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150 : Stephen Peterson – Answer Amazon, Ebay , eCommerce, Podcast questions on Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for!


So this is a new one for me. I was interviewed on my own podcast by my good friend Andy Slamans (Episodes #1, #101). This was put together by Irma Dehoyos-Rojas (Episode #55) We spend time talking about my entry into ecommerce. We talk about the people I have interviewed, who stood out. What model I would…

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059 : Agus Purwanto – Young Gun # 4 – New Seller finds a way to get onto an experienced team! Hint…It includes the words: Making a real Contribution!

Agus Purwanto

Agus is a hyper-focused, high-charging, work until successful seller who has found his calling. He has grown his sales 6x this year and he is quick to give credit to the “Young Gun” group of Six and his ability to lean on them when he needs it. How many of us have a real group…

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032 : Duane Malek – Retail Arbitrage evolves to Wholesale evolves back to Retail Arbitrage Group Style

Duane Malek

Duane is a solid consistent seller and takes a disciplined approach to Entrepreneurship. His technical background along with a strong math understanding has allowed his business to grow consistently. What I really like about Duane is his restructuring (several times) and his willingness to openly talk about it. I think most people would not want…

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