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365 : Liran Hirschkorn – Take the time to build out a brand, then market around it to get the best results on Amazon

selling on amazon

Great advice from Liran or “Yoda” as we like to call him. His advice is to pick your lane or line and then build it out, marketing to all in it and you will get crossover results. We also talk a lot about networking and what it can do for you when you are around…

362 : Dallas Moore – Recognize the trends to take advantage in today’s markets

selling on ebay

It might seem like Dallas can see the future if you didn’t know the effort he has put in. See learning is continual. Or it should be if you want to master a discipline. Once mastered then you see the trends and can plan accordingly. Mentioned: Dallas’ Interview #79 Dallas’ Facebook Group Dallas’ You Tube…

354 : Kyle Wright – Don’t let FOMO derail your success

selling wholesale on amazon podcast

Do you build risk into your decisions? Really? Don’t you expect to sell more this year versus last year? Doesn’t everyone? Doesn’t everything sell in Q4? Kyle will boldly admit, he and his partners stumbled. See they thought like above and guess what…the market changes outside of your control. There is a balance where you…

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351 : Eric Martindale – Your business bleeds inefficiency and waste between tasks

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Such a profound statement from Eric. Every task you can reduce, outsource or eliminate will make your business stronger. So stop, review all you are doing, and make changes. Changes to move you forward. Changes to get you more in line with what part of this business you love. After all you need to love…

347: Craig Morris – Simple hacks help your Amazon and Ebay Business health

Selling on Ebay Podcast

Craig is not set on  reinventing the world. He just wants to find success for him and his family. He keeps finding simple hacks to improve his business process. Many think the learning curve is steep and you need to know it all NOW. Well no, small incremental improvements over time win the race every…