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362 : Dallas Moore – Recognize the trends to take advantage in today’s markets

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It might seem like Dallas can see the future if you didn’t know the effort he has put in. See learning is continual. Or it should be if you want to master a discipline. Once mastered then you see the trends and can plan accordingly. Mentioned: Dallas’ Interview #79 Dallas’ Facebook Group Dallas’ You Tube…

280 : John Yarberry – Can you own your own marketplace and control your future with an local Online Auction Site

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What a great leap John took a few years ago. What makes someone see the forest through the trees? What allows what John would call a “regular guy” to be able to create a real marketplace in what most would see as a crowded marketplace? Great discussion from a humble guy, the Cincinatti Picker.  …

052 : Karen Locker – Are you ready for an Amazon Account Manager? I bet if you check, you probably are!


    This is the second in our Women in eCommerce interviews and I think I hit the jackpot with this one too! Get ready to understand more about Amazons systems and more importantly how you need to manage your account and inventory in Amazons database. (Frankly we are not doing a good job and…