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363 : EJ Kaga – Hire a project Manager first, then hire out a team

Amazon VA's

Have you ever dreamed of leaving? Not just your office or warehouse. Have you dreamed of getting away? Really away? Well EJ and his wife have done just that. He has stepped away from the United States and is running his 7 figure Amazon business currently from Thailand. I think most people stop at the…

361 : Brian Salmanowitz – Take action, Test and learn to sell more on Amazon and Walmart

selling on walmart

I love talking with these techno-experts. they come from other fields and get a taste of buying something and selling it at a higher price. Then they realize they can fix or make the ability to resell easier based on there whole life experiences through that point. And then it begins. They are hooked. they…

359 : CJ Rosenbaum – Preemptive steps to keep your Amazon account in good standing

suspended on amazon podcast

Great discussion with CJ about what he is seeing the most and how to prevent some of them from happening first. There is a balance of taking chances and ensuring a going concern when it comes to getting the most from your business.  I suggest introducing yourself to CJ at your next conference so if…

358 : Conrad Mc Gill – Scale a multi channel, multi country, multi product Amazon and Ebay business

Amazon UK

Get ready to ship! Yes scaled MF’d business models still work. Sell in many countries and be willing to really do the work. Don’t just say it, show it! Conrad has figured out that hard work, and knowing your abilities is the secret to success. After all it beats a 9-5 or especially a 4-12!…

354 : Kyle Wright – Don’t let FOMO derail your success

selling wholesale on amazon podcast

Do you build risk into your decisions? Really? Don’t you expect to sell more this year versus last year? Doesn’t everyone? Doesn’t everything sell in Q4? Kyle will boldly admit, he and his partners stumbled. See they thought like above and guess what…the market changes outside of your control. There is a balance where you…

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