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373 : Jason Miles : Is your business model defensible for the long haul? Are multiple streams the plan B? Selling 3.3 Million Units gives you an idea

shopify podcast

I thought I was busy until I met Jason. Wow he has a lot of irons in the fire. Funny thing is he is excelling at all of them. How is that possible? Strong processes, proven methods tested and refined over years. See once you are sure of your path you need to press harder.…

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276 : Raun Lauterbach – Using Facebook as a laboratory to do controlled experiments for Selling on Amazon, Ebay and other ecommerce platforms


So that’s a lot of title words. But while it is a mouthful, it is accurate. Raun has figured out a way to identify market opportunities, do product research and get feedback all from micro-interest Facebook groups. Imagine finding out what horse lovers think of a new shampoo? Or what chicken raisers need to address…

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