taking passive income to slow travel and beyond


Ok who would like to have passive income? Ok who would like to travel and take the time to really enjoy it? Ok who is under 30 and wants to do it? Of course us older folks know the answer to this. Of course heck yes! But RJ is talking to younger people and saying…

341 : CJ Johnson – Becoming a Digital Nomad is kind of in his blood – Helps to have Amazon Merch too!

merch by amazon podcast

You have to love the dreamers! They put an image into the universe, sets their heights to the heavens and find a way to exceed them. Yes they see full glasses everywhere. They see a way when no one else can. You see there are non-negotiables when you have the “Dream”. Have you ever heard…

336 : Paul Macapagal – Selling on Amazon is 80% Mindset and 20% Merchandise (Life lessons learned from time with Tony Robbins Team)

Paul really has his life in line. (for him) See that is the key, it needs to be right for you. His FBA success fuels his energy to get better. To be the best he can be. Oh and that is helping others. That’s when Paul feels his best, helping others dig deep and pull…

220 : William Gaunitz – Become the influencer in your market and launch your own products on Amazon

Williams Pictures

This is a great interview on using influencers to help build your brand. Oh and the best part is William is his own influencer! Yes, become the most knowledgeable in your field and you have the trust and authority to bring people to your products. Mentioned: Advanced Trichology William’s email