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367 : Sebastian Pilch – Hard work is hard, so figure out what you really want to do and start stage one

selling on ebay podcast

Sebastian has identified what he is willing to do and NOT do. That’s so important. How many of us have followed the advice of our parents or influencers only to figure out halfway you hate it. You are not good at it. It sucks out your soul! Well sometimes that thing you are meant to…

339 : RNZY – Ryan and Lindsay use their Mental Real Estate with Poshmark , Goat, Mercari, Offerup, Letgo, Vinted and maybe a little Ebay to build out a multichannel ecommerce business

Selling on Poshmark Podcast

Funny I missed a few platforms in the title. Is there such a thing as too much? Rnzy (Ryan and Lindsay) say no. Think about it: If each platform has a unique audience, the possibility of finding “that” customer in the massive see of the Internet gets that much better. You see if you market…

334 : Noam Gordon – Using Micro Influencers to grow your Amazon Private Label Brand


NG has figured out what it takes to be a character. Oh and he has figured out that a character is what it takes to get recognized in today’s social media world. Great discussion abut how to find the right group to help your brand. Surprisingly it might not be the super mega insta-famous types…