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405 : Derek O’Carroll – Selling on multiple channels takes an all encompassing approach- develop a desired customer experience work flow

Derek O’Carroll Headshot

I know this has a big title. But it is really important. Don’t try to serve everyone, rather serve your “Desired” customer. When you look at selling that person it takes a different approach. Derek walks us through developing a work flow to ensure consistency. After all that is what it takes to get through…

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401 : Andy Slamans – Amazon brand building today is different, it takes being different from your many competitors

andy slamas

Funny how this conversation started out. Discussing employee and contractor retention. Have you figured out what you would lose if your key employee left tomorrow? Do you have a contingency plan? How about instead you treat them right now? You check in with them? You ask how they are doing? You give them more money?…

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388 : Sam Cohen – Delegate, Automate, Eliminate and outsource to grow your Amazon business


Fascinating to see how Sam’s business model and more importantly his clients business models are also changing in today’s ecommerce world. Think of all the retail stores in your market that have closed. Where are their buyers going? Are the retailers that remain busier? Are they carrying tons more stock and tons more sku’s? I…

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