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Create a simple 2017 Revenue plan for your business


Mention how did you do versus your budget to a smaller ecommerce seller and their eyes likely glaze over and roll back into their head. They think oh no, another thing I have to worry about! Source, ship, customer service, source ship, pay bills, source ship and now budget! Ugg! Few businesses do it. Everyone…

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Moving on!


How do you know when to pack it in? “Nothing to see here, just keep walking!” Is that a fail? Or is it a strategy? Could be both. That’s what makes it so great, you can change your direction in your “Life” style business. Honestly you owe no one an explanation.  I recently took back…

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Change your Lifestyle to match your goals

We all have seen it…. I sold $12,000 today! That’s great I only sold $7,000 myself. (only?) Then someone has to put I’m not as big as the big guys but I had my first $1,000 day! Why the qualification? If you don’t sell $1,000,000 you fail! Shut down and go home! ok, slight exaggeration.…

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Who is in your space?


Have you been watching from afar as others are having success? Are you constantly asking yourself what are you doing wrong?   Is there someone in the space where you want to be? Where you should be? Where you know you should be?   Then what will happen if you do nothing. Get ready… Here…

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